Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It is about to be the BEST Christmas ever. I cannot wait! My husband is a civilian again and that is ALL i need for Christmas. He is off on Christmas Eve, which we couldn't even believe. My brother is home!!! =] Did I mention, he looks FABULOUS! My cousins are coming to my house tonight for our 1st annual Christmas Eve Eve game night. Michaels parents and siblings are coming in tomorrow for Christmas eve and to spend some time at mom and dads annual Christmas Eve Open House! It just really seems like Christmas again. I love it. Everyone is so happy and it makes me smile. We got most all of our shopping done. Liz and I finished yesterday. I still have one or two more things I may need to pick up and the cousins and I are going to pick up Nanny and Papa's present this afternoon. I can't wait! They are going to love it. It is just going to be an awesome Christmas. I love this time of year. Don't ever take the Christ out of Christmas! Remember the reason for the season!
The snow last Friday was BEAUTIFUL! My students loved it. Too bad it will be rain on Christmas day and not snow :( Oh well. Everyone, and yes I mean everyone! Keeps asking me when I am getting pregnant. Why do all these people think you have to have babies as soon as you get married?!?!?! I have 24 children EVERY day of the week for 8 hours. I do not need another one when I get home. Yes, I would love to have a baby boy one day. Possibly Ryan Michael- so yes, we are planning. LOL. But we are SO not ready financially, emotionally, or non selfishly. (If that makes sense). Don't worry folks. We'll have a mini Laurchel or Michen in a few years! :) But seriously, stop asking. Haha.
Merry Christmas, Y'all!
Let go laughing.
[[Don't hate]]
*Love life!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I would like to re-state my "miserable people" blog. Wouldnt that suck? I am so glad I have such an amazing life. Even when things suck, you just have to be happy.

"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet."

Sunday, November 15, 2009

beautiful fall day

This will be the last week of my husband being away from home. I can't believe it has been four years! AMAZING! =] We had a fabulous weekend. One of our last, seeing as he will be working once he enters back into the civilian world! :) We went to the flea market today and it was 76 degrees out. Perfect, just perfect!


Saturday, November 14, 2009


"If a doctor, lawyer, or dentist had 25 people in his/her office at one time, all of whom had different needs, and some of whom didn't want to be there and were causing trouble, and the doctor, lawyer, or dentist, without assistance, had to treat them all with professional excellence for nine months, then he/she might have some conception of the classroom teacher's job." ~Donald D. Quinn.

AAAND, if it wasnt for the classroom teacher- they wouldnt have those jobs in the first place! So, someone tell me WHY we get paid so little???

let go laughing.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

miserable people

So, I used to keep a quote notebook and I would love to find that! I seriously love looking up quotes and song lyrics. Music is such a huge part of my life. I would love to write a song one day. A quote I have come across lately is this:

"Most people would rather be certain they're miserable than risk being happy."

How true is this?! I promise, that is not my life. lol. Michael and I are always laughing about something. Again, yes, things are hard- very hard. Work couldn't be more difficult at this time, but I try my best to be positive and work my hardest. It can't be changed, so why complain? Well, I will complain about the fact that I am getting student number 25 tomorrow. AAHHH! Ok. complaining over. lol. I have a job!

I think the miserable people need to move on. Can you believe the man who killed his whole family and then himself? He had to have been miserable. The poor, poor soul and his poor family. It is so sad. How about the man who randomly shot two handguns injuring 31 and killing 12 at Fort Hood today. Again, a miserable person. Believe me, I know several miserable people who you never hear anything positive come from... but to be THAT miserable? To take another human life? I will never understand that.

Pray for those families and those who were lost.

Let go laughing.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

germs, germs, germs-

I would love to stop sneezing and blowing my nose! Ugh. Life has been busy but wonderful as usual. Saturday was an amazing Halloween with family and friends. Liz and Marty came over for chili at mom and dads and then we played cards. Michael helped dad make chili on Saturday which made me very happy because it is one of daddy's family secrets. We dressed up as a witch and some scary man with no face. lol. We really had a great night. I couldn't ask for better family and friends. Unfortunately, my soar throat was in full force on Sunday. At least we got an extra hour because I didn't get out of bed until 11:30 and then I stayed in my PJ's all day. That is something I NEVER do. Michael was worried. haha. I hate wasting a day, but I couldn't talk and it was cold, rainy and dark, so why not? Right?! And, my awesome hubby even went and go t me breakfast! Yesterday, I had a soar throat still and came home and went to bed at 6:30. My throat felt much better today, but still very stuffy! I can't believe the amount of times I have been sick this year! Shouldn't I have been sick LAST year?

