maternity session

Heidi is incredible. We have been talking about my maternity session since before I was ever pregnant! We have both been searching for the types of pictures I wanted and so far they are AMAZING! Everything I read said to do the picture in month 7 or 8. I am right in the middle of month 7 and we thought it would be perfect. I love working with Heidi because we have such similar taste and she can say "do this! do that!" or I can say " I wanna try this..." and we just do it! It's so fun and I wish I was as talented as her behind my camera. Maybe one day... Anyway- I wanted to share the first three images from today's session since she is so awesome. I absolutely cannot wait to see them all! Enjoy!

Tell her I sent you!


  1. I just happened to see your picture on pinterest and thought I would take a look at your blog. These pictures are absolutely adorable!


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