Friday, July 29, 2011

Riley will be a .....

PUMPKIN!!!! (For Halloween)

It is only fitting since she will be born in October! And, it is only fitting that her costume is a TUTU!!! I can't decide if I want to spend the $35 to buy the set on etsy or just make a tutu and try to find the hat somewhere... ???

So excited I have finally decided. I wanted her to be an owl, but she will have to be older to be a "cute" owl.

:) yay! yay! yay!

shopping, registering, and swimming...

Feeling good today. It was 104 degrees today which tied the "hottest ever" record in the triangle. I can't even begin to think what the heat index was. Michael made me a waffle this morning with fresh strawberries and whipped cream on top and we watched Regis and Kelly while we ate (one of our fav. things to do together in the mornings). We watched a little bit of Rachael Ray and then we were so lazy that we climbed back in bed and talked until noon! Then we got up and got dressed. He headed for the gym and I had to go to the bank and then to target. I returned the awesome dress that I wore on the 4th of July. Well... sorta- that dress was already returned because after wearing it once there was a huge tear down the seam... I returned it and realized the elastic in the top was completely twisted and I gave up. I just got a gift card and used it on things I needed for back to school/work. I got a nice file box to help organize my desk, similar to the one I saw on pinterest. (*seen below)
of course I had to put my own spin on it though... Instead of putting my plans on rings, I will put them in the file folder and put the current week on the front with the green clips you see.

(*camera phone = blurry picture)

I think it will help me keep up with things better, it matches my classroom and it will hopefully be helpful to the sub while I am out. I also picked up some plastic page protectors to finish up my BEE binders for the beginning of the year. I finished about 16 before school got out and I needed more protectors and more binders. The rest will have to wait until the kids bring binders, because I just can't afford to go out and buy them like I have in past years. I also picked up this adorable planner. It is monthly and weekly. Each month is tabbed off and there is a calendar with the whole month. Behind that there are bigger spaces to write weekly plans. We always get a planner from school, but I needed it now to go ahead and put in Dr. appts and other things. Plus it is small enough to fit down into the diaper bag or my purse. I know I am already super type-A right now and plan, plan, plan, but I think it will get worse when Riley gets here... between my Dr. appts, her Dr. appts, the holidays and so much more!

Speaking of keeping up with things. I was reading a blog today and found something I totally want, and added it to my registry at Target. In fact, I registered for a bouncy seat too because I totally forgot about that thing! But here is the precious jewel that is a MUST HAVE for when Riley gets here. It's called the itzbeen timer. I registered for the pink one! Duh. It helps to keep track of the babies feedings, changings and sleeping so you can work on patterns and in case we forget when we last fed or changed her. I am so excited about this because when I go back to work, I can set it to when I last fed/ changed her and Michael will know when it is time to feed and check her diaper again. He can do the same on the nights he is going to work. I think it will help us out a lot. I am excited about it. Glad I ran across it for sure! If you are about to have a baby, I suggest it although I have never used it so I don't know how well it works yet. ;)

Anyway, after I picked up my needed items at Target, I met Michael at the coffee shop when he finished up at the gym. We headed home after that and jumped in the pool. The water temperature was 93 degrees. It felt like a bath, but fortunately, with the temperature outside of the pool being 104, it felt very nice to be in the 93! I swam a few laps to try to get some exercise, but it was even too hot for that!

27 weeks + 3 days (and those hideous cabinets we still haven't replaced...)

That's about it for today. Time to make my angel hair pasta with fresh shrimp and alfredo sauce. So yummy.

~let go laughing!

saving does not always mean coupons...

I've spent some time at home with my husband this week. Can I just say how much I love our house, our town and our life?! I know, you're tired of hearing about it. But seriously, being here and not having to go to work, feeling like a stay at home wife. It's nice. Not getting pay checks in the summer calls for saving, coupons and really paying attention Yesterday, I saved wonderfully on my groceries. I wanted to share how I did it.

First, I picked a couple of recipes and meals I wanted to make for dinner this week/weekend after seeing what items were on sale at the grocery store-

Thursday: Pasta and fresh broccoli - (pasta and alfredo sauce on sale this week)
Friday: angel hair pasta with fresh shrimp (caught in the sound right outside of the beach house!) and alfredo sauce - (only need alfredo for this recipe, and it's on sale!)
Saturday: mom's pot roast recipe with carrots, onions and potatoes in the crock pot -
Sunday: tomato soup and grilled cheese
Monday: maybe sushi?
Tuesday? leftovers...
Wednesday? Mexican night

I went to the Harris Teeter website, where I often will order my groceries online and pick them up the next day at the store. It's nice because it is only $4.99 extra and well worth not picking up the dang snacks that call your name when you walk down each isle! But that's not what I did this week, because I wanted to have groceries to be able to make dinner last night.