I'm sad because we were planning to go see Sara and Micah this weekend. Unfortunately, it is a 4 hour drive and Michael has been getting off pretty late on Fridays. It would be a waste to leave here at 8pm and get there at midnight and then have to turn around Sunday morning to get back so he could get back to base. Sara wants us to wait when we can have a whole 2 days. I think it is a good choice though, because I need to relax and get my body well. We'll probably stay home and not do anything. We need that! It has been a while. I do miss my Sara Jade though! :(

Tyler is loving NYC. He ate at the Life Cafe' today and sent me a picture. SO COOL. I love RENT. =] Me, Mom and 'the girls' are going up very soon! We're going to see some shows and spend some time with my brother. I cant wait. I have always wanted to see the big Christmas tree in the city and go ice skating outside! I can't wait to do it. Michael has less than 20 days until he is OUT of the Marines. FINALLY! I can't believe the time is here. Now we can get on with our lives and live the civilian life together!
Happy November folks! Let go laughing! :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Sometimes, I wake up and wonder... "could it get any better?" Sure, my job is more stressful than anyone outside of the profession could EVER imagine, and my husband is away so often... I get little sleep and am germ-filled from the kids at school. But, I have a job, I am truly healthy and have a husband and family that love me more than anything. Wouldn't it suck to be miserable ALL the time? I feel sorry for people like that. Homeless people for example- they are miserable and want you to know. There are jobs out there for everyone. They may not be the job you want or feel is "good enough" but suck it up and bag some groceries. I'm not going to give you my hard earned money. And how about unemployment- it KILLS me that I work my butt off every day and there are people who sit at home and collect unemployment because it truly pays MORE than some jobs. I'm just on a rant, but really. Miserable people stress me out. lol.
Work is going well- believe me, stress and germs are flowing like you wouldn't believe... and on a side note right now- there is a freakin CHRISTMAS commercial on tv... WOW! Let's get through thanksgiving first. haha. Ok, sorry- I'm so ADHD... Back to the job- loving my team! We work really well together and everyone seems to be able to laugh and cut up even with EVERYTHING being throw at us right now. It's a lot of stuff and once and everyone is getting burnt out quickly. We do it for the kids and it is worth it in the end. I thought about working someday in a hospital though. With children who need to be taught in the hospital because they are there for extended periods of time. Wouldn't that be awesome?!
Any who- just thought I would update. Hubby and I didn't get Halloween costumes this year. Guess were gonna be a doctor and a nurse again. haha. Goodnight.
Less than a month 'til EAS! Michael had his final physical today and he has already had his seperation classes. I can't believe it! SO EXCITED!!!

Let go laughing- <3

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i love my life

and everyone in it! =] It's great to be happy and be able to have a crappy day and still be able to know how lucky I am and how wonderful I have it. Thank you, God for giving me a wonderful life!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

germs and more germs

Well, hello world! Here I am, sick again. Love the life of a 1st grade teacher! It is funny, my whole first year I didnt get sick until June and I got the flu. Now, it is only month 2 and I've got the "first grade funk." I went to a new Dr. today and I really loved it! The office is new and only about 5 blocks from my house and she was accepting new patients. =] Perfect! Michael and I have been staying home the past few weekends. I know, Topsail misses us and we miss it too!!! Our bathroom is allllmost done. It looks so much better than before. I have searched and searched and cannot find any "before" pictures. They must have gotten lost when my computer crashed. Sad. But I do have pictures of it now and I love it! Well, surely I wish it was mucho mucho bigger, but that's OK. One day when we add on I will have the bathroom and kitchen of my dreams.

Before the "re-do" there was a three panel, dark wood, mirror/ cabinet in that wall. There was also an ugly gold light fixture with no bowls over the light bulbs and all of the trim and woodwork was dark brown wood. Picture it... no really, picture it... yep. gross!:) This weekend, Michael will be finishing up painting and it will be done for now. We're going to carve our pumpkins too. It has been so nice in the past year to have my husband back home in the states. I spend two halloweens, 2 Christmas's, 2 Thanksgivings, 2 EVERTHINGS with him in Japan and I am so thankful to have him back. Last weekend I made pumpkin pies and they were awesome. That's about all I did. I slept for the rest of the weekend. These headaches are awful and wont go away. This weekend coming up we are going to relax and I have a lot of school stuff to work on before I get ready for parent/teacher conferences which begin next week. I am so proud of the growth all of my students are making and it makes me so proud to see it! Tomorrow is early release and we have training in the afternoon. It is a nice break for the kids to get to go to the state fair. I havent been in a couple of years, and I told my kids I was craving a candy apple last Friday. Well, today a student comes to me and hands me a bag with a big smile on his face. He said "is this what you wanted from the fair?"

