Sunday, January 17, 2010

is everyone pregnant????

joan's newest creation
margarita night

mom working in the office

report cards

elizabeth taking some of her first steps

I guess it is my age, but I feel like EVERYONE I know is either pregnant or just had a baby- let's see if I can list them

pregnant: christy, claire, meghan, emily, becca,ashia, heather...
recent baby: holly, shannon, lauren, ashley rose, crissi, kimberly...
i could probably keep going... wow.

Anyway- It was a loooooong week. Craziness at work and such. So glad I am off tomorrow. I will finally get to spend a day with my husband. Even though he will have to go into work at 4, it is better than the usual [him leaving at 4 and me getting home at 5]. I'm asleep before he gets home on nights like that... I feel like we spend more time [awake] together when he was in the Marines. lol. It's ok though- It will be worth it in the end and we knew it was going to be this way. I have 7 report cards left to do. So glad I am almost done with them! This weekend has been nice so far- late appetizers and a few drinks at Tyler's on Friday night after Michael got off late. Yesterday I stayed in bed watching movies until about 2 and then cleaned up the house a little and hung out being lazy more. Then we had dinner at Liz and Marty's and played games last night. I ran again this morning- trying to get back into that. I know I will feel so much better. I ran a mile on Friday and a little under a mile today. I can definitely feel it, which is good. I think I may try to run every other day or so just to stay healthy.

Time to update my pictures since it has been a few days- Have a great day!!!
Let go laughing.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

saturday, 01.09.10

Just as we do most Saturday mornings, dad and i went to bean traders. By the time we went this weekend, mom was busy and Michael was already at work. It was just the two of us. Then after we came home we went to Lowe's and daddy helped me pick out a new door for the kitchen/mud room as well as the front door. I may get the front door first. I came home and was lazy for a while... then when Michael got off work he had to run some errands. I went to the grocery store and made the crab, corn chowder from one of my Rachel Ray cookbooks. I have been wanting to make it for a while now! It was SO yummy. Liz made a yummy salad and brought some cheese bread to go with it. We sat around and watched football, played yukor (sp?) which they all taught me how to play and then watched Saturday night live. (Plus the four of us took a funny trip to adam and eve, just because). :) Ringer ate Michael's sneakers and I found them in the yard at 1am. He is 9 years old and STILL loves shoes...

:o) let go laughing &heart;s

Friday, January 8, 2010

2 hr delay

I definitely didn't see any snow or ice on the way to school this morning. But, I was loving the 2 hr delay. I got so much done without the kids there that will help me be able to teach more next week because I wont be stressing. :) And, Trent brought us donuts and hot chocolate.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

[Liz, Marty, Michael and Me Bring in 2010 with a bang!]

What a wonderful break I had at home with my family and the best friends ever. It totally made me want to be a housewife more than ever. I have always said I wanted to be one, but I seriously mean it now. Haha. Today was exhausting being my first day back to work in two weeks. The kids were pretty good, but my sleep schedule is so off, that I almost didn't make it the whole day. Where should I start?
My break began the week of Christmas. We spend a lot of time cleaning and cooking and baking. We spent a lot of time together just relaxing and loving each others company. We spend several nights with Liz and Marty as well as with Candice and Jonathan. Ray and Brandy spent one night with us and Michael's parents and brothers and sisters spent a few nights with us as well. The night before Christmas eve we had our 1st annual "cousin game night." Tyler was in town and Mandy, Katie and Jordan came over. We all went to eat Mexican and then came back to our house to sing some karaoke, play some games and have some fun.
Michael's family came to visit and spent the day with us on Christmas eve, which was really nice. We decorated cookies and even got to open presents! I got a magic bullet and the zero gravity chair I have been wanting for a really long time! Coach got a blue polka dotted life jacket and it is adorable on him! Michael shot off his new bow and arrow in the house and almost killed his mother... glad that malfunction was handled well. LOL. It was nice having them in town this year! And I'm glad no one got hurt! :)
[Hubby and me by our Christmas tree]

That night, mom and dad had their annual Christmas Eve open house- we spent a lot of time with great friends. It was so nice to see some people who we only see one night a year.

[Liz and Marty, Christmas Eve]

Christmas morning was amazing. Michael and I woke up and opened our presents from each other. Then we went back to mom and dads to see what Santa brought us. Santa brought Michael his hunting gear (which he is now 100% set with!!!) I got a kindle and a wine cooler among many other cool things. The best part was spending the amazing time with my husband and family. We went to Nanny and Papa's to join the rest of the family for Christmas dinner that afternoon and spend more amazing time together.

[Michael took a picture of all the cousins @ Nanny & Papa's minus Tiffany]

The day after Christmas Michael went back to work. Then dad took him on his surprise hunting trip- which they didn't even see one deer. Oh well, good luck for the deer that day! The rest of the week was SO relaxing for me. Other than the fact that the jerk neighbor guy we have never met had the nerve to call the police saying our dogs were barking too much. The officer came over laughing and said "Ma'am, I just want you to know what you're dealing with over there..." He said nothing can or will be done and he would much rather my dogs be barking than people wandering around in our neighborhood going unnoticed and breaking into homes. So yes, I do love the Durham police department and think next time the jerk should walk next door if he has a problem... Dad was so mad (bc his dog is the main barker, lol). He called the guy who was home at the time and refused to answer his phone- he never returned dads call either. The man needs to get a life and maybe a job or something if the minimal barking these dogs do bothers him that much. No one else said they could even hear them. Considering they are inside by 8 or 9 at the LATEST each night- But, whatever. It's all funny to me.
We spent New Years eve quietly at home with Liz and Marty and mom and dad. Amy and Nick came over for a little while too. We played games and wii and just hung out with champagne and wine. :)

[Me and Hubby @ Angus Barn 1.2.10]

Michael and mom share their birthdays on January 2nd. This year, dad and I decided to surprise them with a big Angus Barn dinner. They thought it was only going to be the four of us. When we got out of the car, nanny and papa drove by, but dad and I managed to block them from mom and Michael. When we got inside, Mom saw Judy and said "what are you doing here?" Still not realizing it was for her- we walked up to the bar and she saw Doug and Sue, Drew, Liz and Marty and Tom and Judy- Nanny and papa soon followed. Mom and Michael were so excited. We even got to go in the kitchen to decorate his birthday cake. Then we came back to the house to share the cake I made and play some games.

[Mom and Michael's bday cake that I made]

I hope this update has been interesting enough- haha. I am going to watch the new Secret Life tonight and hit the sack early. I am absolutely whooped! Happy New Year, everyone! Remember to "let go laughing", don't hold back and "say what ya need to say."

Peace and Love