beginning of day 3...

A lot of demolition in the last two days. Carpet is completely ripped up and out of there. Ceilings were painted, only to find out that the spotty stuff (you know, the annoying stuff any home built before 2000 had on the ceiling) needed to be scraped off. Unfortunately, that put a slight time delay on the rest of the place being painted. It's in the process of being scraped right now.... if it isn't already done. The bathroom has been completely gutted minus the shower and it is being re-done as I type. We went to Lowes and got a new medicine cabinet/ mirror to keep tooth brushes and such in and I got a new light fixture to go above it. We got all the wood to start on the deck and daddy has a whole crew down here helping him now. The kitchen cabinets are ready for pick up at Lowes, but dad is waiting for the carpet to be installed and the new kitchen floor before those go up. The carpet is all here and they are coming to install in tomorrow or Tuesday. The cabinets are going to look awesome. Remember what it looked like all on day one - it's already come a long way. Scroll down and check out the updated pictures. The cabinet design from Lowes is included. I hope you are enjoying the updates as much as I am. We are so excited to get all moved in and even more excited for when Riley is here!!!

dad and michael deciding what kind of lumber to buy (porch before)

nanny and papas bedroom - (riley's when no one else is down)

living room from the bedrooms (you can see where the rotted wood was)

mine and michael's room (and Riley's if nanny and papa are here)

our room again (the crib is going in that corner on the left against the wall in front of you)

gutted bathroom-
(new mirror and light fixture ready to go up after the paint and floor are finished)

had to rip the wall out to get the old air conditioning out

ran into some rotted floor that needs to be replaced....

kitchen... everything ripped out- floor is being replaced too

new kitchen design. can't wait to see it all together!

loading up the lumber


  1. hey where's my bedroom?! ;-)

    i kid, i kid. It's going to be nice having a place of your own!


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