So I guess even with all the germs, those kiddos still make me smile every day! I felt very special when I got my candy apple! :) Michael would be getting out of the Marines in 2 days if they hadn't messed up his EAS when he came back from Japan... AANNNND the ball that is every November which was one of the only reasons I was OK with this extra month we have to put up with is scheduled for next WEDNESDAY?! Really?! A WEDNESDAY? It is at Atlantic Beach again and I was really sort of looking forward to going. Not that I am a big fan of Marines (which is why I live in Durham still... lol) I was def. looking forward to getting all dressed up again. We only got to go to one ball in the whole 4 years michael was in the Marines. We get a chance for another one and these ding dongs make it so I cant. Not only do I have to work, but my conferences are scheduled for those two mornings and afternoons (wed. and thurs.) Oh well. Who cares. ONE MORE MONTH!!! =] We will be ready to celebrate when we get to the beach for Thanksgiving.

Tyler moved to NYC last weekend. He seemes to really be enjoying it and got a job day 2 being there! Go Tyler! I'm gonna miss having him around, but I can't wait to go up and visit. And as soon as he makes it big on Broadway, you will ALL know about it.

It's not even 9pm and I am going to sleep. My tummy hurts, my head hurts, my eyes hurt, I HURT. goodnight world.

let go laughing!

Monday, October 5, 2009

i can see clearly now...

I just picked up my new glasses from the mall. I love them. Theyre different than my old ones, but still somewhat close to the same style. I got home from a really rough day at work today-- my TA is out sick and I didn't know ahead of time... When I walked in, my husband had started painting the trim in our bathroom white. It looks SO much better than the nasty dark wood that it all is in there. He had finished all the laundry and gotten the house cleaned up too! It is going to be so amazing to have him home for good!!!! =] Time to relax now and head to bed early. Staff meeting bright and early in the morning.

Goodnight world.

Let go laughing!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

kids say the darnedest things....

No, really- they do! Friday afternoon during writing time, the kids finished writing for the day and I called them to the carpet to share. As we are sitting on the carpet, one of my more rambunctious students was wiggling and jiggling, so I asked him to stand up and read his writing... It went like this :

"I was walking down the street. I was with my sister. We saw a person, it was a pimp."
I looked at him trying to hold back my tears from laughter and said... "a WHAT?" and he said... "You know, a pimp... P-M-P... pimp." I then asked "what is a pimp?" and he finished by saying -
"You know, a thug who rides in a car with hy-dro-lups and guns with real loud music."
So, yes- Kids say the darnedest things! I brought his writing home last night to share. I love my job. I always have a smile at least for some part of my day - even on the worst ones! Believe me, it is A LOT of work for just a few smiles, but to see these kids learn and grow throughout the year is pretty rewarding if I say so myself.

On my lunch break yesterday, I got a call from Joan Ebert and she had two club level, first row seats to the seasons opening HURRICANES game last night! I was so excited because Michael was home and we could actually go! I love Gale and Joan and it has been nice getting to know Liz too! They are just wonderful people and I am so glad my family has brought me together in their friendship with them. We had an amazing time at the game. Michaels friends were in town for the game as well and they were seated on the ice. His friend Ray is leaving for Afghanistan very soon and he and his girlfriend rode to the game with us and spent the night. When we got to the car, Brandy had gotten the game puck and even though we lost, it was so nice for her to give it to me! She and Ray and their families are big Flyers fans, so she didn't really need a hurricanes official game puck! :) When we got back home, we built a fire in the fire pit and lit our lights outside and relaxed on a beautiful fall night. It was wonderful! This afternoon, we are going to Burlington to see my moms side of the family for a cookout. Hopefully we get a chance to swing by the Stokes and say hello to them! Relaxing time for now.

- Let go laughing!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

they never suprise me anymore---

1st grade comment of the day--

"Mrs. S, _______ is eating his boogers." In such a 'blah, this is normal' tone... What a day!

I went shopping today, again with mom but michael came this time. I got another pair of pants that I can wear to work and will actually like to wear. lol. The only reason we went out there is because stupid Yankee Candle sent me an email with a buy one get one coupon and i HAD to buy the new autumn harvest candle! Lllloooooooooooove it! We got a Spiced Pumkin one for free with it! They both smell so good!