On the website they show all of their specials for the week: the buy on get one, the buy two get three, etc. When you type in "bread" it pulls up all the different breads and includes the prices and which ones were on sale. I always pick the least expensive and put it in my virtual cart. For bread, yesterday I picked the Sara Lee because it was on sale. I also saw that the strawberries were buy one get one and I put two of those in my cart. I kept going with all the things I needed to complete my meals this week as well as some breakfast staples. (We're peanut butter sandwich and fruit lunch people, lol).

My total was $43.43 online. (I did not put the mean in the cart because I wanted to pick the size I wanted). I wrote down everything from my cart and put it in order by section of the grocery store (it groups it when you pull up your cart online).

I had one coupon for my cereal that printed out at the grocery store the last time I was there, so I stuck it with my list and remembered to use it this time. Go me! haha.

Anyway - I know if I sat and went through coupons and bought way more than I actually needed and didn't eat as healthy, I could have likely saved more money. But, I find that the extreme couponing "savings" are usually frozen or junk food. I think I did pretty good for right above $50 for all of my groceries!

I will not list my entire purchase, but here are some of the savings:
Boxes of Barilla pasta = on sale 3 for $5
Fresh Broccoli = 50 cents off
Alfredo sauce = originally $2.95, I paid $1.27
Cereal =$3.50, with my coupon, I paid $2.00

In total with my VIC card savings, I saved $12.00- Total savings this year = $303.57

So again, not a huge "savings" with coupons, but just by watching sales, planning ahead and not putting extra "junk" in the cart, I am pretty proud of my grocery trip this week!

give it a try!

~let go laughing!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

27 weeks today- hello third trimester!

How Far Along: 27 weeks - about13 weeks to go
Size of baby: 14 inches long! 2 lbs (many sites vary as to her size at this point...)
Total Weight Gain: 21 lbs still on track, much to my surprise! (and i feel HUGE at this point)
Maternity Clothes: still a little of both - mostly just shirts and dresses that are not maternity though
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: still all the time. Sara Jade, my brother in law, James and my MIL all finally felt her this weekend. She's all over the place, all the time. It's too cool to sit/lay and watch my belly move all over the place.
Sleep: it depends if i am waking up to pee 100 times a night or not. The most has been 5 times in one night and some nights I don't wake up at all. I can't figure it out. I drink before bed sometimes and don't wake up at all and if I don't have anything before bed, i seem to wake up more! lol
What I miss: my body
Cravings: none
Symptoms: i did get charlie horses in my legs again last night- but that could be because i tripped and fell over the dog on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night... lol
Best Moment this week: spending the weekend with good friends and family. riley is going to be such a lucky little girl. oh and finding out we will have a nice place to stay at the beach for the next few years with our riley girl!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

life is good

Another wonderful weekend with wonderful family and friends. It's not often my husband gets to escape and spend an actual weekend at the beach. He was luck enough this summer to come for 10 days at the 4th of July and another weekend now! It was awesome. We spent Friday with Sara and Micah- Sara and I laid on the beach, the boys fished... Michael didn't get down until around 5, so Micah fished alone for a while. Friday night, the boys fished until 3am. Sara and I left the dock around 11:30 (yes, we're old party poopers.) Saturday we spent the entire day on the beach.

You would think as an island girl, raised on this island, spending the majority of the summer months and fall and spring weekends here that I would spend a lot of time at the ocean. Well, we don't. :) We spend a lot of time lounging on the docks, in the canal or in the waterway, on the boat or sandbar. It's rare that you will find us on the beach. But, when you do... it's not usually a small crowd. Saturday, it was so windy and SO hot that the only way to stand it was to sit in the water with our chairs. It was perfect! Again, the men fished and we watched. It was 100 degrees on the island. I really do not remember a time that the high has been 100 here. Maybe the heat index, but never the actual temperature. We spent the whole day up there with my family and Michael's family. It was very nice. *can you believe I didn't get a single picture! I stink! :( Saturday night we cooked an amazing dinner. We made pasta with freshly caught shrimp in alfredo sauce. I just LOVE those little shrimp when you boil them just right and throw them over pasta. Then, since it had finally cooled off and felt incredible out, Sara and I rode 4 miles on the bikes while (you guessed it...) the men fished some more. When we got back from our ride everyone had congregated over under the Tesh's house (missed you guys this weekend!). It was Drewsters 20th birthday and they just got back from a boat ride to dinner, my in-laws had just returned from church, Jamie was over with Cassie and some other people dropped in too. We sat and watched the boys fish and they caught 2 sting rays. We all packed up over there around 10 and headed for home. Today we woke up at 8 to go for a morning bike ride. Originally, Sara and I were going to go and stop for coffee, but Michael and Micah joined us and we grabbed breakfast at the beach shop.

