always renovation in progress in our life...

And we love it! I don't know what I would do had we bought a brand new home with nothing to do in it. I love projects and making it our own. I guess that is why I stalk read YHL all the time. I have been an avid stalker for about 2 years now. Maybe 3... I picked out my laundry room design 2 years ago (from their old house) and it still hasn't been started. haha. I love a new project. Whether it be a craft, baking something new or being a home makeover situation, I just get all excited! The painter is coming today for the beach house. Two other guys are coming to help too. It's so exciting that it will be finished so quickly. Isn't it nice to have such handy friends that are so willing to help?! We have been trying to decide which room is what, where will the crib go, what crib bedding to buy.... It's all so fun though! It's hard to believe that next summer I wont be sitting here in my green striped bedroom all alone with my Coachy boy. I will be in the house with my baby girl and my Coachy (and of course daddy every now and then when he can get off work)!

Projects at home are on hold for now. (laundry room- you WILL get done!) When I get back it will be time to get into the swing of school and getting our meals made to freeze for when the baby gets here. I've got several recipes to try and one lasagna already done! Luckily we got most of Riley's room done. Which is what I wanted before school started... meeting the parents, getting the room ready, open house, lots of assessments, lesson plans, 16 weeks of sub plans... etc. Yes, it is a lot to get done before the end of September. (I need it done in case she comes early!) The good news is, I keep having good dreams about going back to school- other than the parent who told me I looked 40 weeks pregnant in my dream last night. LOL

Anyway, the only thing left to do in Riley's room (other than pick up her chair when it comes in) is to finish her closet (raise one bar, add a second and a shelf and put a light in it) and get her doll house for the other wall in the room. In her bathroom, I have to pick up the baskets to hang behind the toilet to hold the towels and washcloths and get her chandelier.

Her room and bathroom are our favorites in the house. We often just go sit in her room and look all around. Yes, we are cheesy.

And yes, this post was pointless and me ranting about my to-do list once again. If you have made it this far... thanks for reading! haha. Time to find something productive to do today. Actually, I think I will do nothing productive... sounds more like island time to me!

I will leave you with a picture of the dumpster filling up quickly from the beach renovation!

~let go laughing!


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