Tuesday, August 30, 2011

32 weeks!

How Far Along: 32 weeks !!!! Wowzers!
What's your guess on her arrival???
Size of baby: about 3.75 lbs and 16.7 inches long! (average size of a baby at this point)
Total Weight Gain: none this week- still at 23 lbs
Maternity Clothes: still a little of both -
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: still all the time. no. seriously. all. the. time.
Sleep: very good sleep this week- minus one night. other than that, it's been fabulous!
What I miss: being able to roll over easily. lol
Cravings: none
Symptoms: nothing really.
Best Moment this week: Riley's ninja punch/kick was caught on tape!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

another crock pot dinner

I love finding recipes on pinterest. Especially when they are cheap and easy. I found one last week and just happened to have all of the ingredients in the house again. I am trying as many crock pot recipes now so when Riley gets here we can have quick and easy meals! We almost always have frozen chicken breasts because when they are on sale or BOGO, I buy them and stick them in the freezer.

Anyway- Here is what you need:

- 8 oz block of cream cheese (don't use Fat Free! 1/3 less fat or regular is fine)
- Can of Black Beans, drained & rinsed.
- Can of Corn, drained.
- Can of Rotel
- 3 lbs Frozen chicken breasts

Put frozen chicken in the crock pot.
Put Cream cheese on top of the chicken.
Dump in the Black Beans (make sure they are drained & rinsed!!!)
Dump in the drained corn.
Dump in the Rotel.
Cover & cook in your Crock Pot on low for 6-8 hours.
Every 2 hours, I stir the ingredients.
You can shred the chicken when it is done, or just leave it.

Tonight we are eating it over rice. I have also read that you can eat it with tortillas and add cheese and lettuce and tomatoes! I tried it already and it is scrumptious! On pinterest, I read that some people like it better day two because it is not as "soupy."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

kung-fu princess

Meet Riley.

She does this to mommy all day long! (and mommy loves it!)


Monday, August 22, 2011

31 weeks!

i feel like i am pushing my belly out in this picture. lol- look how my back is arched.

still growing in there!!!!

How Far Along: 31 weeks - single digit weeks to go!!!
We all seem to think she will come early- that is starting to scare me to death. LOL
Size of baby: over 16 inches and weighs somewhere around 3lbs. (average size of a baby at this point)
Total Weight Gain: 23 lbs
Maternity Clothes: still a little of both -
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: still all the time. no. seriously. all. the. time.
Sleep: it's actually been better... we'll see when school gets into full swing!
What I miss: being able to lay on my belly when i'm on the beach
Cravings: none
Symptoms: some charlie horses and peeing 24/7
Best Moment this week: moving into our new beach house and planning all of Riley's "spaces" like where her crib is going, her swing, high chair, etc.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

beautiful island weekend- *beach house pictures*

We got to spend another lovely weekend together on the island "just the two of us." I can't believe we may only be here one more time before we are a family of three! We are so excited. Although, we have felt like a family of three already and we know that Riley loves this island as much as we do. She kicks and turns and moves and grooves the entire time we are here (no that it's too far out of the ordinary for her, but I think she likes it!) :)

The new place is pretty much done now! We stayed here for the first time this weekend. It's so nice. I cannot even believe what it looked like before we moved over here! We still have a tv sitting in the living room floor at the moment. It's waiting to be moved out of here. We have my ancient one in the living room here for now. We already have mapped out where the high chair is going, her swing and her crib! We are still going to hang the pictures and the mirror on the walls in the living room, but we haven't gotten around to that yet. Yesterday, Michael surfed and I sat on the beach and read and watched him. After lunch we went over to the dock and laid for a while and then we sat at the Tesh's in the breeze by the water. (It was great to see Kelly again!) It was a fabulous day! Last night we celebrated my birthday and Jamie and Judy's birthdays! Mom surprised us with a beautiful birthday cake. Everyone had dinner at mom and dads house and we just enjoyed this awesome island company.