When we got home, we packed up to head over to the dock for the day. We started off on the dock while the men.... fished. Then, daddy blew up the huge float with a mesh middle and mom, sara, mb, sue and I all climbed in a floated for several hours. The men waded in the water beside the float. Sara and Micah soon had to leave and hit the road for their 7 hour ride home... (I sure wish they lived closer!) We spent another few hours in the float until a storm seemed to be brewing over Hampstead. We climbed out and went to the porch for some pork tenderloin, cheese and other snacks. (Michael made me another virgin pina colada!) As we sat there, the storm pretty much passed us and we were watching people in a huge boat jump off the top. My mom and MIL were saying how fun it looked and I said "I dare you to jump off the pier!" Well, they had each already put sun dresses on and gotten out of their wet swim suits... but they went for it. Off they went! It was hilarious. My MIL is deathly afraid of the water but had no problem and they had a blast. (Other than her white dress, so she went in to change... into a black dress, not a swim suit...) The men decided it looked fun, so everyone joined in on the fun... except me because the two grandmas wouldn't let me jump... :( But I did have fun taking pictures. We are not sure about this new "planking" epidemic going on, but they decided to try that too. It was pretty funny. After that we decided to shower and head out to dinner for some Italian. It was another amazing island weekend with my husband, family, his family and good friends. I can't believe how close it is to summer coming to an end. I'm OK with it this year though because it means our Riley girl is coming. I just can't wait for fall!

Michael and I had originally planned a "baby-moon" to the mountains. We were going to get a cabin and spend a few days there together. As we started thinking about him taking time off and me still being off we decided we wanted to be where we fell in love and where we love to spend our time. Guess where.... right here! We are hoping for another week (or close to a week) down here before school starts. Tomorrow we are going home to spend some good, quality, alone time in our own home for a little while. Still some work to do in the nursery and I may start some work for school, but all in all- good, quality time together. Nothing beats it! I may even stay home for a weekend (can you believe it?!?!?!) and be with him! I figure I haven't spent one at home all summer, so I may as well while I can be with just him, right? :)

Still haven't heard back from the potential sub, but keeping my fingers crossed... still excited about the other good "work related" news. We also have a new place to fix up at the beach to stay by next summer (possibly Thanksgiving). Everything is so exciting right now and I just can't believe how unbelievably blessed and lucky we are.

Anyway- time for Big Brother and I am sure you were not at all interested in my weekend, but it was fun to reminisce and type about. Too bad I haven't done more of that kind of blogging this summer since I love to go back and read and remember things. Have a great sunday night and a great week! I can't believe I will be 27 weeks pregnant this week! HOLY COW! And, we get to see Riley again a week from Tuesday!!!! Yipppeee!!!

~let go laughing.

Friday, July 22, 2011

life is full of surprises!

I finally gave in and asked a wonderful friend for a wonderful favor and she said YES! Let's just say the to-do list I have in the previous post just got a lot shorter and I couldn't be happier. I wish I knew how to mark things out and I would go marking away on here!!!

We got incredible news today from a neighbor on the island and life is just looking wonderful. We are so blessed with wonderful parents, family and friends that it is unbelievable!

I'm having a wonderful time with Rooms and Micah and I am so glad they got to come spend some time with us.

We have almost completely planned our mini "baby-moon" and
cannot wait to finalize the details! It just keeps getting better!!!!

I'm gonna hit the hay and I will update later on the news when everything is set in stone!

goodnight moon.

