Riley's bathroom

I used michael's bathroom last night and looked at the horrible walls and said "this has got to go!" lol- This morning, I took the leftover paint from mom and dads living room and went to town. Thankfully, Mom came over and finished it for me. I got all the taping done and most of the trim and walls, but didn't want to stand on the sink and toilet (which is a good thing, because the toilet broke when mom was standing on it). She is finishing it up right now. I found this old sign in the shed and it goes perfectly one the wall. We're not hanging the towel racks back up because frankly the bathroom is just too small.

(The sign will hang directly in front of you as you walk in the bathroom)

It is by no means a professional paint/ caulk job, but it looks much better than it did. I am going to head out to Target to look for a "Riley style" shower curtain this afternoon. I want something chic. Lace or even an off white and I can do some DIY fabric flowers and sew them to it. I think I may even get a wine rack to hang behind the toilet for the towels. I saw this one on pinterest and would love to find one just like it.

This is the chandelier we are going to get and hang in her bathroom to make it look "girly" and "chic." It is very similar to the one in her room to kinda bring the two together but it is much smaller for the tiny bathroom.

I am also looking for a good deal on an antique mirror to replace the ugly one that is hanging now. My other thought is to buy some crown molding and make a frame around the one that is there. I just don't know if I could make it work with the way the mirror is already hung. I am afraid to take it down because the people who owned the house before us seemed to have put 239829084 layers of paint in that bathroom and never took it down. I can only imagine the dent that would be there.

Well these are my ideas for the bathroom re-do so far! I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I am having fun doing it!!! :)

~let go laughing!


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