Monday, May 30, 2011

19 weeks!

How Far Along: 19 weeks
Size of baby: 10 inches long!
Total Weight Gain: about 10-11 lbs.
Maternity Clothes: love 'em - but still in all of my old dresses and tops- even my old pants with a bella band
Gender: It's a GIRL. Riley Quinn
Movement: yes, and boy is she a kicker!
Sleep: sleep is great. wake up at about 1:30 each morning for a potty break
What I miss: nothing- i'm enjoying every minute of it! :)
Cravings: none
Symptoms: none
Best Moment this week: michael and mom feeling Riley Q. kick!

just another day [weekend] in paradise

so ready for my summer here to begin. After almost 10 miles on my beach cruiser this weekend along with many walks on the beach, it has been incredible and I feel great. Still in my bikinis at 19 weeks pregnant and I am not ashamed. I was thrilled to see another mommy-to-be on the beach in a bikini yesterday... and she was much further along than me. You know what? It is 2011, this is my body- I am proud of it, and I don't care what anyone thinks! I cannot wait for my Riley Q. to enjoy this island as much as her mommy and daddy do! We've spent the last two days on the secluded back side of lee island. We took the boat all the way around the back and parked and walked across. The men fished for hours while the woman chatted and laid out while munching on fresh strawberries and watermelon! Yesterday my good friend from high school and his wife joined us and it was so much fun. They are even considering moving back home and I really hope they do. Their little girl is due only 5 days before Riley Q. It was so fun sitting and chatting baby talk. We are both so excited. Each of us are working hard on our nurseries and couldn't be more excited! We are already planning Riley's 3rd birthday trip! haha. Def. not trying to rush it! Today we are having a picnic on the sandbar. Michael went skiing with daddy early this morning. We have truly had the most relaxing, incredible weekend together that we have had in a very long time! We needed it! Life has been so busy and crazy and we have needed it. We are so ready to be a family of three but we are most def. savoring every moment of being just the two of us. We got Riley a beach tent and tested it out yesterday. It works nicely! she will be 8-11 months next summer and it is going to be perfect! We cannot wait to get her out on the sandbar and the beach and the boat. Speaking of my little Riley Q., mom felt her kick for the first time last night. I was laying on the couch and michael was feeling her and mom came real quick and put her hand on my belly. Wow is she a strong little one! I cannot believe that we are pretty much half way to meeting her! I am 19 weeks tomorrow and if she comes the slightest bit early... we're there! :) Only a few more weeks until TB Summer 2011 begins! 9 more school days- a week of head start half days and a wedding stand between me and the sandy island for 10 whole weeks!

~let go laughing!!

Happy Memorial day- spend a moment of your day to reflect upon those who have lost their lives defending our great country.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

memorial day weekend

Each year we fight the tourist and the traffic and make our way to our peaceful end of the island. We share this time with wonderful family, incredible friends and amazing people. I find that it is a time to reflect and to celebrate the wonderful veterans and others who have served our sweet country in times past. Each year on Memorial Day we take a picnic to an island on the boat. We spend the day with loving and caring friends. All people who care about us and we care about them. No drama, no he said, she said... No I don't like them or they did this. All people that love us for who we are and what we stand for. I love this island and the people here. I don't know what I would do without it. We are so lucky to have this as a part of our life. I have grown up here and to include my husband and daughter in our traditions are incredible.

So in closing, I say- take a moment of silence on this memorial day. Think about how you treat people, because one day, they may not be there to say you are sorry to. Never give up.

Love to all~~

~let go laughing

Friday, May 27, 2011

blog is acting crazy

This blog is being crazy- it wont let me use google chrome (even though it is a google host) - and i hate internet explorer because it make my blog look crazy and wont let me put the pictures where I want to. I give up.