"one man's trash, is another man's treasure"

Thursday, July 21, 2011

96 days to go... hope it all falls into place

I feel like there is a ticking time bomb in my brain right now... I think I need to make a check list... Gosh, between home and school starting soon... yikes! Let's see.. List making always makes me feel better, although this might not help. Haha

We still need: (a lot!) lol
  • stroller(s) - yes i want the jeep jogging one too! ;)
  • car seat and bases
  • high chair
  • swing
  • bottles for when michael feeds her
  • diapers
  • video monitor
  • SIDS monitor
  • New attachments for breast pump
  • ... I know I am forgetting plenty - guess i better check the registries!
Still need to:
  • figure out what to take to the hospital in my bag
  • hospital tour next Tuesday
  • lamaze on September 10th
  • maternity photos (August 14th)
To do in her room:
  • put up chair rail
  • get a lamp for the shade
  • buy curtain rods and put up the curtains
  • finish her closet (adding a second bar)
  • put a dimmer on the chandelier switch
  • two small birds hanging with ribbon on each side of the mirror
  • hang R Q S above the crib
  • finish BEE books
  • organize classroom
  • buy small fridge
  • lunch tags
  • bus rooms (handing off to someone else this year)
  • bus tags
  • behavior system
  • letter to the parents
  • magnets
  • work on website
  • lesson plans for first quarter while i AM there
  • 15ish weeks of sub plans for second quarter while I am out - need a schedule to get started on this... i may get started subject by subject and go from there... maybe (MAYBE) i'll take a closer look at stuff next week... I may have to wait until after leadership to feel more firm about a schedule.
  • leadership meeting august 4th
  • organize PLT binder so KG can take over while I am out
  • find all appropriate and needed paperwork for sub (progress reports, report card info, etc.)
  • get my data nb organized for assessments to begin in full swing
  • organize my day for reading workshop...

OK- i think i will stop now before i go into complete panic mode. I'm the type of person that likes things done ASAP. When things can't be done for any reason (schedule not ready, baby showers planned, etc.) it is hard for me to come to terms with NOT doing things. I would love to just go out and buy everything we need, have all my plans done and be in my classroom on the random days I have nothing to do to get started... the building is being painted and I can't be in my room... I think I will go do laundry now. :)

I'm sure if you have read this entire post, you are bored out of your mind and I want to ensure you that this is a "for me" post to help keep my life in line. lol.

More interesting posts to follow!

~let go laughing!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

26 weeks!

How Far Along: 26 weeks - 14 weeks to go
Size of baby: 14 inches long! (many sites vary as to her size at this point...)
Total Weight Gain: 20lbs still proud of myself! On track to gain about 35 which is right where the Dr. wants me!
Maternity Clothes: still a little of both - mostly just shirts and dresses that are not maternity though
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: funny story there- She moves ALL the time. For two days last week when I returned home from the beach she was barely moving (guess she missed the beach)- i got nervous and called and questioned the advice nurse being "that girl." lol - they were super nice and said come in and let us find her on the doppler. of course as soon as i got there and sat on the chair, she kicked the doppler! the best part of this story is mom did the exact same thing with me and i kicked it as soon as she got there. silly girl! already just like her momma!
Sleep: still good- i had a few days of not so great but it was much better after i had a prenatal massage and got the kinks out of my neck.
What I miss: hmm... i guess being able to wear all my clothes. i hate being limited
Cravings: none
Symptoms: still nothing. life is good <3
Best Moment this week: Riley has SO many new adorable clothes and her nursery is coming along wonderfully. we love the chandelier and her new mirror!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

100 days until our due date!!!!!

Only 100 more days until our princess is here! Tomorrow we will be in single digits!!!!!! We have gotten so much done in her room and I cannot wait to see it finished. She has more clothes than me and she is already rotten. There is a lot of work in progress for possibly her very own room at the beach. Cannot wait for that progress to move into "real" progress! Hopefully it will all be done by her first trip down at Thanksgiving. She has her crib already but that is about it for now. So far, we have gotten a lot done in her room at home!

Everything is coming together so nicely. Once the curtains get here, I think it will feel super put together. I just love standing in her room and staring. You saw part of the room getting started in the post on June 15th and throughout other random posts... All the other pics have been on fb and throughout the blog and so many of you keep asking about the nursery, so I figured I would put it in one place. Here goes nothing...

