Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Riley Quinn's first Christmas and by far my best ever. It was just amazing spending Christmas with my family and having my very own bundle of joy be a part of it. I cannot even wait until next year when she is tearing into her presents. She loved her presents this year though. Santa spoiled her... Ma-lolo and Grandy spoiled her, Nanny and Papa spoiled her, Gigi and Pawpaw spoiled her... the list continues... I think you get my point.

We spent Christmas Eve at mom and dads like usual for the 30th annual Christmas Eve open house. Riley was so good meeting people and being passed around like a hot potato. By the end of the night though, she was done with other people holding her. She wanted her mommy. I just love that. Christmas morning we went and opened presents at Ma-lolo and Grandy's house. Santa spoiled mommy and daddy this year too! After presents we had breakfast. We came home and got showered and ready and then went to nanny and papas for more presents and lunch. We played dirty santa with the cousins. It was super fun. Michael got a clapper light and I got a kung-fu panda chia pet!

That's all for now. Time to get my run on- The treadmill made its way back into the house!

~ let go laughing!

Friday, December 23, 2011


So, tonight I started my "working out..." If you can even call it that. I got my ab roller out of the shed and my yoga mat. I'm not gonna lie, my abs hurt like a biatch already. How out of shape am I?! When the breast feeding/pumping ending and Christmas festivities began, I added another 2 lbs to the 3 I had left, leaving me with 5 measly pounds to shed. Come on you stupid 5 lbs! I did, however buy a pair of jeans at banana republic in a 28! woohoo! It was nice to buy jeans in my pre-pregnancy size. There is a slight muffin top, but hey- if I unbutton them you can't see it and that's what I am working on now! Anyway- can you believe tomorrow is Christmas eve?! We celebrated yesterday in Charlotte with Michael's family. Last night when we got home, Riley went to bed at 11 and slept until I woke her up at 9:15 this morning! It was awesome! She had fun meeting her new cousin and spending the day there. She was exhausted.

This morning we sold the miata. First person to look at it bought it for our offering price! It was bittersweet to see it go. I have only had it for about a year and a half and it was so fun to take the top down and drive that stick shift. When Michael called to say he sold it, Mom and I were at Babies R Us and she was like "you aren't even sad about it." Nope, because it means awesome things for my life right now! Me and Riley went on a mall date this morning (before the car sold) with Liz and Dylan. It was so fun and I cannot wait for next Christmas when they are both running around and playing together! It will be a blast!

I also went to Target this morning after we left Dylan and Liz. If you live in the RDU area and need a good pharmacy- definitely move your Rx's to the Target at southpoint. They are so awesome and helpful. Speaking of Rx's- Michael finally got some meds for his cold that he has had since Thanksgiving! Hmm... anymore fun stuff today... oh yes! I got a cake pop maker from my secret santa with Michael's siblings! It is AWESOME! I made yellow cake pops (dyed green, of course!) and dipped them in white chocolate with red and green sprinkles for the Christmas Eve part tomorrow night! Then, I made corn bread with jalepenos in it in the cake pop maker too. It's too cool. Tomorrow, I am making pigs in a blanket for the party too. I am so excited to be back in the kitchen again. I just can't wait to start making Riley's baby food.
Riley's Christmas outfit came in the mail JUST IN TIME today. Ma-lolo ordered it the day after thanksgiving! She also got a ton of hats and HUGE bows! It's adorable. She will likely have several outfit changes in the next two days!

Well- my brother is almost home from NYC and mom and dad have gone to pick him up. I am going to go see him and Uncle and Summer are coming back to spend the night. Hubby is home from work and Riley is all tucked in her crib, fast asleep. LIFE. IS. GOOD!!!

~let got laughing!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

being a mom

I love being a mom. I love it more than anything in the whole world. Holding my precious little angel that I created with my husband is the most amazing feeling in the world. Here is the dilemma... HOW can I be a teacher AND a mom? Yes, you tell me... people do it all the time. I, however... am not just "people." I need to be with my baby girl. I have made a commitment to this years class of students, and I will finish out this commitment. I can do it. 4 months. Riley will be 3 months old when I go back... She will be 13 weeks old. I have to go back for about 18 more weeks. Add in some vacations in there (Spring break, etc.) I can do this. God, please give me the strength. I will be begging for June 7th to get here once I am back. I will be a good teacher and continue to do what I am supposed to do for my students, don't get me wrong. But I must say, this is my last year as a full time teacher at least until Riley goes back to school. And, hopefully by then we will have our own franchise and I will be working from home.

