Sunday, September 26, 2010

a picture is worth 1000 words...

Although last week was technically the "beginning of fall" it finally felt like fall this morning. It is again 82 degress, but at least it looks like fall out! :) Last night we had a great night with some great friends. We played board games and cooked burgers on the grill. Michael actually had a Saturday night off at home. It was so nice. Liz is looking more beautiful each time I see her further into her pregnancy with baby Dylan. :) So exciting! We even have the same middle name picked out for our girl (one day). Great minds think alike! Anyway, I cannot wait to do her photoshoot when she gets a little bigger! I got camera happy today and Michael let me spend an hour in the camera store. I cannot wait to get my new camera at Christmas time. I debated on a few and finally picked out the Nikon D-5000. I love it! They even have a plan there that I can get 9 free photography classes when I buy the camera! I took out the old Cannon powershot today. It's a SX100. We have had it for about three years now and I rarely use it anymore. I spend more time with the smaller point and click Cannon powershot SD 1100. To me, it takes better and faster shots. It's getting old though and not taking as quick of shots as I would like. I'm nervous to switch to a Nikon, but I think I will love it. It has some pretty spectacular lenses that I can purchase too. Maybe one day. Some of them are like $800! But it comes with a lens that is pretty awesome all for $750. Anyway- I took some photos of the dogs this afternoon and I think we are going to blow them up and hang them in the house. Well, happy fall everyone! Tonight we are celebrating Nanny's birthday and cooking out at mom and dads house. Tyler and Andrew are still in town. Uncle, Katie, Mandy, Jordan and Summer are all coming too! I am so excited! :)

Let go laughing ~

Friday, September 24, 2010

be who you are and say what you feel...

It has been a very stressful two weeks to say the least. I try so hard to be a positive person and not let things get me down. I work so hard and love my job and I love my students. Sometimes you get that feeling that no one appreciates what you do or no one notices the hard work and effort you put into things...

I am SO lucky to have such amazing co-workers at the creek. I love our Friday afternoon "meetings" at locations around town. I love the fact that I can just have a "not so happy" look and my amazing mentor comes running. I love that I have a completely supportive principal that cares about my ideas, thoughts and feelings and supports my initiative. I love my team that is working so well together even though we are missing two VERY important members (Amy and Tracy)... :( I couldn't imagine working somewhere that I did not have this support.

Not to mention my awesome kids. I have the most generous and thoughtful kids ever. Sure they drive me crazy, they talk all the time and they are silly... But, they are smart, they want to learn and they truly care about each other, myself and everyone that steps foot into our classroom. I feel like we have bonded and formed such a great environment in that room this year. And on days like today when the going gets tough, and it is 3:15 and I'm tired, they're tired and we all need a break... we just cut on some music and sing/dance. I love it. Nothing is better than seeing those little grins and watching those silly munchkins dance around like there is no other care in the world. To only have the mind and "problems" of a 6 year old again!

And then, at the end of the day... being able to come home and relax with a girls night/ movie night with awesome neighbors. Life is good. Sure in life there is stress, anger, disappointment and struggles and sometimes you just want to curl into a ball and never come out... but you know what gets you through it... friends and family.

So- what have I learned in this past two weeks of no sleep, barely time to eat and working all hours of the day and night?

“Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel Because Those Who Mind Don't Matter and Those Who Matter Don't Mind.”

Thank YOU Dr. Suess.

Let go laughing ~

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Happy 9-02-10!!! :) Fun date. I'm a loser.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

*** hug a teacher ***

Beginning of the year fun... Luckily I have amazing team members who have helped me delegate the work as team leader and we are working so well together. I'm such a typer (note my many bogs/ websites...) so I really do enjoy being the "go-to" for typing minutes. Oh yeh... and asking questions... and planning... All things I love. LOL- Today began at 7:45 with our PLT (aka DATA DATA DATA!!!!) And then we went on to our planning period to plan field trips, add mileage and cost, etc. I then had to call about more field trips, put in requests and get an un-official OK from our principal and AP to mention the field trips and costs to the parents at open house. The rest of my day was spent doing assessments and keeping 24 six year olds busy while doing so. I have such wonderful help this year from other people at school who are assisting with assessments and helping with duties. It has all gone very smoothly. **Who knew teachers did so much, right?! I wish everyone truly did understand. My kiddos are really "opening up" and showing their true colors. Sweet, sweet bunch, just a chatty group. That's OK- *I never got in trouble for talking in school... (*note the sarcasm). I got home this evening and went to Johnny Carino's with mom to unwind for a bit! Then she took me by bean traders to pick up my pumpkin spice blend so I can brew it here at home and not have to get up so early to stop in the mornings. :) I even got to pick up my free BT blend that I won last night as part of the 10 yr. anniversary giveaways on fb. So here I sit... just finished up my profile cards that were ready to be recorded on... watching the CMA's with my cup of pumpkin spice that I am praying doesn't keep me up all night. Big brother is next on my list!

~let go laughing!