day 4

Day 4-

Michael and I got some more alone time on the beach after he cut up all the old deck wood to fit in the trash, I rode the bike for a mile and we made another trip to Lowes for daddy. It was nice. He surfed for a bit while I read my book and then we chatted about our future goals in parenting, life, etc. We came back and he got straight back to work. I made a batch of cookies for the working men and then mom and I went to look for invitations for Tai and Sean's wedding shower. We came back and I took another nap. (I seriously don't know what I am going to do when I start back to work... being on my feet ALL day with the kiddos. I think I may have to nap before I drive home!) Anyway- I woke up from my nap and looked up things online for the shower. We are going to do the cutest things with mason jars. I just can't wait! Unfortunately, mom will have to do a lot of the decorating on her own because we have Lamaze that day! So anyway- the men are still working (at 6:30pm) and I decided to snap today's updates...

On a side note- we are currently looking for a mini crib to possibly use at the beach house. We have a full sized one, but are in the process of saving space. If you know anyone that has one for a reasonable price, let us know. Otherwise, we will stick to the one we've got! *thanks!*

Here are some updated snapshots~ enjoy!

lots and lots of trash!

new light fixture in the kitchen

nanny and papas room with the new light fixture

our room with the new light!

rotted floor fixed!

lovely new deck coming right along!

they decided in the last 10 minutes to re-do the entire bench around the edge as well...

Well, I guess I should take a shower and decide if the men are going to stop so we can go out to dinner or if we are just going to make something here. Have a wonderful evening folks!

~let go laughing!


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