Come January 30th- I better have a lot of support, coffee and love. I was in tears all last night thinking about it. I can't imagine what I will look like upon returning that day... a HOT mess I would imagine. And you better believe Riley Quinn will be having MANY lunch dates at the creek with mommy. Daddy and ma-lolo are going to have such a good time with her and take such good care of her while I am at work.

Then in June... bye bye house cleaners, bye bye extra cable boxes, internet, smart phones... whatever has to go! I don't care. I WILL be home with my baby girl.

She's waking up for her nap! Gotta run!

~let go laughing!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Best OCD Mommy App ever...

I was recently sharing this app with my sister in law who just had her second baby (welcome to the world niece #2!!!) and I realized many moms didn't know about it. It is called Baby Connect. GET IT. It is the best 4.99 any OCD mom will ever spend. You can track bottles, breast feeding, diaper changes,sleep, mood, medical, activity, milestones and more. We mainly use it for feeding and poop. LOL. You can link it with a "caregiver" too. Michael and I are linked and whoever feeds or changes can input it to your phone and it sends it straight to the other. It is so helpful when she gets fussy to look and see that it has been 3.4 hours since her last feeding, etc. It's also great if she is at ma-lolo's and mommy is in the shower, since ma-lolo has the app too (yes, it is worth the 4.99, lol)... she can know when Riley Q. ate last or had her last diaper change! You can track eating patterns, sleeping patterns, etc with the graphs and the part that tells you how much she had at the same time yesterday as well as a weekly average. Again- OCD mommies- you need it. You can check it out here:

My blog is being crazy at the moment, so I can't post pictures or much, but check it out and enjoy! I will update with a photobomb of my amazing, wonderful, perfect, awesome sleeping, smiling, giggling... (ok, you get it...) daughter. :)


~let go laughing!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

my giggly little angel

I am so in love with my happy baby.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

i love being a mommy

(Michael is the best daddy in the whole world and Riley loves to be read to.)

Since Riley cannot take my breast milk, I stopped pumping at 6 weeks. She has over 200 oz in the freezer that I am hoping she can have once her tummy matures. If not, I will be using it when I make her baby food at around 4-6 months! We have finally figured out her tummy issues. She has a special formula and medicine for her reflux and she is taking her bottles like a champ now. It is wonderful to see her so happy.

She was 1 month old on Thanksgiving and 6 weeks yesterday. I can't believe how fast time is going. She is sleeping a solid 6-6.5 hours and then usually 3 more. During the day she likes to eat every 2-3 hours. She loves to lay on her play mat and look up at her sea creatures. Gotta be careful though, because she will projectile vomit an entire 4 oz bottle if you lay her down for too long. (silly reflux!) She has only done that a couple of times. Overall, she is not a spitter-upper, which is nice. BUT, because of the vomit I have seen and because she is a MUCH happier baby on her tummy, I have given in and let her sleep on her belly.

The dr. said to think of the statistics... He made a good point. If she only sleeps for 15 minutes at a time on her back (and will possibly vomit all of her food up...) that means mommy and daddy will not get any sleep. Then there is a risk of an overtired parent getting into a car accident, falling asleep with baby, etc... So, there is always a risk. And a very small risk at that. SIDS is unexplained. There is no clear research that it is or has anything to do with tummy sleeping. If a baby passes away from sleeping on their tummy and that is the reason... that is the reason, not SIDS. We DO, however had the angel care monitor which I greatly recommend. It gives me a peace of mind to know if she does for some reason stop breathing, in 20 seconds the alarm will go off and we can do CPR. She has AMAZING control over her neck and can scoot ALL over her crib by herself. I completely feel that at this point she is OK on her belly.

Riley Q. LOVES to go to the mall. She just stares at the lights and signs and people. We have learned that the best place to feed and change her is in the Nordstrom women's room. It is AWESOME. I completely recommend it to any mom who needs a place to go! I've even met a ton of wonderful moms in there. She saw Santa last week and was so good.