We're heading home soon. Back to the work grind tomorrow. I am so ready for October to be here. I think Riley is too! She's kicking me in my ribs as I type... She's saying "mommy, there is no more room in here for me!" Mom swears I wont make it past 38 weeks. We will see! I most certainly would not complain!

Before I show you these new pictures of the renovations, I really think you should scroll back tothis page and check out the "before" pictures. You will appreciate it much more if you do! And no one will truly understand unless you walked in here and saw (and smelled) it with your own eyes (and nose!). I can't wait to really dig into the decor next summer! :)

Here ya go!!!


our room


bathroom (you can't see the new floor, but it looks great!)

living room (nanny and papa's room in the back right)

living room again (from the kitchen, you can see our room on the right)
(*the tv in the middle of the floor has already been removed*)


I didn't post the view from the couch to the tv because the other tv was in the way at the time... either way, these show enough of how much hard work has been put into this place and we are so very grateful! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

~let go laughing~

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

summer break is over :(

Here are just a select few pictures to define my summer...
baby girls nursery (almost done!)

days by the pool with family and friends

parties at the beach!

days on the beach with my love (this was 4th of July)

Today is my very last day of summer vacation 2011. What a spectacular summer it has been. Once again filled with trips to the sand bar, pool tournaments, lazy days on the beach or the dock, surfing (well... trying to with a pregnant belly), cookouts, corn hole, date nights, friends, family, long walks, long bike rides on the island, working on the nursery and bathroom, shopping for Riley, laying in/ by the pool, cooking and baking... Oh, and so much more! Sad, sad day to be the last! Fortunately, I can still do all of those things, I just have to add going back to work to the list... :)

How am I spending my last day of vacation, you may ask? (or you may not care...) I started by setting my alarm for 7:15- trying to get my body slightly adjusted back to "work time." I had an appt. this morning at 8:45 at the baby doctor. They said everything was wonderful and I definitely have my hands full! To no ones surprise, she kicked the WHOLE time the Dr. was checking her heartbeat and her heart was beating in the 160's... busy little baby girl! Mom is convinced she is coming early. And... I wanted to schedule all of my appts. since they have their October calendar ready... they only scheduled me through 38 weeks and were like "we'll hope she's here by then!" Lol. We have another ultrasound at 36 weeks to check everything. They are pretty convinced my placenta is fine, but just want to make sure it hasn't moved back down.

After the dr. appt. I met mom and Michael at the coffee shop. He had just finished at the gym and she joined us for my last "weekday morning" visit for the next 10 weeks or so. :) I must say I am excited to only have to go back to work for a little while before I get to stay home for another long while with my baby girl. (Then only February, March, April, May and a few days in June until I'm home again!!) I can do it! We'll see what happens from that point on. ;)

After coffee, I stopped by because Ellery wanted me to see her new leotard for dance class. She got Riley a matching one! (Thanks Kellie!!!) That little Ellery is something else. I babysat last night and she has grown up SO much since the first time I watched her and she couldn't even talk yet!

I came home and Michael and I folded and hung all of Riley's newborn clothes. (Mom and Nanny and I went shopping yesterday and basically bought every cute thing SAKS, Carters and Ralhp Lauren had! OH-EM-GEEE- ADORABLE!!!) Her 0-3 month are in the dryer now and all of her 6 month stuff is in the washer. I know, I know... you should't take the tags off until you know how big she is... Well, we are thinking (mom, me, dr. etc.) that she will not be more than 6 or 7 lbs at the most. We could be wrong and if we are... I know SEVERAL pregnant friends who could use some baby clothes, or she can use them to dress her dolls with! Lol. I am way to OCD to think about washing it all later. She doesn't have many newborn outfits (just in case she is bigger). She has a lot of newborn pajamas and sleep gowns, but only a few outfits. The majority of her stuff is 0-3 months and can be worn in the fall and winter so I think we are good to go... We just may have to buy some more newborn outfits when she gets here. I can't wait to take her shopping!!!