I wanted to quick update- spoke to a lady yesterday through my healthcare. She said my BMI was low before I began my pregnancy and I should gain the entire 35 lbs with Riley girl. She said I should gain about 1 lb each week from here on out which will be about 21 more lbs. If that is the case, I will still be under the 35 lbs and I am OK with that. I know I sound like I have problem. lol- I was stressing a tad about the weight, but I am OK with it because Riley is healthy and mom and nanny and dads mom had no problem dropping the baby weight so neither should I! :) That being said I can't figure out where the 10 lbs is at this point, because I don't seem to think my belly is that huge yet and all my clothes still fit otherwise. Who knows! Who cares!

Onto the pictures of Riley's crib- We still have to paint it white and paint the other furniture. And ofcourse I plan to steam her canopy. But we are in love. And the chair pictured is the swivel glider from crate and barrell that we will likely splurge on and buy for our baby girl. Michael says he wants a nice one since he feels like he will be spening a lot of time in it. We have price checked and can't seem to find anything cheaper, so we may just go for it!

Anyway- time to head to work. Happy Friday, y'all!

Monday, May 23, 2011

18 weeks

How Far Along: 18 weeks
Size of baby: about the size of a sweet potato
Total Weight Gain: ranges between 8 and 10 lbs. keeps going up and down...

Maternity Clothes: love 'em - but still in all of my old dresses and tops- even my old pants with a bella band

Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn

Movement: after lunch yesterday she was moving like crazy! so cool
Sleep: sleeping wonderfully other than the occasional pee breaks. lol
What I miss: nothing- i'm enjoying every minute of it! :)
Cravings: none
Symptoms: none
Best Moment this week: Riley's crib arrived- her grandpa mike made it for her and it is incredible! Also, just feeling her move like she is is pretty awesome.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

making onesies

Today Heidi took me to the fabric store in Chapel Hill. Not only did we spend time at the fabric store, but we also had brunch at The Weathervane and had locopops. We had a fabulous girls day out, plus a little red headed ladies man who loves to giggle and smile!

I have been wanting to make Riley some onesies and Heidi always has the best ideas. You can check her out here. I picked out five different fabrics and bought some backing for them. Heidi took D home because he was sleeping. I attempted to make my patterns (I did them all by hand, what was I thinking?) They actually turned out fairly nice. I transfered them onto the fabric with the backing that I had already ironed on. I then cut the pattern out of the fabric and peeled one layer off of the backing. This is just to help the fabric stay on the onesies better. Now the hard part- and the part I have yet to master... is sewing the patter onto the onesie. Once I master the sewing machine skill, I will complete them.

(this is my favorite fabric and i love the little r)
(these were the first two i did- i love the little bird)

(we had to have a pumpkin for october!)

For now, they are just hanging in her closet, waiting for the finishing touch!

*disclaimer: Riley will likely only be wearing these onesies with tutus. ;)

I am hoping to get a lesson on the machine sometime this week between report cards, profile cards, information cards, class lists, cum folders, final PLT data and much, much more... Don't ya love the end of the school year?!?! If I had more time in my life I would totally sell my headbands and onesies on etsy. Maybe one day... lol. Me and Heidi can open a shop together- photography and more... lol

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. We are most definitely looking forward to having our toes in the sand verrrrry soon! :o)

xoxo ~ let go laughing

p.s. please excuse the camera phone pictures :) I will take good pictures once I finish them on the sewing machine.

Friday, May 20, 2011

the story of Jonah

Totally worth your time to watch:

Riley GIrl update!

I went to the doctor today for a checkup. I really love that place! I hope and pray Dr. Chappell can deliver Riley. I just love her. She listens to all of my questions and she is so helpful. She told me to lay on my belly as much as I want to and dig a hole in the sand to tan my back. LOL. She is just so down to earth and honest. Riley's FHR was 160 beats per minute today. She moved the due date up a few days to October 25th. I was asking her if it would move based on my past ultrasound measurements. She spent about 5 minutes calculating things through her paperwork. She said "well, 24 or 25... I'll go with 25- final date!" haha. I will start my weekly pictures on Tuesdays now! She also told me my weight was perfect and right on track. She said I can keep riding my bike and suggested swimming to ease my mind. I think she thought I was borderline eating disorder. She was like "don't go hungry!" haha- All I did was ask her how my weight gain was and that I didn't want to get huge. haha. Anyway- Mike sent me a text tonight with the picture of Riley's crib! It is gorgeous! Our only issue now is finding a paint that is OK for a crib seeing as babies often chew on them when they start teething. I'm sure I will find something. We are so excited for him to bring it here and get it in her room. She offered to schedule our 3d ultrasound in 2 weeks but since I told her we already went to prenatal peek, I told her I would just wait for 4 weeks. So on June 14th we get to see our Riley girl again! I cannot wait. I will be close to 22 weeks and it will be so cool to see how much she has grown. :)