She also has an automatic timer in her that says "mommy has her food now!" when we go out to eat. It is like clock work. As soon as the food arrives, she wakes up and wants to be held. She loves to suck her fist/fingers/thumb, but it is so funny because if she can't get it just right, she gets so mad. I think she will learn soon. We still give her the paci every now and then, but she often only keeps it in for a few seconds and spits it out. I guess she will be a true thumb sucker like her momma. I guess that is all about my sweet baby girl for now.

How are mom and dad? Perfect! We are getting plenty of sleep and rest. Daddy is working hard at Dominos. Mommy is loving being a stay-at-home mom and cannot wait until it is permanent. I can't even imagine going back to work, but I keep telling myself it is only 4 months! I can do it. I have 4 lbs left to lose and I'm afraid they will be the hardest to get off now that I am not pumping. The pill isn't going to help with that either, but I was cleared yesterday to start my exercising again. I'm thinking of getting the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Anyone have a suggestion other than that one, or do you like that one?! I just really need to tone up the last of the belly flab. It isn't horrible, but it's not beautiful either.

Ma-lolo and Grandy are in heaven being right next door. It is also very helpful to Michael and me. They really want her to spend the night with them and give us a night to ourselves, but we aren't ready for that yet. lol. We might let them keep her long enough for us to go on a dinner date. I am leaving her tomorrow for the first time to go to the dentist a mile down the road and I don't even want to do that! Mom and I are thinking of taking a day trip back up to NYC. If we do, we would leave at 6am and come back that same night on the last flight home. Still not sure if I am even ready for that, but we will see.

Merry Christmas Y'all!

~let go laughing!

Monday, November 28, 2011

for ALL new moms!

Ok, I have SO much I could blog about. I would like to first say that we may have finally *fingers crossed* gotten Riley Q. back to her normal self with the eating situations. Long story and I will explain later.

This blog is to share with all new moms. Yes, you may think it is BS, but my hubby and I pretty much believe it and know for sure it works with our little one. Have you ever heard of the Dunstan Baby Language? Basically, our babies are talking to us. Although some of the sounds are VERY similar, once you listen for them and really listen closely, you will hear the difference and know what your baby wants/ needs most of the time. The one we use/ hear most often is "Neh." It helps us decipher the difference between when something is wrong and when she is hungry,

Here is a video to help you understand. It is TOTALLY worth your time. Hopefully this helps you understand what your little one needs. No, I am sure it is not 100% correct, but it has definitely been helpful to us! Good luck!

* Neh=”I’m hungry”
* Owh=”I’m sleepy”
* Heh=”I’m experiencing discomfort”
* Eair=”I have lower gas”
* Eh=”I need to burp”

Friday, November 18, 2011

i'm pretty excited

I gained 29 lbs with Riley Quinn and I have lost 25 lbs so far (last weighed at 3 weeks pp). I am amazed at how fast the weight has come off. I plan to start running again as soon as I get past my 6 week check up. There is a little more flab than I would like around my waist line (to be expected...) I am proud of myself for eating healthy and being super active throughout my pregnancy. It is SO nice to be able to go into my closet and pick out anything I want to wear again! Now to get back to eating as healthy as I was when I was pregnant. Those quick grocery store trips with a 3 week old cause me to buy more chips and junk food and snack all day. LOL. I'm still staying active and getting out of the house every day and plan to continue to do so.

For all you pregnant ladies out there... you can do it! I was so scared and now I feel so relieved to know I really can have my old body back!

~let go laughing!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

things i have learned in 3 short weeks...

THIS is the most adorable child in the whole world. (just sayin')