I also ordered my new glasses tonight. I can't wait to get them. I hope my Rx is up to date so I can order them tomorrow after they get the Rx and then I will have them by Tuesday. I only wear my glasses at night, but I would really like to start wearing them more and give my poor eyes a break from contacts. I think it might be important for the health of my eyes, so hopefully I can get to a normal Rx and get Lasik one day in the NEAR future! These new glasses are similar to the ones I have now, that I have had for three years. They are more squared and are dark brown. The sides have a tent of teal to them. Kinda like Amanda's but not exactly. I will post pictures as soon as I get them! I plan to keep the ones I have now for back up. But theyre already blurry because my Rx changed and I dont always update my glassses, so yeh... no one cares about my stupid eyes- in fact, I doubt anyone cares about any of this and I apologize that you are still reading my blah blah blogging. LOL. Ok, I am a nerd.

Greys, Private Practice and cuddles with hubby and Coachy!
Ringer is sleeping @ mom and dads tonight --


Let Go Laughing -
So this is my quote that I live by. It is from a Sugarland song and I started to love this quote this past summer. As this year has gotten into full swing, I must say that I truly LIVE by this quote. Each day I find myself laughing often. Sometimes to keep from crying, but it helps! Try it! LET GO LAUGHING! If you know me at all, you know I always want to make people smile and laugh, so do me a favor and try it tomorrow! Just LAUGH. =]

Monday, September 28, 2009

5 dysfunctions

Hello world- I had a very productive teacher workday today! We got the rock kits out and ready. I feel as our team is working so well together. We are all laughing and having a good time even when were sitting on the floor covered in sand and silt and nasty "liquids" from science kits! We all checked out a book that I have to read before our planning time next Friday. We recieved a grant for subs so that we can work together as a team to plan outside of our regular planning time which is slim with all that comes up during our "planning time." (Parent phone calls, behavior conferences, 1st grade "bugs," accidents, etc.) The book is about how to work together as a team. So far, it is actually pretty good. I got the summary of the book because I dont know that I will be able to finish it by then (my ADHD) and I really am interested in reading it further. So, even if it isnt done by Friday, I will def. be reading it. lol. Yes, I am a nerd. But the book makes a lot of sense and not only about working as a team at work, but life in general. I feel that your family is a team, be that your spouse, or your parents or in laws... The book gives the 5 dysfunctions of a "team." To me, these are important in all "teams."

    My Team Leader, Amy and me

1. Absence of Trust -->To me, these are all so important and have really made me look at things differently. In the book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, it talks about how you must have the trust in eachother to make choices and decisions. You must be vulnerable and open with one another. If you can't trust your spouse or your "team" you really need to rethink things in my opinion. Trust is so major in my life. I trust all of the ladies I work with that I can tell them exactly what is on my mind. Maybe this is just being open, which is something I am good at, but I do not feel "stupid" if I have to ask a question or don't understand something. This too goes for my family and husband. I am known for making "stupid" comments or asking "stupid" questions and I am not scared to do so. LOL

2. Fear of conflict --> This is not a problem that my team has at work or at home! Haha. I love to argue, as does my husband. At work, we argue but always come to an agreement and I think a lot of times this is seen as negative where this book makes it more of a positive thing. Working through issues and productively dealing with the conflicts... Don't you think this is important?! I don't mean "youre stupid, that is dumb, or youre just wrong!" Not those kinds of arguments, but mature adult arguments when everyone is allowed their own opinion and you work through it together are so important.

3. Lack of commitment-->This is important all around. Everyone has to commit. Commitment is big. I think once you begin a job or a relationship there needs to be commitment. The realization that you are a "team" and not an individual anymore. Not only are you effecting yourself, but others as well. At the end of the day you need to be able to look at your teammate or partner and say " I see where you are coming from and agree to disagree." This goes with relationships, religion and LIFE!
4. Avoidance of accountability and 5. Inattention to results are each important as well, but I haven't gotten that far yet! I am done being a "study nerd" tonight. Lol. I have enjoyed relating this to life and people in general and not just to work.

Sooo... Now I am sitting on the couch in the candle light listening to the rain and wind. The power went out and I decided to read my book! It is back on now and I am happy to have iCarly back. LOL. Hubby may or may not be buying the new car he wants. The guy who took out a loan to buy the blue Honda decided today that he wanted a motorcycle instead... SOOOO- Michael and I do not want to take out the money from our savings in fear that the Honda may not sell. So, unless he can sell the Honda soon, the new car may be gone. :( He just got a call on someone very interested in it though, so let's hope and pray that this time it actually goes through. DRAMA! I am so over the Marine Corps and Marines! Speaking of, since they messed up his EAS date we will now still be active at the time of the Marine Corps Ball... to go or not to go? I don't really know anyone there anymore in his unit and he doesn't want to go. I like to get all dressed up and if it is somewhere pretty like the beach it was at last year, it might be a nice trip. I dont know. It was WAY crowded last year and you could barely move, but I did have fun dancing. We'll see I guess. I don't really want to spend the money on a hotel room and I know it will not be close to here. lol.
Ok, time to quit typing to the world. :) Goodnight world. Time to cuddle with my puppies by the candle light and watch suit life on deck. Hubby has 8 days off starting tomorrow and then we only have one more month of this crap! Thank you, God for giving me such strength to make it through these four years. Without my amazing family and friends and my puppy to keep me company, I never could have made it. My husband is amazing and I have been so blessed in life.