I will leave you with a picture of Riley's homemade crib- Have a great Friday evening y'all-

17 weeks

How Far Along: 17 weeks
Size of baby: about the size of an onion
Total Weight Gain: 8 lbs.
Maternity Clothes: love 'em - but still in all of my old dresses and tops- even my old pants with a bella band
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: i feel my baby girl in the evenings when i'm laying down
Sleep: sleeping wonderfully other than the occasional pee breaks. lol
What I miss: nothing- i'm enjoying every minute of it! :)
Cravings: none
Symptoms: none
Best Moment this week: Riley Quinn got a package in the mail - we registered at Pottery Barn Kids, Target and Babies R Us and telling my students it was a girl with cupcakes.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

pregnancy and my amazing husband

It's funny because mom always told me she loved being pregnant. ALl I have ever heard is the horror stories... morning sickness, cramps, exhaustion... I will say I spent a week or two of being tired, but not the passing out kind of tired. Just earlier bed times... 8:30ish, etc. Everything else has skipped me- thank you for those Pittman genes. I wish them for you all (Katie, Summer and Mandy!!) Not that I am rushing you girls (especially NOT you- summer elizabeth!), but Riley is going to need some cousins around here!!! :) I just love being pregnant. I haven't gained too much weight and I still feel great. Nothing in life has changed... nothing is "horrible" and I'm not miserable. I feel so blessed and lucky. I still carry in the groceries, I still cook dinner, I still teach my firsties with all my might... I must say, I'm a happy girl.

Riley got a package in the mail today from Key West! Her auntie-Em sent her an adorable shirt from her favorite store there. It says "besame mucho" [kiss me a lot]. It is too cute. This little girl is already so loved. I am so ready to meet her. I go to the dr. on Friday for my monthly checkup and then in 4 more weeks I have my scheduled anatomy scan at the dr. So, I get to see her again and I cannot wait. We get to see her brain chambers and other important organs. What an incredible experience this all is. And for those of you who know me and know that I have always said it is "creepy." Yes, it is still creepy! lol.

Michael got home yesterday from his business trip. I missed him a lot. It was weird him being gone. Since he has been out of the Marines, I am so used to him being with me every night. He sent me flowers to work for our anniversary and came home with a card. I am so blessed to have such an incredible husband. We rarely argue and when we do- it's over who is cleaning the dog puke or folding the towels and it is all in fun and games. It is just so incredible to be married to my best friend who I can laugh with daily. We never get sick of each other and could truly be together 24 hours a day and be OK. I have lived watching my parents be together 24/7 and I guess it is just normal to me. I didn't realize that was not normal until high school when the other kids parents worked separate jobs and didn't see each other until the evenings and sometimes less. I know that one day Michael and I will be together more and I look forward to it. Once someone asked Michael "is she always this happy? are y'all always this happy together?" He was so funny when he came to me and told me this person asked him this. I asked him how he answered and he said "ummm.. yeh." Like it wasn't normal or something. I don't know... why would you be married to someone who you fight with all the time, talk to like trash and don't get along with. That isn't what marriage is about. I know everyone is different. Maybe some people like that. I just know how happy I am and lucky that we have what we do. He is going to be an amazing father and I cannot wait to see him with our Riley Q.

Time to watch Scotty!

Goodnight all.

~let go laughing!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 17

happy anniversary to us.
(Michael doesn't like this picture- he says it doesn't look like we love eachother- it's hard to do on a timer!)