  • Durham peds is Ahh-Mazing! I love our pediatrician. They have helped us out so much in figuring out sweet Riley's tummy issues. Please find a Dr. you like and trust. It means everything!
  • First and foremost: Formula is NOT poison- Despite what society says... Everyone needs to do what is best for them. Mom, baby and family. This is the best advice that has ever been given to me. After two full weeks of essentially breast feeding, I was sobbing at the near thought of my child waking up. THAT is not ok. The pain was excruciating and not getting better. I was bleeding, (and i still am a week and a half after taking her off my breast) and the lactation consultant kept saying that nothing was wrong and I should not be in pain. I was on the verge of PPD and was almost miserable. My mind would be racing about when I was going to have to feed her again. After a visit to my doctor and finding out it was possibly infected, I decided to essentially pump. Riley was still getting breast milk and I felt better about it. I was happy, she was happy and we were much less stressed. Two days into pumping, she began having tummy issues. The doctor thought it could be lactose in my breast milk and I was urged to use gentle formula for 24 hours to see if we saw a difference and to see if she was allergic to dairy. It was very hard for me to stop breast feeding even as much as I hated it. Everyone wants you on the breast according to society... I felt like a failure. I cried about it. I questioned myself as a mother. After a day on the formula, she was already getting better, but still having the horrible screaming episodes. The next step- stay on the formula and add prevacid for acid reflux. Horrible mother alert- I have to give me baby formula... Guess what?! My child is being fed. We are bonding, her daddy can help... why was I so concerned? She started meds for reflux today and I have been OK'd to try to give her my breast milk again. I am nervous at this point about it because I do not want to see her in so much pain again. I have a TON of breast milk stocked in the freezer and I am continuing to pump. I think I will wait about a week before giving it back to her just to be sure her tummy is getting better. The doctor advised me NOT to put her back on my breast because of the pain, the stress and the possibility of ppd with how it made me feel. Riley Quinn is PERFECTLY healthy having formula. She is being fed and I am NOT a bad mother. Yes, she will still be getting several bottles of breast milk a day until my supply dries up and when it does, I will NOT feel bad about it like the first time I gave her formula. Times have changed. Formula has changed and while yes, it is more expensive and semi more complicated to get ready when she is hungry... it is what is best for our family and my little angel. She is still getting antibodies from my bm and I am happy with that. I don't have to answer to anyone. My pediatrician says this is what is best for my baby girl. Thank you to my family and friends who have been so supportive of this. What else have I learned...
  • Breathable bumpers are a must when your child is a rolly polly at 2 days old! She was rolling all the way to the edge of her crib the first night home. We quickly ran out and replaced her beautiful pottery barn bumper, with a breathable bumper to ensure she does not suffocate. When she is a bit older and can move more on her own, we will put her other one back.
  • The Angel Care monitor is awesome and we love it... Just remember to cut it off when you take the baby out of the crib to feed her... otherwise, the neighborhood will think your baby has stopped breathing because the alarm is THAT loud. (not really, but dang it is loud!)

  • The Angel Care monitor will also scare you to death when your rolly polly baby slides to the edge of the crib and it is not picking up movement so it starts to alarm. SCARY!

  • Your baby will eat when she is hungry (unless she has reflux and it hurts her so bad... super sad to see...) BUT... if you (and the dr.) really want her to eat 3 oz since she has gotten on her meds and you leave your husband to the feeding... he might just consider drinking the last oz himself so he can go back to sleep and not wake the baby up for the umteenth time to finish her bottle. lol (he didn't do it... but he did admit to thinking about it.)

  • My husband is an incredible father. He is always supportive of me and helps with our baby girl like you wouldn't believe. He gets up with Riley so mommy can sleep/pump and she is mesmerized by his voice.

being a mom is the most amazing feeling in the whole world.

let go laughing

Monday, October 31, 2011

1 week post baby belly-

1 week post baby. My mother in law suggested I do pictures this way. Not likely I will do them weekly, but I just thought this would sum up the pregnancy! I gained a total of 29 lbs and I have now lost 17. I have 12 lbs to go! Although, my pre-pregnancy weight was an all time low for me and the weight I am right now is a weight I have been before. I would be happy to lose just 10 lbs at this point. I managed to get ONE stretch mark, TWO days before Riley Quinn arrived. Too funny. It isn't bad though and I'm sure it will be less noticeable as time goes on. Michael says I am the only one who notices it now. Time to wake up my baby girl that has been sleeping for 4.5 hrs and feed her so we can go to her 1 week dr. appt. Of course there will be an update on that coming soon!!!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

my birth story

Riley Quinn
October 24th, 2011
8 lbs 9.5 oz

1 week ago today at about 3:30 I checked into the hospital for some bleeding and abdominal pain. I was having contractions 4 mins apart but they were not super strong and they had me walking. At 8:30 they gave me the choice to stay or go home and get a good meal. "It could just be pre-labor and who knows how long it will be until active labor." Well, we decided to go home (because we really weren't thinking that was it anyway, we just wanted the baby to be checked because of the bleeding and the past concerns with my placenta.)

