beach house update

I don't have any photos to update with today. Boo. I just talked to mom and they are still working hard. They are on yet another trip to Lowes. After the carpet was installed, Dad has now put of the molding back up. Mom still has one wall to paint since it wasn't primed and the paint was peeling off. She had to scrape off all the paint and start over with Kilz so it would hold. She has painted all of the doors in the house with a slight distraction from a storm that blew up and blew sand all over the doors with wet paint... unfortunately she had to sand all 4 doors and start over again... (yep- that also meant another trip to Lowes). Dad and Doug have framed the shelf where the AC goes and have to finish that up. They have also been cutting counter tops to fit and working on the piping for the sink. Dad has re-done all venting for the AC to ensure there is no mold. The bathroom still has to be put back together (sink, vanity, lights, etc.) but all of the floors are now laid! Dad is hoping to be done by Wednesday. We are moving the bed set from our old guest room to the house there and our bed set from our room at moms beach house over to that house. We are borrowing the crib from RG and it will go in our room for the time being and when nanny and papa aren't down, we will move it into their room. We're also taking the couch and love seat from the pool room at mom and dads house to go in the living room and my old kitchen table from my apartment in college to go in the kitchen. It's a small round, glass table. Should save some space in there. We are also taking dishes that I already have to furnish the cabinets with so we can eat! We have old side tables to take too, but no coffee table for now. That can wait. Heck, we probably don't need to put one in there anyway for Riley's sake! We can't wait to see it in person very soon!!!

Thank you mom and dad and all the other helpers for making this happen for us. I know it is frustrating, but it will be so nice for Riley to have a quiet place and for you to have your "house back." We love you guys so so much!!!

~let go laughing!~


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