(Mr. photographer himself took this after dinner)

Married, that is. (Tuesday) We celebrated our three year anniversary tonight at Angus Barn. It was so good. If you are not from around here, it is worth the trip. We each had incredible steaks and they brought us a yummy pound cake to celebrate our anniversary. We decided to skip the awesome dessert menu tonight because we were so full. What a wonderful three years it has been. I am so excited for the years to come. This is our last anniversary as a family of 2! We celebrated tonight because Michael will be on a business trip and wont be getting home until very late Tuesday night on our actual anniversary.

Happy Anniversary, Michael. Thank you for an amazing dinner date! You know just how much I love getting dressed up!!! :o)

tie-dying with first graders

This past week was EOG week in our county. If you are a K-2 teacher, you know the feeling of three full days of lunch in the classroom, no specials and no recess! Oh and don't forget the part about keeping those kiddos quiet for 6 hours! So I decided it would be a great idea to tie-dye our shirts on Friday! (YIKES!) We are wearing them for our end of year performance "Seussical the Musical." It actually went very well. Each child brought in a white shirt. My room parent got me a kit from AC Moore that would dye up to 20 shirt. (Turns out it dyed 21 and there was PLENTY left over!) Anyway, as soon as the bell rang, we got started on spelling centers and word work. Then as they worked on their reading stamina (did I mention they are reading for 45 minutes independently!?) I called them out one at a time to pick which design they wanted. Then I tied their shirt (that had already been soaking) and they put it down on plastic and picked three of the 6 colors that were provided. They showed me where to put it and I colored them. They opened a gallon size ziplock bag for me and I placed their shirt into the bag. They then zipped it up and put it in my laundry basket (that we usually use to carry our library books in). After I got better at it, I would call 2 or 3 kids at a time. I had a parent help me for about thirty minutes or so. She helped tie some shirts before she had to go to work. It was nice. By lunch time, I still had 8 shirts (out of 21) to go! We went to the cafeteria and got our lunch and brought it back to the room to eat. After we ate, the kids went to practice their songs in another first grade classroom with the other 2 classes. (We have to get ready for the performance and we didn't have a special, so what better way to spend your special time, right?!) The other teachers were nice enough to let me take my kids out a couple at a time to finish the shirts while they watched the rest of mine. So- from 9:30 to about 12:45 is how long it took! This morning, I took them out of the ziplock bags and cut the rubber-bands off. Michael helped me spray out the excess die before we put them in the washing machine. I cannot wait to get them out and see how they all look! They all seemed to turn out beautifully! SO exciting! Tomorrow the kids will get to see their shirts AND eat cupcakes! I can imagine what kind of day it will be in first grade... a VERY exciting one indeed!

:) ~let go laughing!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"it's a girl" cupcakes

My sweet firsties have been dying to know what I am having since I told them I had a baby in my belly! I got a cool cupcake decorating kit for Christmas and have been so excited to use it. It is the Cuisinpro cupcake corer and decorating set. I usually bake mini cupcakes and they are too small to use the tool to punch out the middle/ press it down. I told the kiddos on Friday that I would be bringing them a treat on Monday to let them know what the baby was. I baked some yellow cake batter cupcakes in some pretty brown paisley cupcake wraps I had leftover from a while ago. Then I used the cupcake tool to make a hole in the middle of each cupcake. I then used a super cool icing tool to fill the cupcakes with pink icing. I just added a pinch of red food coloring to the white icing to make it pink. After I filled each one with pink, I iced them with the same icing tool in chocolate to cover the pink. I cannot wait to see the kids faces when they eat them Monday morning. Yes- I'm crazy feeding 20 first graders cupcakes in the morning, but it is just too exciting!!!

If I do this again I will be putting a monogram on top. A little R would be adorable with the straight icing piece. I felt that I was probably already giving them way too much sugar in the morning and didn't need to add anymore. I may have to make another batch for my co-workers with her RQS on top! :)

Ok.. i had leftover pink so I decided to give it a try and keep this one for the "end reveal" after the kids bite in. I need to work on my monogram skills.