We came home and ate dinner. Mom made us salmon and it was great. I was still feeling small contractions, but not horrible so I told Michael at 9:15 I was ready to get in bed and watch tv to try to fall asleep. We watched Amazing Race and then tried to watch Housewives, but I was in so much pain at this point, I was almost in tears with each contraction. We called mom because every girl wants her mommy when she is in pain and she told us to come over to her house if we wanted to. So we did. I laid on the couch and Michael sat at my feet. As mom was watching my face, she looked at Michael and said "time these contractions." So he did... well, they were 1-2 minutes apart and I was in a lot of pain at this point. Her next words were "go back to the hospital."

I was checking into the hospital with contractions 1-2 minutes apart by 12:30. I was not dilated at all still when they checked me. The doctor on call (who I had already spoken to 3 times that Sunday) was on his way. The nurse hooked up my IV and wanted to give me morphine because my contractions were so bad. This was at 1am. It was taking a while to order it up and as she was about to put it into my IV. At 2am, Dr. Hardisson walked in the room. He asked her to wait while he checked me. I was already dilated to 5cm! His next words were "are you ready for your epidural?" Of course!!! I was in a lot of pain. I just knew- "oh my gosh, this baby is going to be here so soon since I am getting my epi now!" We called our parents and they were on the way! I was a bit nervous, but the epidural didn't hurt at all. Just a quick pinch or pressure pain and that was all. I didn't even know he was done. At 2:30, once the epidural was in, I felt amazing.

7:50am- Dilated to 8cm and they broke my water.

waiting, waiting, waiting...

Riley is posterior and they are concerned she may not turn her head right. They said I could still deliver, but it would be more difficult.

Around noon they started pitocin to regulate my contractions a little better.

1pm- Riley is turned the right way and I am starting to push

2pm- still pushing- epidural was amazing still.

3pm- still pushing. epidural= not so amazing. It didn't take at the bottom and the nurse wanted to get me something local for the pain but the dr. that delivered my baby girl was a b*t%$ and I can go into that whole story later. No more pain meds and at this point forward until 3:40... I felt EVERYTHING. I am sure it wasn't as bad as if I had no epi at all, but wow... Mom and Michael were amazing on the side of me helping me through. MIL took pictures and I am very thankful to have them. Everyone else (poor guys) were in the waiting room for about 12 of my 16 hour labor.

At 3:40pm on Monday, October 24th, Riley Quinn arrived just 1 day shy of her due date.

We were discharged on Wednesday to come home. We had to wait a little longer because her billiribbon test was slightly elevated and they wanted to do a second test. It was fine, so thankfully they let us go home. Her discharge weight was only 5oz below birth weight.

At her appointment on Thursday she was maintaining her weight and the dr. was so impressed. She also noted how alert she was and I was so proud of my baby girl already. :)

I am so blessed with an amazing little girl. She is such a good sleeper and is rarely fussy. We are really getting into a routine as a family of 3 and boy is it busy. We love every minute of it and could not be happier. I cannot believe she will be 1 week old tomorrow.

Happy Halloween and 1 week birthday, Riley Quinn. Mommy and Daddy love you!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

you may call it nesting

I call it "me". Although, if nesting means baby, let's call it nesting! I just love my paint and I randomly pull it out for projects. I have several of my pieces hanging in our house. One in the front hall and two in our bathroom. I saw a cute halloween "BOO" canvas and I just had to make one! From there, I got the idea to do one for Christmas and then I wanted to do a "R" for Riley's bedroom door. Mom and I were out shopping the other day and I said "oh my, I don't have anything for Riley's door yet." She said to me "when you see it, you will know." Well, I saw it... in my head! Haha. I was originally planning to do RQS and use three canvases and then I decided it may be too much. I LOVE how the R turned out and I think it looks so cute on her door. This morning, my SIL asked me to make some for her little girls, my friend asked me to make one for her little girl and my cousin wanted one for herself. I also made my SIL a BOO one. I added them to my facebook page and plan to hopefully start selling them on the side. I know there is a ton of stuff like this out there, so it may flop, but it is worth a try!

I wanted to share some better pictures of my work. Enjoy!

