29 weeks!!

*not a huge fan of my pictures today, because I am at the beach and they aren't from the exact distance*

How Far Along: 29 weeks - about 11 weeks to go!
I can't believe I am in my 30th week of pregnancy! CRAZY!
We all seem to think she will come early- that is starting to scare me to death. LOL
Size of baby: 15 inches long! 2.5 lbs (many sites vary as to her size at this point...) .
Total Weight Gain: between 21 and 22 lbs
Maternity Clothes: still a little of both -
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: still all the time. when i walk, she pushes he body out on one side of my belly. it is quite amusing
Sleep: still sleeping alright. every now and then if i napped too late, i have a hard time falling asleep- but that's my own fault
What I miss: my fall clothes (and it isn't even fall yet, lol)
Cravings: none
Symptoms: peeing. all. the. time.
Best Moment this week: sitting on the beach, just me and michael. it was wonderful. discussing plans for our future, when our princess arrives and just talking and having fun.


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