We still need the chair rail up and shelves on the wall. Her chair should be delivered to the store on the 21st which means in the next week or so, it should be here. (it's going under the canopy.) It's a glider/rocker/ recliner and it will be beige. There is a picture of the actual chair in a post somewhere on here... Her letters from pb kids (R Q S) are going above her crib. We may leave room for a large print of one of her newborn photos there as well. My plan is to take a picture of her with no clothes on and a pink bow and print it either black and white with just the bow showing or in the sepia tone to better match her room. I think it will look beautiful. Obviously, that will have to wait a while. :) We still have to do some work in her closet. She is going to have two bars instead of one and that wont be a hard project. So I will leave you with some pictures for now...

Her daddy hung her chandelier and it looks fabulous!

the mirror is going to hang over the changing table with some other art.
it's a light pink color and matches the knobs really well! We decided
against painting the other one because it didn't really go with the furniture.

picking up a lamp today for her shade. The book ends will be on wall shelves
if we ever pick some out! :) it's not shiny- just still in the wrapping. lol

this picture has been posted before, but i have been asked about the crib
again since it has been painted. isn't it beautiful?!

these are Riley's curtains. i got them as a gift at my last shower but they
are on back order and should arrive any day now. we can't wait! they are
black out curtains and really heavy panels so nap time should be a breeze!
(we can be hopeful, right?) i've gotten nothing but great reviews about them.

she has more clothes than me! this is only the
ones hanging up! plus three outfits not hanging
because they are going to be embroidered! LOVE IT!

and last and likely least... here is me today with only 100 days to go!
(not a great picture bc of my cell phone and it's hard to tell in this dress)
it's funny how much bigger the belly looks in clothes than it does in a swim suit.
[25 wks 5 days]

oh we just cannot wait to meet her!

Thanks for reading!

~ let go laughing!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Riley Quinn kicking mommy again

She likes to exercise. I got back from my 3 mile bike ride and laid down to her kicking me like crazy. I usually put my phone on my belly to watch her move, but I wanted to record. We will be getting a flip camera soon. I can't wait...

I also realized when reading babbling abby's teacher blog... there are only 33 days of summer freedom before I go back to work. That's when it gets CRAZY. Lol. I'm excited though to get a new class of kiddos. Then around 9 weeks later my little baby girl will be here!!! So it is once again a bittersweet July. Having to say "school starts back next month" is quite depressing, but since it means Riley is coming soon, I am OK with it. The only hard part is going to be the sub plans. Oh, and I am sure it will kill me when my 12 weeks maternity leave is up- but that's OK too. I will only have to get from the end of January to beginning of June and then who knows where life will take us. We def. have dreams and ideas, but nothing is set in stone. Life is good.

Hope you enjoyed my baby girl kicking! :)

another post about shopping for Riley...

Surprised? Haha. We were just looking at all the funky stores in Hampstead. It is a beautiful day, but too windy for the boat, so we decided to ride into town to get dads grill cover and stop in a few places. There are so many cute stores in old houses with just old antiques and fun signs, etc. We've been in them all before, but never looking for stuff for Riley! :) We picked out the most adorable antique mirror that is a pale pink/ off white look. It will go with her furniture perfectly! Mom also got her some adorable little booties! They are like knitted or crocheted and have a little bow on top. A-DOR-A-BLE! :) My favorite part of our shopping experience, other than her kicking me the WHOLE time (so cool)- was the comment the lady made when mom asked about mirrors. She said "Oh that one is for a little girl to play dress up with and that one is for a teenager... and that one... " You get my point. Mom said "Well, we are looking for one for a little girls nursery. She looked at me and said "OH MY GOSH!!!! When is that baby due?" And when I told her my due date she was shocked! Haha. She said how good I looked and how huge she was at 25.5 weeks and how lucky I am. It really made me feel good after the comment from the massage lady yesterday telling me "you look fabulous, but just wait til the last two months, you will be huge!" LOL- thanks for the encouragement lady! NOT! I took it with a grain of salt seeing as she was not the most fit person in the world and had not children herself. I guess some people just feel like they have to say something. Personally, I like the nice comments a little bit better. I feel pretty good about my weight gain and figure so far. Only 14 weeks to go and I feel like I can keep it up. Either way- it's totally worth it for my sweet baby girl. I'll be honest, I too thought I would be bigger by now and even though the scale looks as if I am a lot bigger, I don't feel it anywhere other than my belly and boobs! And HOLY boobs! LOL! No, they aren't huge to the average person... but for someone who could barely fill an A her entire "adult" life- this B cup is fabulous! Anyway- time to get some exercise on the pink bike and get ready for a yummy dinner at Beauchaines. Every time I say Beauchaines, I think of when Adam and I were little and he would call it -bo-ch-nays. Lol. I still call it that in my head.

oh yes- anyone who has a design for corn hole boards, please let us know. Michael is building some for our awesome new yard and Adam can't find the template he and Jeff used!