This is the very first one I made:
For Lilliana
Can't wait to hang this at Christmas!
For Brynn
For Dylan
On Riley's door
for Katie
the BOO for my SIL

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

i have missed my paint.

Being an art minor for my first two years of college, I really miss my paint. I pull it out every now and then for a quick project here and there, but nothing like I used to! Today my hubby and I were walking and walking and walking and we went to Michaels with two 40% off coupons. He got me a pack of 10 canvas's for $12. I got some cute riboon and decided to go for it! I absolutely LOVE how my little project turned out! I am working on the Christmas one now! Waiting for the first layer to dry. Next up, after I get some smaller 5x7 canvas's (with our other 40% off coupons!) I will do R Q S to hang on Riley's door. That's probably going to be tomorrows project. :)

I'll share when I am finished!

~let go laughing!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

39 weeks!

How Far Along: 39 weeks. It's almost Riley's birthday!
Size of baby: around 20 inches long and around 7 lbs
(average size of a baby at this point)
Total Weight Gain: still at 29 lbs. This makes me SO happy! lol
Maternity Clothes: still some of both
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: she's a wild one!
Sleep: pretty good- LOTS of pee breaks in the middle of the night
What I miss: my patience. lol. i'm ready to meet her!
Cravings: none
Symptoms: just a lot of peeing still. some bh too!
Best moment this week: being finished with work for a while

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

it's almost time...

It's almost time to meet our baby girl. I can't believe there are only officially 13 days until our due date. What is she going to be like? Who will she look like? Will she be a sleeper? Eater? How long will labor be? So many questions are running through my mind.

The doctor ordered my last day of work to be this Friday. If Riley hasn't come by then, I am looking forward to some time with my husband as our last bit of a family of 2. But, if she comes before then, I will totally be OK with that too! Who knows... there is a full moon tonight!

Below is a picture of a babies head inside of the body on it's way out... Riley is at a -1 station today. That sounds like progress to me!!!
Don't get me wrong... it's scary as crap too. I guess just getting this far, I really just want to meet her, so I want her to come on out! I am no super woman, nor do I consider anyone "super woman" for going all natural. I believe in drugs when it comes to labor. I am definitely going for the epidural.

I guess my fears are this...

How will I know it is time to go to the hospital if my water doesn't break? I have a somewhat high pain tolerance (yes, once I am in pain, I am a baby... but sometimes things that bother others just don't bother me.) Mom said she was in labor for 12 hours before she got to the hospital. When the hooked her up and asked "did you feel that" she said... "feel what?" So my concern is one of two scenarios if my water doesn't break on it's own... 1.) I have contractions for too long and don't make it to the hospital or 2.) I'll be "that girl" who goes to the hospital and is sent home for false labor. I just really want my water to break since that is a sure sign to "get the heck to the hospital." That is my main fear of all of this. The fear of the unknown. Anyone who knows me, knows how OCD I am... I am a planner. I cannot plan this and it is driving me crazy.

I am ready to be a mommy. Yes, I am scared. I want to be a good mom. I want to teach Riley all of the things my mom taught me. I want to protect her. I want to teach her to make the right decisions. Michael and I talk about this all the time. What is it that causes some kids to make the
"right" decisions and others to not. Sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. It's so scary being a teacher and seeing what kids are into and up to these days. I want the best for my baby girl. I want to be able to always be there for her. I want to always know the answer and I know that is impossible. I hope she is my best friend. I hope she loves me as much as I love her and knows just how much I do love her. My mom and I are so close, I just pray that Riley and I can share that too.

Well... last night, I painted my toenails and my fingernails. Mom told me I couldn't go into labor with the horrible paint job that was on them last night. haha. They are nice and pink with glitter, just for my baby girl. I was pretty impressed that I could still get to my toes. I'm also impressed that I stuck to under 30 lbs this far into my pregnancy. It was a huge fear of mine. I think I have done really well.

Michael went hunting tonight. He said it was his last time for a while before Riley gets here. Dad is planning to go to the beach for a night tomorrow or Thursday. Mom is staying home. I knew she would. :) She kept saying "it's only 2.5 hours away... you wont have her in 2.5 hours..." Then today she said "your dad is going to the beach." Haha. I knew she wouldn't leave with me this close. Dr. Chappell said today "hopefully you wont need that appointment for next Tuesday!" That my friends, is exciting!

