28 weeks!

How Far Along: 28 weeks - about12 weeks to go! HOLY MOLY!
Size of baby: 14.8 inches long! 2.25 lbs (many sites vary as to her size at this point...) we go to the Dr. today and have an ultrasound, so maybe they will tell us a closer estimate...
Total Weight Gain: still sitting between 20 and 21 lbs (i don't know how i didn't gain anything this week! lol)
Maternity Clothes: still a little of both - actually in my pictures yesterday I wasn't in maternity clothes.
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: still all the time. Last night we put my phone on my belly and it looked like it was in a wave pool
Sleep: still sleeping alright. occasional restless legs and up to pee, but it's nothing horrible
What I miss: my body
Cravings: none
Symptoms: just the restless legs and peeing a lot. :)
Best Moment this week: spending alone time with my husband and planning for our little angels arrival. her curtains came and look fantastic in her nursery and we painted the chair rail that is going up very soon. we get to see her again today at the dr. appt! *will post update pictures when we return*


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