oh yeh, it's bad...

So daddy got a lease on the place next door. Super reasonable, but needs a LOT of work. Well, you know me... Mrs. DIY and loves projects... Wonder where who... I get that from (caugh, caugh, daddy!) The duplex/apartment/ what-ch-ma-call-it is in desperate need of a makeover. Unfortunately, with work starting back, I am not going to be able to help out much with this project until the big parts are completed. Then I will tackle the inside decor myself.

There are two bedrooms. One is for me, michael and riley. The other is for nanny and papa. It's mainly just a place to keep extra bodies and since it has a kitchen, we will have our own space for all of Riley's "stuff" as she grows up on this island like I did. (How exciting, right?!) When nanny and papa are not down, we will move her crib into the second bedroom and she will have her own place. But, for holidays and such she will room with us!

Some of the renovations taking place include-
  • AC
  • carpeting the whole house
  • tile in the kitchen and bathroom
  • cabinets
  • appliances
  • painting all of the walls
  • two window replacements
  • deck re-do
  • were taking our own furniture (and hope to make everything match and blend well)
Are you ready to see this??? no, seriously... are you ready?!?! I can't wait to see the "after" and I know it will be awesome, because frankly, looking back at pictures of my house "before" and "now" I think to myself... "what made me buy this house?!?!" lol

Well folks, don't mind the lens in these pictures... it's foggy and muggy out this morning!

bathroom (tiny, but do-able and we usually shower outside most months of the year)

nanny and papa's room - riley's room when no one else is here

mine and michael's room

kitchen- ripping everything out and starting over.

another view of the kitchen

view of the "living room" - our room on the left, nanny and papa's/ riley's room on the right and the bathroom is kinda behind that wall/ fridge.

So yes, it needs a tremendous amount of work. It will get done. Daddy is hoping to have it livable by labor day weekend. We will see. If not, maybe we will be in it by Thanksgiving. I must say it is going to be sad to move all of our things out of my garage bedroom that I have lived in since middle school. Life moves on and we will have more space. I am very excited to decorate the new space too! And, bring my Riley girl there!

I'll keep you posted when I get up to date pictures. The carpet is coming out today!!!

~let go laughing~

******************************* UPDATE ************************************

Yup, it's only 30 minutes in and all our island buddies were pitching in... these were updated pictures before the carpet came out. Painter will be here tomorrow, carpet comes Monday.

what a difference of light when that board came off the window

kitchen is being quickly gutted

the men are having so much fun throwing things from the porch to the dumpster!


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