Let Go Laughing!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hello Fall

Happy Fall!
As much as I love my summers, I do enjoy wearing a pretty light weight scarf in the fall! :) Happy Fall Y'all! Hubby and I have had such a relaxing weekend at home. We got our back yard decorated and love it! We put up some party lights on the fence and moved the picnic table and fire pit to a central location for some evenings in the yard! :) It's perfect! It has been rainy this weekend and cool. We've kept our doors open and listened to the rain. Last night we fell asleep to the sound of the rain on the gutters outside our window.

[Part of our back yard!]

They have messed up Michael's EAS date, so now he will be completely finished with active duty on NOVEMBER 23rd. Oh well- another pay check won't be bad right?! And, he will have thanksgiving off for sure before he starts his new position with Daddy's company. We are so lucky and so happy to have what we do and can't wait to start our new civilian life! It will be very different. Although he will be home each night, he will most likely be off to work already when I get home from work and then when I get up in the mornings, I'm sure he will still be asleep! We also wont have our weekends completely free as we do now, but it will all be worth it in the years to come. In life, you make sacrifices that better your future. For four years we have been mostly apart and it is time to move on to a new chapter in life. =] FINALLY! Dominos Pizza Inc. here we come! I only hope we are as successful in the business as my parents have been. With the guidence we have and them as our mentors, I know we will do well. (Thanks Mom and Dad and Jimmy for showing me how much hard work pays off! Without seeing what you have done and gone through to get where you are now, and the sacrifices you all have made, I would neve know what it takes!)

It has been so nice having Claire and Nick live near by. Finally, I have grown closer to Claire as a friend and a sister. We can talk about life and all it has with it. I always wanted a sister growing up... although, being the only girl was nice in the house! haha. Speaking of, I miss my brother! He never comes home anymore and he is about to leave to the big city to make it big acting. Were going to see his newest show The Notebook, in a couple of weeks. They are turning the movie into a musical and doing a workshop to see if Broadway wants it. How cool will that be on broadway! I hope it makes it and Tyler gets the lead role! I can't wait to be flying to NYC to see my BROTHER on the big stage. I wish I had actually done something with my singing, because I would love to be on stage. At times I do think I could handle the hustle and bustle of that life, but I also like my little house, puppy and husband just the way we are. :)

Work has been busy. VERY busy. Hadley told me yesterday that she heard on NPR that teaching a class of over 20 is the same as teaching a class of 40. YES IT IS! When only 2 or 3 are absent, be the good or talkative ones, it makes the biggest difference. Were doing the best we can through this economy and I just pray that these kids get the best education possible. I am doing everything I can to be sure of that in my classroom.

Time to spend the rest of the day relaxing on this rainy day with my husband. The roast is in the crock pot and it smells so yummy! I have really been cooking a lot more lately. I have always loved to be in the kitchen. Nanny and I used to spend all day on Saturday's making cakes or some kind of sweets. Yesterday, I made her a pumpkin shaped birthday cake and it was so yummy! :) Off to relax now! Were gonna play some Wii and hang out like best friends do! I love my life and everything about it.
The pumpkin cake I made Nanny for her birthday!

Let Go Laughing!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

it's been a while-

Yes, I planted flowers! :)

Well blogger world- I'm back! =] Boy have I been busy. My topsail summer ended quickly and I am back to the real world. It is nice to be home. Hubby and i got our new tv that we have been waiting for. It looks so awesome and takes up so much less room than the huuuuge tv we had before!

I cant believe michael's EAS is NEXT MONTH! This has been a long four years. He has enjoyed his time serving the country and it has definitaly been an adventure for the two of us. Without the Marine Corps, we never would have been able to travel to such amazing places, meet such wonderful people and be able to have the home we have today. It has been a blessing for us, but we are SO ready for it to be in the past.