(please excuse the camera phone picture- i was too lazy to take the big one out again)

our ultrasound of Riley Quinn -16 wks.

It's 4pm on Friday the thirteenth. I admit I was nervous. I wanted a little girl so badly- I knew I would love and boy just as much and one day if we have our little Easton Michael, I will most definitely love him. I just have had this feeling since the day I found out I was pregnant that this was a girl. We started calling her Quinn from day 1. Anyway- back to the story. We all piled into my daddys car (me, michael, mom, dad and my mother and father in law). I had to pee SO bad. I was instructed to drink 20 oz of water at ten til four and not pee. We arrive at the ultrasound place (just 5 minutes up the road). I quickly filled out a short amount of paperwork and they sent me back. We were in the room by 4:15. It was a dark room with two couches and a big recliner for me beside the ultrasound techs station. I had my own TV and there was a big screen above my head. She plopped on the jelly and we got to watch my little Riley for 16 minutes! (I have a DVD of the entire time!!!!) Not too far into the scan, we got to see her girly parts. Before the tech even said it, I knew! I have been looking at girl vs boy ultrasounds for weeks now. Everyone cheered loudly (my mom, my MIL and I all called girl). We were so excited. I think we were all crying. All I could think of in my head was the lyrics to Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely." Funny thing is, I downloaded the gLee version that morning and listened to it on the way to school. Yes, I cried all the way to school listening to it. :) So we all sat there and watched Riley for 16 minutes. Wow is she a kicker. She has long legs like her mommy too! She even has nanny's nose! It is so cute! :) We didn't get wonderful images out of it, but the video is worth a million dollars! I should have a viewing party for anyone who wants to see it! haha. So when the 16 minutes was over and we finished watching her dance, and smile and open and close her mouth and suck her thumb and rub her face.... (incredible!) I finally got to go to the bathroom. In the short amount of time that I was in the bathroom, Mom was standing outside the door with a HUGE pink box. She wanted me to open it right there, but we went outside to open it. It was all of Riley's bedding from pb kids that I had picked out! (the crib sheet and the bumper for now... the skirt is on back order). I couldn't have been more excited because they knew I was planning to go buy it as soon as we found out! Mike and MB had a gift for us too! We got two pink pacifiers an adorable sleeper, and a bib that says grandpa loves me. The funny thing is, they had each bought a "boy" gift too. So Easton's whale bedding was in the car too! I had NO idea! We all hugged and texted and posted to fb that IT'S A GIRL! What an incredible 30 minutes it was. We then went out to the mall to return the boy bedding and get a few more things. I wanted to buy the stuffed owl, the small pillow for the glider and the quilt. I even ended up getting the canopy. Riley is already one spoiled little girl and she has the most amazing grandparents a girl could ask for! Mom and dad and Mike and MB headed to Maggianos for a drink to celebrate. Michael and I quickly ran to baby gap to buy little Riley something pink. Being that she is a fall baby, it is difficult to shop right now. So, we hit up the sale rack for some last season items. She got an adorable onsie with jeans and a pink sweater to match! We got her some leggings too so she could be more comfortable. :) Then we joined everyone at Maggianos and I had a virgin peach bellini. We were trying to decide where to go to dinner to celebrate and realized not only was it Friday night but there were three college graduations going on this weekend. We called Angus Barn and the earliest they had was 9:30. We went with Dominos! Haha. When we got home, Mike brought in Michael's old dresser from when he was a kid. We cannot wait to get it painted and make it Riley style. :)

(Riley is going to need a bigger closet! Just like her mommy)
(her daddy's old dresser that we are painting and some of her bedding!)

(the crib we are having custom made along with her bedding!!!)

I am just so excited we are having a little baby girl. We couldn't be happier. The crib we picked out at PB kids was a difficult one to just "draw" and create. So my FIL went to pb kids, bought it, took it home and made a pattern and then returned it. How cool is that?! He is pretty awesome. We cannot wait to see it next week! Michael and daddy (and a few others that are going with them) are stopping by Charlotte on their way home from a business trip on our anniversary to pick it up! Then we will sand the dresser and the small stand we have and paint all three pieces of furniture for Riley's room.

