we almost have a kitchen! [at the beach]

i was wrong about the floor yesterday. Here it is...
I think the carpet is being installed tomorrow!

yay for the kitchen! (appliances coming soon!)

another view of the kitchen.

A lot of progress this week. My daddy is working hard! He's had so much help from everyone on the south end. It's been so nice. Mom says she doesn't ever remember being so tired. It is possible that it could all be completed tomorrow from what I hear. As long as the air conditioning guys finish today they can get the carpet installed tomorrow. Michael and I can't wait to get down there and move our stuff in. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can get a day to run down. Unfortunately, at this point it will have to be a weekend. I go back to work next Wednesday. It's bittersweet. It means Riley is that much closer!

Today we went to the mall to try to find me some new boots for my birthday present. I may end up getting the same ones I already have, just a new pair... We also looked in Finks at some Yurman. Maybe one day... lol. I mainly wanted to walk and work out my legs.

Then, we went to pick up all of her newly embroidered things! Diaper covers, dresses, onesies, hats, oh my! And this place is likely going to stay in business because of us. We still have to take more dresses, bibs, cloth diapers/ burp cloths, her quilt and who knows what else! We started with a few things to be sure they did a good job. They did and we are ADDICTED! I always knew I would be "that mom." Lol.

Now, I'm sitting here freezing in the AC and wrapped in my snuggy- who was it that said "you'll hate being pregnant in the summer because you will never cool off?" I don't think it is a matter of being pregnant- this has been a HOT summer. Records set all over NC (all over the country for that matter!) of days over 100 degrees! I haven't felt any more hot than I would have if I werent pregnant in my opinion.

Oh and on a side note: I finally looked up what "smh" means when someone wrote it to me in an email. I may be the last one in the world to have figured that one out! lol But if you are as out of the universe on the new text language as I am... it means "shake my head." I guess I get it.

Like... I can't believe I ate that dang donut today [smh].

How did I do? Did I use it right? lol

Ok- time to catch up on my abc family shows that the dvr didn't record last night.

~let go laughing!


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