Work is going well. Busy busy and boy do i have some first grade stories to tell! let's see. The first three weeks of school have gone by now and tomorrow is only wednesday. I promise, i do NOT get paid enough for what I do. lol. I have seen private parts, cleaned up pee as well as poop and had children crying all day. They are cute and funny, but I do have a lot of them! 24 1st graders is a lot of children. I have a fabulous TA this year who has been a life saver. She is so nice to sit and just talk to. She even took the class for me to have a break after an emotional break down and sending two kids home after some major "accidents." It's great having a full time TA.

Last weekend Michael and I stayed home in Durham. We walked 4.5 miles to the coffee shop on Saturday morning. Mom and Dad, Claire and Nick met us there. We also went to the flea market and farmers market. We got a lot of fresh veggies. I cooked alllll weekend long. Turning into a pretty good cook, if I say so myself. This weekend I get to see Sara and Micah! I am so excited! Off to cirque dreams at the DPAC with mom! =] Then home for the big brother finale!!!! GO JORDO! or Kevin... lol. but i REALLY want Jordan to win!

Friday, July 31, 2009

happy friday!

Happy Friday- Another amazing weekend is here! I am about to grab my book and my new pink beach chair and head out into the sun! Hubby will be here any minute. We may take our little Coachy on a boat ride. I took him to the sandbar yesterday and loved it. He loves being on the boat too. I was going to take him this morning again and then I got a call that hubby got off early! Yay. So, I'll wait. It's kinda hard to drive the boat and make sure the dog doesn't jump out after something at the same time anyway. lol. Mom and I made all the curtains and pillows and seat covers for my classroom. They are so cute! I love all of the fabric we picked out. I've started getting my ABC's of 1st grade ready and worked on my school website some. I also got a few of my BEE folders ready for the kids. Only a few more weeks 'til the kiddos are back and someones gotta teach them. Haha. Went to Mexican last nigh with Bodie, Anita, Cecelia and mom. It was good, but nothing special. I was awarded a degree from Bodies school of "tell it like it is," They say I am just like him. Sounds good to me. :) Anyway, I just wanted to say that we only have 83 more days!!! EAS here we come! :) I can't believe the 4 years is almost over, and I couldn't be more ready to live the dream we have been waiting for! A few more years of teaching, then maybe a baby? Maybe not... lol. Civilian life, get ready! Here we come! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

mom/daughter day out & a big scare!

Happy Tuesday blogger world! Today, Mom took me to get a manicure and a pedicure. Before I begin the blog about my "day off the island" I have to tell you my scare from this morning- No, I am not pregnant!

I sent Michael a text to see what time he was getting off today since I knew it would be early and we needed to get our lisence plates and titles taken care of... I got a text back as Mom and I were on the way off the island... "11:00... Ssgt ___ is trying to convince me to extend and go on a 4 month deployment until March."
Ummm.. HELLO? HUSBAND- since when do you send your WIFE this kind of information in a TEXT MESSAGE?! All I asked for was what time you were leaving base!

What is going through my head at this point? Well, he isn't answering his phone and no response to my "wtf" text back! So, finally when I get in touch with him and find out they are not MAKING him do this and he did not plan to extend his time, I calmed down. Come on people... We only have 88 days left of all of this after four loooooong years, two of which were spent in Japan!

So, after I was a little bit reassured, mom and I finished up at the salon and went to a super cute dress shop in Wilmington and she bought me a new pink dress! Michael got off early, so he met us in Wilmington to get the car stuff taken care of and we are now proud owners of a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer! =] And they even let me put my personalized plate on it and put a new one on the Honda. After the licence agency, we had lunch with Tyler at the mall. We shopped around a little bit, but not much. I did get a cute cover for my phone to keep it protected.

As we were shopping around, Michael got a phone call from base. I knew this because of the ring tone... I was scared. --- When he came back in, he was laughing. Ssgt ____ had called him and told him to not get in a heated conversation with his wife because the spot wasn't open anymore. I guess since he was laughing the whole time and wasn't planning to put Michael's name in this spot, we were OK.

I just thank God each night for keeping my husband safe and sound. We have been through so much in the past 4 years of the military life and we are ready to move on. We have so much going for us and are so lucky to be able to say that. I think about the men and women over seas and the families they have left behind so often. It takes such strong souls and hearts to do what the military requires from those who serve as well as their spouses and children. Through this long journey I have met so many Marine and Army wives. It is so important to stick together because no one else out there really knows the exact feelings we each go through. Just the thought of deployments are scary. Especially with 88 days left. Thank you, Ssgt ____ and thank you, God for allowing us to move on in life and allowing Michael to begin his career elsewhere. I love my husband and everything he does. I am ready to have him home now!

Thank you, God.

Goodnight world.