~happy Friday, folks!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

shopping for Riley Quinn

It's official- Riley already has more and better clothes than I do and her closet is already full!!!

Yesterday, Mom and I went boutique shopping for Riley. We got her some of the most adorable outfits. Today we are going shopping more. Mom said yesterday that she is going to be the "best dressed child around." I totally agree. And her mom and ma lolo are gonna go broke! Haha. I wanted to share some of the outfits. Most of them at this point we are purchasing 0-3 or 3 months. I hope she isn't a monster baby! Lol. We also haven't bought too many newborn outfits just in case she is bigger. Mom says she and Michael will go shopping if they need to once she arrives. I cannot wait for October! We are so excited to meet our little princess!

love the little bow leggings and peasant top!

love this romper- can't wait to see her in it.

mommy might have to get the one to match her for this one. i just love it!

some diaper covers and headbands we got her yesterday. We are getting her name on the bottom of one and initials on the the others. Riley Quinn is also going to be embroidered on the collar of that white dress.
my favorite purchase from yesterday! thanks ma-lolo!!
the bottom of one of her many Christmas outfits

three outfits from the boutique yesterday

i just had to get her this juicy outfit

this is another of my favorites that i cannot wait to see her in
this one matches her shoes and hat from LA!!!

Simone got these for mom in LA and sent them. Michael's favorite so far!

We cannot wait to see our baby girl in all of these outfits! I am vowing from this point forward to no longer post her adorable clothes until she is in them! So excited! We also bought her outfit today that she will wear home from the hospital. I cannot wait to see her in it!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

our beach life

it's so good. I can't believe my sweet husband got an amazing 10 days off! His bosses are pretty awesome. This is the most time he has had off at one time since our wedding and honeymoon three years ago! We had an incredible 10 days together on our sweet little island where we fell in love, where he proposed and where so much more has happened! In the beginning of our vacation, Sean proposed to Tai on the beach and we all celebrated. Then so many people joined us on the island for a fun week. Nanny and papa, Katie and Zach, Uncle, Summer, Julie and the Tesh's (minus Kelly) All of the Clifton's, Katelyn and her family... ADAM!!!! gosh, so many more people! It was such a great week filled with sandbar, beach, surfing boating and more! I just can't explain to people how incredible our island is. I am so lucky to have been raised on south topsail. We have been visiting the island since I was super young and have owned the house for more than half of my life. The south end has kept me out of trouble and in close relationships. Michael and I cannot wait to raise Riley on the south end! Every holiday (other than Christmas and sometimes new years), every summer, every weekend we just feel like "getting away..." It's going to be amazing. Oh and did I mention, we have a crib for the beach now!? Just have to find some cute and inexpensive bedding for her room there!

I decided to come home for a few days to be with Michael. I used to spend my whole summers at the beach. Especially when Michael was in the Marines either stationed down there or in Japan. But now that we have a home that I love so much and he is working in Durham, I love to come home and spend time in our house with him and not having to be at work. It is so nice to wake up and go get coffee and make breakfast. Not having any worries in the world. Summer is amazing. Being a teacher is one of the the hardest jobs I know of, but I must say, having the summer off is so awesome.

At home, we love to ride our bikes on the tobacco trail (might even be taking a ride tonight!), spend time in mom and dads pool, hang out at the gardens, go to bean traders and spend time with friends and family. I just feel so blessed and so lucky to have an amazing place to be anytime I want on the island and an incredible home in Durham with amazing people who truly care about us in both places. This morning I have just been thinking about how lucky we are and how we cannot wait to have Riley here to share all of this with us... To go to the sand bars, to sit on the beach, to just "do nothing" at home... We are so excited to meet her and cannot wait to hear her little heartbeat tomorrow at our 25 week appointment! 25 weeks! I can't believe it!!!

I will leave you with some pictures from the last ten days or so... :) Happy Monday to all!

~ let go laughing!
4th of july, before the parade

after the proposal

24 weeks and 3 days!

life is good...

homemade ice cream

dinner out "playing tourists"

4th of july karaoke

pregnant whale on her surf board with her partner in crime (adam) helping- LOL

sexy hubby!

did i mention i made 185 cupcakes for the party? Katie helped me ice them!