Again, what amazing grandparents Riley Quinn has!

Today- We may work on our registry at Target a little bit, register at Pottery Barn Kids and maybe babies R us, only because they have the pack n play that I want. We may also start looking for her "coming home" dress at Strasburg. OMG! I am over the moon... STILL. I couldn't be happier right now. This is the most incredible thing EVER!

Friday, May 13, 2011

my baby girl

Riley Quinn

little button nose.

lady parts...

my little angel is smiling at us <3

I never thought through love we'd be
Making one as lovely as she
But isn't she lovely made from love

Isn't she pretty
Truly the angel's best
Boy, I'm so happy
We have been heaven blessed
I can't believe what God has done
through us he's given life to one
But isn't she lovely made from love

16 weeks!

How Far Along: 16 weeks
Size of baby: about the size of an avocado
Total Weight Gain: 8 lbs.

Maternity Clothes: love 'em - but still in all of my old dresses and tops- even my old pants with a bella band
Gender: finding out in 1 hour!
Movement: i still can't tell
Sleep: still sleeping wonderfully other than the occasional pee breaks. lol
What I miss: nothing- i'm enjoying every minute of it! :)
Cravings: none
Symptoms: none
Best Moment this week: picking out the bedding, seeing our crib design and finding out what the baby is in 1 hour!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

our crib

I just got an update from my FIL- not only is this the exact girl bedding we are going to buy if we are having a girl, but this is the crib design he is using to build our crib. We are SO excited!!!!!!!

:) The original crin design we liked had a back to it almost like a bed frame. I like this one a lot better!!!! I sent him the picture and he liked it better too!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!!! :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

healthy recipes...

So since you all know I am terrified about gaining too much weight, I have been researching some healthy recipes. I posted on the baby board I am on for healthy tips as well. As for me... I have been eating crispix cereal for breakfast each morning. I make a smoothie for a mid morning snack (1 banana, several strawberries, a splash of milk and some ice). I freeze it while I'm in the shower and then pack it with ice packs in my lunch box. For lunch I have been eating a salad, some sort of carb (light pasta or half a pb sandwich) and then as a snack I have pretzels or a peanut/sunflower seed/ craisen trail mix that I made. Dinner is where I usually "slack." I try my best, but it is hard to not get tired of salads. The thing is, I LOVE to cook, I just cant think of any ideas that aren't chicken... I am SO over chicken. lol. We do tend to eat out often, which is easier at times because I can be healthy and have options. It is often cheaper as well seeing as right now there are only two of us and by the time you buy groceries to make a white pizza or a hefty pasta with lots of fresh veggies, it costs more at HT than pizza kitchen or johnny carinos... I love salads at different restaurants and I think the ticket is the dressing. I just can't find a store bought dressing that I love. I am always stocked with tons of fruits and veggies and we love to cook on the grill. I just REALLY need some recipe ideas outside of the same ol' same ol' "chicken" recipes. I'm even open for chicken, but it really needs to be different. I have a million recipe books and I look through them all the time, I just never seem to really pick anything.

Does anyone else have this problem? Summer time is always better- very little eating out- lots of fresh seafood and yummy-ness! :) Come on summer- only 3 more Mondays of work and you are alllllll MINE! :)

Have a good night all. It's gLee prom night!

~let go laughing.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


We will go on Friday to buy one of the two... I just fell in love at PB kids today. They even have the canopy to match the girl bedding if it is a girl and a mobile for the boy bedding! Lamps, pillows, all the works! I have a feeling we will have a registry there as well! :) For the girl room, we may even get the curtains that are in the picture because they are so stinkin' cute! I have always loved that owl but didn't want it to be only owls. This way it is owls and the adorable birds plus the trees! I'm in love. And the whales... a-dor-able! Our crib is likely going to be white, but we could always decide on brown if it will look better for the boy room- We have the dresser and my FIL is making the crib this week, so we can decide on the paint later. I think it would look OK on white too though, because in the store it was on a white crib and that's where I fell in love.