Let go laughing!

Monday, July 27, 2009

To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven

Another Monday... Only a few more left with the freedom of no work. Sad face :( It was another wonderful weekend here on the island. Friday night we went to dinner at the Thai resturaunt. It was Michaels first time there. It was sooooo good! After dinner we went to Homeport. I sang a few songs and we danced and had a blast. On Saturday, my husband and I woke up early and were lazy for a while. Then we got up and packed the coolers to head over to the canal for the day. Michaels friend from base, Sean came to visit as well as my old family friend, Patrick. Michael and I took them out on the boat for a ride and then we spent the rest of the day relaxing on the dock and in the canal. Saturday night we went to a cocktail party across the street on the water. We hung out on the dock chatting with all of the southenders until it was time to crash! Yesterday was a lazy day. Michael and I drove up to the North end to see Lee Ann and to just drive around. It was nice and relaxing. We came back and took a nap and then went to hang out on the dock at Jamies house. As a nice end to our weekend we took the boat to dockside in Wrightsville for dinner. Unfortunately, the wait was quite long and it was dark before we even left to come home. Yes, I was very nervous because my daddy wasn't driving the boat and he is my "safety net" so to say. But when I asked Mike if I could hold the spot light and point out all of the markers for him to follow and he said yes, I was back in my safe zone. My daddy has taught me well and I navigated us right home! We went very slow and it would have been a nice cruise, but my hand was killing me from holding that spotlight the whole time. haha. But, it was absolutely beautiful out and we had a great time.

So, there it is. Another amazing weekend with my husband and family. Next weekend is Bodie's birthday. Then the weekend after that could potentially be my last weekend down here for a couple of weeks. I want to get back into the groove of things the first week or so of school and then I will be back down on weekends while it is still pretty out! Well, that's all for now. Mom will be back home tonight, and that is good because my husband is on duty today.

Time to take care of some stuff and go lay out on the dock- Hopefully the lisence agency will not be such a pain and we can get this car stuff taken care of in the next two weeks! If so, Michael and I will finally own the mountaneer and be able to out our tags on it!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

shopping trip =]

What a wonderful day I had with Anita and Cecelia! We went to Myrtle Beach outlets. Wow! The deals were AMAZING. Everything at the outlets is already priced less and we just happened to go on a day where almost everything was 40% off! I got a beautiful Coach bag with a scarf to go around it. I also got the Coach shoes I have been looking at since Christmas! They were only $40!!! I also got a super good deal on a Kate Spade makeup bag. It is so cute! And of course, I had to get Coach a new leash since his old one was destroyed by Ringer!

Moral of the story- if you are in love with Coach and Kate Spade like I am--- GO TO THE OUTLETS! I also got a few cute things for work at Old Navy, Banana Republic and J Crew! =]

Michael met me home last night after my big shopping day. He left this morning at about 4:55 and I got a call about 5:15 that scared me to death. He never calls and wakes me up until he gets there. A deer ran into the side of his car! It is pretty bad. Hopefully it wont be too big of a fix. The only thing that matters is that he is OK. I will see the car tomorrow when he comes home after work. Today, I am going to spend the day with Brenda and Hannah and Ms. Jewel. Another beautiful day at the beach!!! Simone and the kids come in today too! I'm so excited to see them. I havent seen them since last July!!! I love aunt Simone!!!! Anita and Bodie are coming friday too!!! :) I love my life. Still a few more weeks of summer freedom left!

Let Go Laughing!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I have only one month of summer vacation left. It is a pretty bittersweet reality. I am a true beach bum and love my life here at Topsail. Yes, I am spoiled to be able to live here all summer long. Unfortunately, this summer was off to a late start with some events. Don't get me wrong, the wedding and concert were so worth it and I had planned to head straight to the beach.. but nooooo. Of course, I got the swine flu. Mom called today and was talking about making my chair pockets and painting bookshelves and making curtains to match them all for my classroom... AHHH! I don't know if I am quite ready to start talking about all of this yet. I am trying not to get sad looking at the calendar with only 4 weeks of my summer freedom left. Then, back to running records, the new math adoption, meeting my new class, getting into my new classroom... meeting the parents, etc. I love my job and I know once I get into the swing of things it will be ok. But honestly, I am really going to miss Ashley Howey this year. I can't believe she left me! :( She is such a wonderful teacher and was an amazing help to me during my first year of teaching. I was so lucky to have her there for me and have made a great friend. I will be on the first grade hall this year though, and that is definitaly a plus. OK- enough school talk...

