summer break is over :(

Here are just a select few pictures to define my summer...
baby girls nursery (almost done!)

days by the pool with family and friends

parties at the beach!

days on the beach with my love (this was 4th of July)

Today is my very last day of summer vacation 2011. What a spectacular summer it has been. Once again filled with trips to the sand bar, pool tournaments, lazy days on the beach or the dock, surfing (well... trying to with a pregnant belly), cookouts, corn hole, date nights, friends, family, long walks, long bike rides on the island, working on the nursery and bathroom, shopping for Riley, laying in/ by the pool, cooking and baking... Oh, and so much more! Sad, sad day to be the last! Fortunately, I can still do all of those things, I just have to add going back to work to the list... :)

How am I spending my last day of vacation, you may ask? (or you may not care...) I started by setting my alarm for 7:15- trying to get my body slightly adjusted back to "work time." I had an appt. this morning at 8:45 at the baby doctor. They said everything was wonderful and I definitely have my hands full! To no ones surprise, she kicked the WHOLE time the Dr. was checking her heartbeat and her heart was beating in the 160's... busy little baby girl! Mom is convinced she is coming early. And... I wanted to schedule all of my appts. since they have their October calendar ready... they only scheduled me through 38 weeks and were like "we'll hope she's here by then!" Lol. We have another ultrasound at 36 weeks to check everything. They are pretty convinced my placenta is fine, but just want to make sure it hasn't moved back down.

After the dr. appt. I met mom and Michael at the coffee shop. He had just finished at the gym and she joined us for my last "weekday morning" visit for the next 10 weeks or so. :) I must say I am excited to only have to go back to work for a little while before I get to stay home for another long while with my baby girl. (Then only February, March, April, May and a few days in June until I'm home again!!) I can do it! We'll see what happens from that point on. ;)

After coffee, I stopped by because Ellery wanted me to see her new leotard for dance class. She got Riley a matching one! (Thanks Kellie!!!) That little Ellery is something else. I babysat last night and she has grown up SO much since the first time I watched her and she couldn't even talk yet!

I came home and Michael and I folded and hung all of Riley's newborn clothes. (Mom and Nanny and I went shopping yesterday and basically bought every cute thing SAKS, Carters and Ralhp Lauren had! OH-EM-GEEE- ADORABLE!!!) Her 0-3 month are in the dryer now and all of her 6 month stuff is in the washer. I know, I know... you should't take the tags off until you know how big she is... Well, we are thinking (mom, me, dr. etc.) that she will not be more than 6 or 7 lbs at the most. We could be wrong and if we are... I know SEVERAL pregnant friends who could use some baby clothes, or she can use them to dress her dolls with! Lol. I am way to OCD to think about washing it all later. She doesn't have many newborn outfits (just in case she is bigger). She has a lot of newborn pajamas and sleep gowns, but only a few outfits. The majority of her stuff is 0-3 months and can be worn in the fall and winter so I think we are good to go... We just may have to buy some more newborn outfits when she gets here. I can't wait to take her shopping!!!

Chair update: UUUUUGGH! I called buy buy baby the idiots AGAIN. The chair was ordered June 12th. I was told it would be here in 6 weeks. (The lady confirmed that this is true when she pulled up my order today.) I was on hold for 30 minutes to then hear "I will call you back in ten minutes." Well... we have heard that a million times! An hour later, I called the 1800 number and they said they couldn't help me. So, I called the idiots back. They quickly transferred me from the first person I spoke to, to another lady. Long story somewhat shorter- 10 people have told me 10 different things. I have been told my chair was in CA and then in Durham and then back in CA. The lady today tells me that I never should have been told 6 weeks and that I should never have talked to anyone but "Jade." Well guess what... that was never MY problem! She said they are having issues with their truck company and she is trying to get in touch with them. She did confirm that "something" said my chair was "in route to durham" on August 3rd... How long does it take to get here? I mean, really! That alone was 2 weeks ago. So the verdict is... still no chair... still never shopping at buy buy baby again.

In a little while, Mom and I are going to venture off to find some lamps for the new place at the beach. Michael and I basically have everything we need to furnish it and were getting ready to pack it all up in the truck. Can't wait to get down there and see it!

I am also picking up the supplies for my next project... Spacers for Riley's closet! I'm going to organize her clothes by size. :) Then maybe some pool time and cooking dinner tonight. (chicken, broccoli and rice casserole!)

For now folks, I'm getting off the computer and enjoying my day!

~let go laughing!


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