Riley Q.

Easton M.

And yes, I gave in and did buy two onsies on major sale at baby gap tonight. I have a feeling I will be going broke in baby gap because the have the most adorable clothes and our baby will be so stinkin' cute in them! I had to leave the mall! lol

Ok- time for dinner and grocery shopping - then game night with the family. :)

let go laughing ~

Friday, May 6, 2011

This is the cutest thing I have EVER seen


15 weeks!

How Far Along: 15 weeks
Size of baby: about the size of an orange
Total Weight Gain: 7.5 lbs.
(that makes me feel better especially since the baby is measuring 1
6 weeks and I started 2 lbs below my "normal" weight...)

Maternity Clothes: love 'em - but still in all of my old dresses and tops- even my old pants with a bella band
Gender: finding out 1 week from TODAY!
Movement: i still can't tell
Sleep: still sleeping wonderfully other than the occasional pee breaks. lol
What I miss: nothing- i'm enjoying every minute of it! :)
Cravings: none
Symptoms: none
Best Moment this week: buying a B cup, lol and naming our bean! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

i heart durham.

I just want to say I love where I grew up and love where I live. People may talk down about Durham and I say "oh well." I grew up here, went to DPS, got a high school diploma and was intelligent enough to go on to earn my Bachelors degree from UNC. I bought my home in Durham and I plan to raise my child to do the same! I am so thankful my husband loves it here as much as I do. The area is wonderful. Not the busy, hustle and bustle and not way out in the country. But guess what... we have both. And as for surrounding cities, we love Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Apex and everything else. But most of all we love DURHAM.

Tonight we decided to go real "DURHAM." We headed out for dinner at Only Burger- Yes, you may have seen it mentioned on the Food Network. The first time I ventured out for this tasty sensation was a nice rainy day in Durham. The days before the store was built, they sold burgers solely from a truck. What you may picture as an ice cream truck, only burgers... (no pun intended.) ;) Now, you may be thinking... eeew... burgers in a truck. But OH MY- they are 12 kinds of delicious. Cooked right there in front of you with toasted buns and all the fixins'. Yes, I love the south. Tonight was my first trip to the actual "building" off Shannon Rd. by the post office. I was a bit nervous to think if the store itself could actually be as good as the burgers from the truck. Well friends, it was! And the best part... other than the tasty burgers... the glass bottled drinks. Gingerale, rootbeer, cream soda, orange cream and more!

Our evening didn't stop there. Can you believe we haven't tried tuti fruti yet?!?! It was 12 kinds of awesome! (OK- Abby from babblingabby has me stuck on that...)

So picture this... you walk in, there are about 20 different flavors to choose from all on the little pull down handle thingy-ma-bobs. You get your cup and pick your flavor or flavors. Then you head on over to the awesome topping bar. It ranges from cereal, nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc. to chocolate fudge and caramel. After you douse your (healthy) frozen yogurt in all of the (healthy or non healthy) toppings, you take it on over to the checkout where it is weighed. 39cents an oz. The two of us got two nice sized bowls of frozen yogurt ( i got raspberry and blueberry, Michael got coffee and chocolate) and I got just a few rainbow sprinkles and it was only $6.00. I suggest finding a tuti fruti near you! You can type in your zip code here to see if there is a close one!

Our next venture (which I still can't believe we haven't tried...) Local Yogurt.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

girl or boy??

I don't know why I still have this gut feeling the baby is a girl. If it is, and anyone steals Easton before we maybe one day have a little boy... I will hunt you down. LOL. We absolutely LOVE the name. I told Michael tonight that since I was convinced it was a girl that the reason I love the name so much is because it is Gods way of telling me it is a boy. HAHA. No but really, at this point I really don't care what we are having, I just want to know! 9 more days! SINGLE digits!!!!

We love our boy name, Easton Michael...