I am very lucky to be where I am and be fortunate enough to have what I do when it comes to the beach house and amazing summers for the past 15 years of my life. I wouldn't trade it for the world. But, I will admit, I miss that college schedule when I was out of classes the first week of May and stayed here through the very end of August. We go back to work on August 17th, the day before my big 2-4! Wow! Almost a quarter of a century! I'm gonna make the best of this last month of my summer and count on the weekends that I will continue to come back down here until at least October---[WHEN MY HUSBAND IS A CIVILIAN AGAIN!]

My husband left to go back to work today. Tonight, we are celebrating Darvy's 1 year anniversary being adopted into the Soignet family. I don't know if Michael is going to be back tonight or not. I know he had his school work to catch up on and will definitely be home tomorrow night while I stay with Hannah and Haley so my parents can take Brenda and Page out for Brenda's birthday. These are some of the same things I do each year and love doing.

Again, I truly am blessed and I wish I could show just how appreciative I am of my family and friends. This summer, I have come to realize that life is what you make it... not just from watching Hannah Montana... lol... "Life's what you make it, so let's make it right!" But, it is SO true! Brian taught me a lot in our friendship before he passed away after such a short life. He always had fun, no matter what he was doing. He made the best out of everything and always appreciated what he had. I miss my best friend dearly and only hope to have as much fun in my life as he did.

Off to hang out with my mom. She finally made it back down here! Ringer is here for Coach and Coach has already started marking again. LOVELY. I guess he is showing Ringer who is boss. lol.
Let go laughing!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kilian Jude

Kilian Jude Fidero was born early Monday morning at only 28 weeks. He weighed less than 3 lbs. At this time, there is no bleeding on his brain, just bruising and he has gained 4oz. What a miracle it is for this little boy to be alive. Our prayers are with Shannon, James and Kilian as this tough journey continues. He is at a Children's Hospital in Texas with his mom and dad. Please keep this miracle and his family in your thoughts and prayers as he continues to fight so strongly for his life. We cannot wait to meet the new member of the family!

July 2009

Well, everyone else is doing the blog thing, so I figured I would try it out! What an amazing month this has been. My husband and I have spent some wonderful time together at the beach where we fell in love. He took 2 weeks off and it has been amazing. We had a fantastic 4th of July, as usual. It was definitely the best one for me in the past 3 years since Michael was here. Bodie had shirts made again and we started the parade at 10am like always. It gets bigger every year. Mom says we might need a permit if it keeps growing every year!

I wish everyone could live the life I do. I don't mean to sound like I am bragging or being stuck up, but I honestly wish the happiness and luck that I have upon everyone. I have the most amazing family a girl could ask for. My parents are always there for me whenever I need anything. My husband is absolutely the best. I have wonderful in-laws as well as friends. I have the dream job I have wanted since I was a little girl. I completed my first year teaching in June. I had such a wonderful class of 1st graders and am so lucky to still have my job for this year. I love teaching first grade. Don't get me wrong, it is not an easy job. People tend to think teachers go home at 3pm with the kids and do nothing else--- wrong! =] I love it though, and it is so rewarding to see how much those little kids grow throughout the year. I couldn't believe how far they had come! I still have a month left before I get back in the grind of school though.

My husband and I are doing great. We have been married a little over a year now and are loving our puppy and home! Just 3 more months left of the Marines! I can't believe that! It seems like yesterday, I was writing 4 page letters each day/night while he was away in boot camp. Then, in Japan the day after Christmas for 2 years in a row... scared out of my mind in the Tokyo airport all alone! Wow- time flies! Our [4 legged] baby boy turned one a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe I have had him for almost a year now. He had surgery yesterday and will not be able to have puppies... sorry ladies! =] He is doing very well and just as smart and sweet as he was pre-surgery.
As I sit here waiting for my husband to get back home from helping his dad for a bit, I almost feel like a civilian wife and not a military wife for once. These past two weeks have been fantastic and even for the rest of the summer as he travels back and forth from here at Topsail, (our home away from home each summer) I can finally get that feeling of what life will be like VERY soon. I love my husband very much and I appreciate the military and the men and women who serve. I am so proud of the time my husband has put in and always will be. It is time for him to say his goodbye to the Marine Corps. He is taking online college courses right now and will begin working as soon as he gets out. Things are really looking up and we couldn't be happier.
Today we took a boat ride to Wrightsville to eat lunch at Dockside. Michael drove his dads boat and his Dad met us there by land. When we got back, we caught some shrimp in the canal and I cooked them in some pasta for dinner. So good! Here's to another month of summer! Boat rides, sand bar, beach and sun! =] We truly are two lucky souls and without each other, our family and friends, we wouldn't be where we are today.