Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear Riley Quinn- 10 months

wow- ten whole months of beauty

Dear Riley Quinn-

Ten months have gone by since you joined us in this crazy world on October 24, 2011. I still can't believe you have been here that long. At the same time, I feel like you have been with us forever. I cannot imagine my life without you, sweet girl. You are a bomb shell, a diva, a monkey. You are my everything. At your last appt. (9 months and 2 weeks) you were 17.5 lbs and 28.5 inches. Your 8th tooth is popping in right now as you nap. You are wearing size 12-18 month jammies to fit those long legs of yours! You are taking 2 naps a day and they are both anywhere from 1-2 hours. You go to bed at 9, wake up at 7:30 and nap at 11 and 4:30. You are still drinking 4 bottles a day. You even had some real milk last week when you stole your cousin Sadie's sippy cup! 

You are a monkey! You have been walking with your walker for 2 months now. I can't believe you haven't taken off without it yet. But that is OK- You're growing up too fast for me anyway. You can climb an entire flight of stairs and you even turn around and slide back down on your belly. You do that to get off the couch and bed too. You're just too funny. The other day, your daddy put you at the little kids picnic table at Bean Traders. The next thing we know, you climbed on top of it! 

You love story time on Monday's and have such a great time with all of your little buddies. You still love the beach and the pool. You love to take baths too. I think you would stay in the bath tub all day if we would let you! You are a diva when it comes to your milk. If it is not warm, you pretend you are gagging. You love to eat though. Anything we eat- you eat. You love pasta, blueberries, peanut butter toast and goldfish. 

You helped mommy celebrate her 27th birthday last weekend. You even had your first experience at a hibachi restaurant and you helped me blow out my birthday candles! I can't believe you will be having your very own birthday party in just two months!  

I will leave you with some pictures from your tenth month. I love you, sweet girl.


this was you today. i love you, little stinker.

you love bath time

in your new outfit from gigi- waiting for daddy to get home from work

being a silly monkey

story time with your buddies

being a silly girl

new pajamas in 12-18 month size!

helping mommy blow out her candles

Thursday, August 23, 2012

the big O-N-E

Here's a sneak peak of a slight bit of RQ's big O-N-E birthday party inspiration. I absolutely cannot wait to see it all come together!!!

~let go laughing

Friday, August 17, 2012

i got it!

I got my intervention job back this year!!! (For those of you not in the teaching field, it is basically a tutor but in the schools setting, during the school day.) The only difference is I will only be working with first graders. 

As many of you know, last year I did not go back to work teaching first grade full time after RQ was born. I had all intentions to go back and it was a very hard decision to make. I know I made the right decision because I have absolutely loved staying home with my sweet girl. I may miss shopping for myself a little bit, but RQ and I love to walk around the mall and browse and all that matters is that I am with my girl. 

That said, I did work as an interventionist 2 days a week from March until the first week in June with K-2 at a different school. I miss my creek family very much, but it is awesome being at a school only 2 miles from my house that I can come home on my lunch break.. I got the final word that I will be returning this year as a 1st grade interventionist and I couldn't be happier about this position. It is perfect. I get to continue to use my degree in teaching and actually teach without all of the paperwork and politics involved in a classroom setting. I will be pushing in and pulling out small groups in reading, writing and math. 

I honestly feel like I am getting the best of both worlds. I still consider myself pretty much staying home with RQ- but I get to make some money on the side to help with bills and I get to do so doing something I love. I will be working about 16 hours a week as I am adding a half day to my schedule from last year only working 2 days. It's nice though, because I still get my morning with RQ before I leave and I'm home by 3:15 Tues/Wed and 12 on Thurs. :) I really don't think I could ask for a better situation. It also gives RQ bonding time with her daddy and when daddy has to work, she will spend some quality time with her ma-lolo and grandy.

i still get to cuddle with this sweet thing every single morning :)

I want to thank everyone for your continued prayers in this journey. It sucks leaving my little lady, even for just a few hours those couple of days. But it is what we have to do and I am thankful for the closeness and only little bit of time that I have to be away from her. My contract goes from August 28-May 30. I also have weeks off in there for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Spring Break... Like I said... perfect. I am so thankful for this opportunity and happy to be working with such an amazing team of teachers this year. As for next year... who knows? I may attempt this position again or if finances will allow, I will possibly try to offer private tutoring sessions out of my home and that be all I do. I will say some prayers and I'm sure whatever is meant to be will all work out. 

Time to get some rest (or maybe stay up until midnight so I can watch Hunger Games) so I can enjoy my birthday tomorrow... I can't believe I will be twenty seven. Yikes! 

I'll leave you with a few pictures of my sweet RQ:

playing in the pool at the beach- good thing we live in NC and we can still have lots more long weekends on the island

RQ modeling her new outfit from gigi - she has a pink one on the way now too. it's too stinking cute!

if you ever need us on a monday morning, you will find us at story time (if were not at the beach...)

~let go laughing

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beach Photo Session

I took these photos of a wonderful family on the island. Enjoy. Don't forget to check out and "like" my facebook page!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

new "office"

Operation turn closet into office has officially begun! 

It started off looking like this:

And our old office is now a playroom in progress. Still waiting on curtains and pillow cases, a little bit of paint on that book shelf and a futon/bed/cover on that couch/ something...

I am thrilled with the closet progress so far. To be honest, I really didn't think I wold have a home for my dying computer until the fall or later. My husband rocks! RQ and mommy went to the beach and came home to a desk! So far, that's all there is... a desk. But that's more than I expected, so I am happy! I will put my to-do list here for myself to come back to (or to send M to if I'm out of town or he needs another project to do!) 