I want a girl name that is chic and unique, but not popular. I love Riley, but people keep telling me it is very popular. I don't want her to always be "Riley S" I can't decide though, bc I do love the name.

Any thoughts on some chic and unique baby girl names that are not too popular:

our other ideas are:

Quinn, Wynn, Reese and Harper

We are thinking of sticking with Riley Quinn :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Easton Michael is FOR SURE 100%

girl is likely Riley ... unless we go back to Quinn or Wynn...


Monday, May 2, 2011

i'm pregnant, not dying...

I can take the trash out, play basketball, ride my bike, play fetch with my puppy, stand on a chair, lift my dogs, do the laundry, clean the house, cook, carry my groceries,TEACH, bathe the dogs, move furniture from the old office to the new office, clean out closets... I can do whatever I want to do. I am so tired of people saying "you shouldn't lift that" or "you shouldn't hold that." GIVE ME A BREAK! I am fine. My dr. said to continue doing whatever I was already doing. And let me promise you all that is not being lazy! When I am maybe 25/30 weeks pregnant with a belly out to Egypt... sure, I will probably take it down a notch, but for now, I am me. My child is safe and sound and I am not doing any harm to him/her as I am not doing anything physically different. I am glad people are worried, but I am fine. Really. I don't feel like women should stop doing their regular routines in life just because they are pregnant. My mom didn't and neither did her mom... I have a life, I have a job and I have a home to take care of. It is out of pure laziness if you ask me, when people sit around and blame "I'm pregnant" so their husband will do everything for them. That is NOT why I got married and sure not why I am carrying this child.

Ok- end rant. Sorry- I had to let it out. lol

Goodnight world. ~let go laughing.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

something i have always wanted... (TMI post)

Yes... you are reading correctly, I bought a B cup bra today! Ridiculous that it makes me this happy, I know! But come on... when you have barely fit into an A your whole life, this is SO cool. I even bought some pajamas that I have never felt comfy in and I fill it out comfortably. I am hoping they stay at least this size after all is said and done... if not, we may just have to save up for a couple of B's from the good ol' doctor. ;) They really probably aren't noticably larger to anyone but me, but my self consciousness about bathing suits and tank tops... would totally be gone! Now if only my ears would shrink, I would be a happy girl. Luckily I have hair to hide those. ;)

On another note, all of the trees are down in the yard now. It is HUGE!

If Riley is a boy, he is going to have a baseball diamond back there! They come back tomorrow to grind the stumps and someone should be coming any day now for the lumber. We can't wait to plant some fruit trees and some evergreens in the back to give us more privacy. We are just so glad those pine trees are gone. Never again will we spend hours and hours... and hours raking pine needles! 30 pine trees... GONE! The service we used is called Big Oak Tree Service. The mans name is SJ Moore. His number is 919-524-8483. He is out of Franklinton, NC. They are incredible. They are insured and have all of the equipment. Family owned business, a man and his three sons. Check them out and tell them we sent ya!

This has been an awesome weekend. We started our registry at Target. I wanted to get it started so I can add things from home when we think of them. When we find out what we are having in 12 days, we are going back to add more! For now we just have the big stuff on there. We are hopefully getting the crib and dresser on the 13th. We can't wait. We are so lucky to have family that can build and work on things like we do. Between my dad and Michael's dad, we have it all! We still plan to register at Babies R Us, only because they have the pack n play we want and a few other things. We also may check out buy buy baby. Feel free to leave suggestions: what TO register for and what NOT to register for!

Well here comes another week of work. 6 to go! 5 more Mondays and 29 more school days. I cannot believe my little firsties are on their way to second grade. I'm gonna miss them so much! I'm thinking about a trip to NYC to see my brother next month between when I finish with these kiddos and when I teach my week long "pre-k" kindergarten class. I'm doing a one week session from 8-12 and then it is SUMMER 2011! I'll have to check out flight prices though. Not sure if I really want to swing it right now with summer and no pay checks approaching.

We will see. Time for Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives and cuddle time!

Happy Sunday evening, folks! ~let go laughing