bathroom/ nursery update

We got SO much done today. I couldn't have done it without ma-lolo, grandy and michael. I finished most of the bathroom for now. We will still need to find the wine rack/ towel holder for behind the toilet and the chandelier needs to be purchased. I ended up using the extra molding from the chair rail and framed the mirror to spice it up a bit and saved some money with the DIY model, rather than buying something new. That bathroom went from one of my least favorite rooms in the house to one of my favorites in less than 10 hours! And the only thing that was newly purchased was the shower curtain (using a gift card!) Talk about DIY and saving money. The paint was leftover from mom and dads living room, the molding was extra from the bedroom, the vase and flowers were in a closet somewhere, the sign was in the attic... granted I do still plan to dish out some $$ on the chandelier and hopefully I can find a wine rack for a decent price at a thrift store, yard sale or homegoods.

Unfortunately, my OCD self had michael hang the shelves slightly too high and we took them down and ran out of anchors so they will go back up soon. In this picture I actually have the picture frame on one of the shelves and I changed it and put the sign I made her up there beside her little pink piggy bank.

So, here is a picture of that... before I added the two missing letters (yes, it is complete now!) Other than the fact that the shelves are back on the floor and there are about 9 holes in the wall that we have to patch up. (Sorry, honey!)

(sorry, camera on the phone again...)

Here is her nursery with the chair rail. Thanks Grandy!!! (night time lighting is horrible for indoor photos) We are still waiting on the other 4 panels to come for the big window. I goofed and registered for 62'' when I needed 84'' curtains! Oops. They should be in next week. Her letters are up and a slight bit too high and crooked. (Yes, i have a problem with this.) I will fix them at some point. I am getting two antique looking frames (that match her mirror) that are hung by an off white ribbon to go one on each side of her initials. For now we will likely put ultrasound pictures in it, but we will put different ones in it later. Although, our other thought on the frames is one on each side of the mirror... so yes, we are still up in the air about it. But I just like things to be simple and chic. I can't stand a whole lot of stuff everywhere. Hopefully her walls wont be too bare.

My one other thought for around the mirror is something similar to this -

... but it just might be "too much" for the amount of stuff that is already in there. Again, I can't have too much in the room because as soon as it starts to look/get cluttered, I start to panic. lol. Anyway, my poor husband is doing homework now and I am going to watch Big Brother and some of my other shows and probably stay up way to late doing so... but only a couple of weeks left of being able to do that before school starts back so I am going to enjoy it! :) Hope you enjoyed my little update! Feel free to leave comments.

~let go laughing.


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