  • cover desk with fabric and have glass cut to fit
  • cover chair with matching fabric (i'm thinking chevrons... gray and yellow)
  • paint walls (maybe i should do chevron walls and solid fabric???)
  • hang diploma
  • cork boards for side wall to hang bills, etc. on
  • move top shelf up and build another shelf for printer
  • build drawer under the desk for "junk" (paper clips, etc.)
    • OR- hang strip of wood across back or side wall and hook mason jars to it with metal hooks for the "junk"
  • have electrical outlet installed
  • organize the boxes
  • pick up my spring rods from storage to cover top shelves with curtains (soon to also match desk and chair)

I don't think I want to take the door off. I have toyed with the idea, but I think I like being able to close it off. Especially if I am editing and have lots of papers and sticky notes everywhere. So here is my mood board of sorts for what I am looking for in the next few steps of this project:

desktop - fabric or paint and cover with glass

for bills, etc

obviously not with bathroom items ;)


That's all for now. 

~let go laughing

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sophie le giraffe...

you shall not escape us again!

As you may know, Sophie took a vacation to the beach last week in ma-lolo and grandy's car. I am not a fan of clipping things to RQ (not judging, just not my style), but I found a sippy cup clip that clips to the stroller or high chair so when she throws it and laughs, it doesn't hit the ground. Perfect, right?! I had this thought... SOPHIE NEEDS A LEASH!!!! So, I whipped out my sewing machine and some fun fabric and elastic and got to work. I haven't picked up a clip yet to attach to the other end, but that is definitely on tomorrow's to-do list! I already have two friends that want them. Adding these to my etsy store?!?!? Yep! Just gotta get that clip on first!

~let go laughing

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yes, I am tired of hearing about it too...

But, it isn't about marriage people. It's about stinkin' rights. Why is that so hard? And no, I'm not surprised- Just annoyed. I don't care if gay people want to get married and to be 100% honest, I don't really know how I even feel about that - the fact of the matter is- gay, straight, black, white, male, female... everyone should have the same benefits, insurance, coverage, etc. Why should the woman Sally Ride was a partner with for 27 years not be allowed her assets? How is she any different from my own mother or father if one of them passed away. Did the bible say they couldn't have legal rights? Does the bible say anything about benefits and coverage? I don't think so. In fact, the bible said not to judge them- and to treat everyone equally? Am I correct? Here we go again... quoting the bible to help to try to make sense of your "marriage equality" ordeal. Well- I have to share something a friend of mine shared yesterday and I couldn't agree with it more.

So, Chick-Fil-A day is almost upon us and I am reminded of phrases I hate. I always thought that the worst phrase of all was “I could care less” until we began to be bombarded with the gem “Traditional Marriage”. The only problem with those who say that there is a traditional Biblical view of marriage is that they seem not to have read much about what the Bible says about marriage:
• In the verse
 most often quoted in support of male-female marriage, we read about Adam and Eve in Genesis 2:24-25 that: "Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh. And the man and his wife were both naked, and were not ashamed." However, as we read on, wives were subordinate to their husbands, interfaith marriages were forbidden, and a bride who could not prove her virginity were stoned to death. (One has to wonder if Chick-fil-A is planning a "Prove Your Virginity Day.")
• Genesis 38 states that if a woman's husband dies and she has borne no children, she has to marry her husbands brother and have kids with him.
• The Bible also talks about men having extra-marital affairs. Abraham had 2 concubines, Gideon and Jacob each had one, and then there's good ole Solomon, with 300 concubines. (I see a "Bring Your Mistress To Chick-fil-A And Receive Free Ice Cream" Day)
• Polygamy was also allowed in the Bible (shout out to the fundamentalist Mormons). Lamech and Jacob had two wives each, David and Gideon had an indeterminate amount, and here we go again, good ole Solomon had 700 wives.
• In the first of two very disturbing facts, under Moses' command, Israelites were to kill every Midianite man, woman and child, except for the virgin girls...who were then forced to marry their captors.
• Finally, according to Deuteronomy 22, a virgin who is raped must marry her rapist.
So please, Mr. Cathy, President of Chick-fil-A, tell me again what the traditional view of marriage is according to the Bible. It seems to me that the Bible talks a lot more about love than it does about your narrow view of marriage.

Equal marriage for all! I am quoting from the website THE LOVING ROOM.

Now, back to what I said- I really don't know how I feel about two men or two women having a "marriage"- but a civil union is not a marriage. It's allowing people to have the same legal rights, pay the same taxes, get the same benefits after death...

I think a lot of people are using this as a "free speech" yadda yadda - blah blah blah. The fact of the matter is that millions of dollars from profit at Chick-Fil-A have been spent to degrade others, to strip them of rights and support judging and telling them because they are different that they don't deserve what everyone else does. Oh, your church told you to do it... really? Read above... why didn't your church tell you to do that? Oh yes... it is 2012 and it is WRONG. Just like this is wrong.

Yes, they have every right to freedom of speech and I am OK with anyone having their own beliefs. I'm actually not one to even boycott because I know that my money somewhere, somehow in a lot of circumstances will likely go to things I disagree with. But for this one instance, I just find it hard to spend money somewhere that is boldly spending their profits to discriminate. At least for right now. I'm not standing her and saying "I'll never eat Chick-Fil-A again" - but, I'm also not standing in line to "support" them. If I can spend my money elsewhere, I will.

And yes- it IS discrimination. Period. This is NOT an argument about freedom of speech, it is discrimination. Oh, but they said they will serve gay people and treat them the same... Of course they will! They want the money to turn around and spend to DISCRIMINATE.

I'll leave you with a photo of just that... the bibles version of marriage...

It's wrong.  Period.  I'm done now.

~ let go laughing.