OK, I will stop babbling. Cookies just came out of the oven. I'm taking them to work tomorrow for our meeting. I made pumpkin muffins too! I can't wait to get my big pink mixer!!!

Goodnight world.

~let go laughing!

38 weeks! any day now!!!

How Far Along: 38 weeks. 14 days to go!
What's your guess on her arrival???
Size of baby: around 20 inches long and around 6.5lbs
(average size of a baby at this point)
Total Weight Gain: 29 lbs. so proud of myself staying below the 35lbs!
Maternity Clothes: still some of both
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: she's a wild one!
Sleep: it's been a good week for sleeping- still peeing a lot though. lol
What I miss: my body
Cravings: none
Symptoms: just a lot of peeing still. some bh too!
Best moment this week: spending time with my family.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

37 weeks !!! Riley is full term!

How Far Along: 37 weeks !!! full term and only 21 days til the due date~!
What's your guess on her arrival???
Size of baby: around 19 inches long and around 6lbs
(average size of a baby at this point)
Total Weight Gain: 27lbs - down 1lb with my calculations and down 2 lbs with the dr.'s scale.
maybe that means she is coming soon? idk.
Maternity Clothes: not so many this week because it has gotten cold. found some old pants that fit and cardigans!
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: she's a wild one!
Sleep: it's been a good week for sleeping- still peeing a lot though. lol
What I miss: my body and all my cute fall clothes that aren't fitting right at the moment
Cravings: none
Symptoms: just a lot of peeing still. some bh too!
Best moment this week: spending time with my family

Thursday, September 29, 2011

the "everything" appt.

The dr. appt. went well. My placenta has moved out of the way and cleared Riley girl for a v. delivery. I have only gained 28 lbs and the Dr. said that was "perfect." His words, not mine. I saw Dr. Hardison again for the first time since my very first appt. I really like him. He checked my cervix and said it was "waaaay back there." Which is normal, everyone's anatomy is different. It was kinda funny when he said "it probably feels like I am trying to check your tonsils and not your cervix." Ummm. yes. it. did. LOL. He also said that as far as he could tell (since it is so far back) that he "thinks it is still closed, but that also doesn't mean she can't come tomorrow." It was hard to get a decent picture on the ultrasound because of how far along I am. It was cool to see her again though and they did promise me she is still a girl. I also got the "OB patient only" flu shot and had my group b strep test. Like I said... it was the appt. for everything. Lol. My arm is quite sore this morning from the shot, but I will survive. I did sleep like a baby last night. It was fabulous. Hoping Riley girl sleeps as well as her mommy did from night 1. Mom says I never slept for less than 6.5 hours!

That's about all for now. I have to get ready for work. I had a wonderful dinner with wonderful friends last night. It was so nice to catch up. And, K is throwing me a small baby "brunch" on Saturday. I'm excited for more girl time. Happy Thursday, everyone!

~let go laughing!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

36 weeks

Size of baby: over 18.5 inches long and around 6lbs
(average size of a baby at this point)
How Far Along: 36 weeks !!! only 4 to go!
What's your guess on her arrival???
Total Weight Gain: 28lbs (i must say, i am proud of myself!)
Maternity Clothes: it's funny because i look SO much bigger when i wear my maternity shirts.
i like my old shirts better. lol
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: she's a wild one!
Sleep: only night that was bad was saturday because i slept for 11 hours friday night. every other night has been wonderful. i'm savoring it!
What I miss: my body
Cravings: none
Symptoms: just a lot of peeing this week!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

35 weeks!

hmm? i don't think i have grown much, just changed shape.... have i dropped more???

Size of baby: over 18 inches long and about 5.25lbs
(average size of a baby at this point)
How Far Along: 35 weeks !!! only 5 to go!
What's your guess on her arrival???
Total Weight Gain: 26 lbs - didn't gain any last week... 2 this week. lol- some little lady is growing!
Maternity Clothes: yes but my skinny jeans from last year still fit!
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: she's a wild one!
Sleep: AMAZING again this week!
What I miss: not having to "roll" out of the bed. lol
Cravings: none
Symptoms: been having some BH but that's it and they aren't painful, i just feel my tight tummy.