Chair update: UUUUUGGH! I called buy buy baby the idiots AGAIN. The chair was ordered June 12th. I was told it would be here in 6 weeks. (The lady confirmed that this is true when she pulled up my order today.) I was on hold for 30 minutes to then hear "I will call you back in ten minutes." Well... we have heard that a million times! An hour later, I called the 1800 number and they said they couldn't help me. So, I called the idiots back. They quickly transferred me from the first person I spoke to, to another lady. Long story somewhat shorter- 10 people have told me 10 different things. I have been told my chair was in CA and then in Durham and then back in CA. The lady today tells me that I never should have been told 6 weeks and that I should never have talked to anyone but "Jade." Well guess what... that was never MY problem! She said they are having issues with their truck company and she is trying to get in touch with them. She did confirm that "something" said my chair was "in route to durham" on August 3rd... How long does it take to get here? I mean, really! That alone was 2 weeks ago. So the verdict is... still no chair... still never shopping at buy buy baby again.

In a little while, Mom and I are going to venture off to find some lamps for the new place at the beach. Michael and I basically have everything we need to furnish it and were getting ready to pack it all up in the truck. Can't wait to get down there and see it!

I am also picking up the supplies for my next project... Spacers for Riley's closet! I'm going to organize her clothes by size. :) Then maybe some pool time and cooking dinner tonight. (chicken, broccoli and rice casserole!)

For now folks, I'm getting off the computer and enjoying my day!

~let go laughing!

Monday, August 15, 2011

30 weeks!

How Far Along: 30 weeks - less than 10 weeks to go!!!
We all seem to think she will come early- that is starting to scare me to death. LOL
Size of baby: 15.7 inches and weighs almost 2 3lbs. (average size of a baby at this point)
Total Weight Gain: 22 lbs
Maternity Clothes: still a little of both -
Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
Movement: still all the time. no. seriously. all. the. time.
Sleep: let's not go there... i'd say 2 good night...2 not so good night... 2 good nights... repeat. The not so good night are just me getting up to pee more than 2x and sometimes not being able to fall asleep when i first get in bed.
What I miss: shopping for clothes for me... lol- but i LOVE buying Riley clothes!
Cravings: none
Symptoms: peeing. all. the. time. rls too, but i've always had it- it just seems to be a little worse now.
Best Moment this week: washing all of riley's clothes and packing my hospital bag. Her heart rate was in the 160's today... the dr. told me i will have my hands full. lol

Sunday, August 14, 2011

beach house update

I don't have any photos to update with today. Boo. I just talked to mom and they are still working hard. They are on yet another trip to Lowes. After the carpet was installed, Dad has now put of the molding back up. Mom still has one wall to paint since it wasn't primed and the paint was peeling off. She had to scrape off all the paint and start over with Kilz so it would hold. She has painted all of the doors in the house with a slight distraction from a storm that blew up and blew sand all over the doors with wet paint... unfortunately she had to sand all 4 doors and start over again... (yep- that also meant another trip to Lowes). Dad and Doug have framed the shelf where the AC goes and have to finish that up. They have also been cutting counter tops to fit and working on the piping for the sink. Dad has re-done all venting for the AC to ensure there is no mold. The bathroom still has to be put back together (sink, vanity, lights, etc.) but all of the floors are now laid! Dad is hoping to be done by Wednesday. We are moving the bed set from our old guest room to the house there and our bed set from our room at moms beach house over to that house. We are borrowing the crib from RG and it will go in our room for the time being and when nanny and papa aren't down, we will move it into their room. We're also taking the couch and love seat from the pool room at mom and dads house to go in the living room and my old kitchen table from my apartment in college to go in the kitchen. It's a small round, glass table. Should save some space in there. We are also taking dishes that I already have to furnish the cabinets with so we can eat! We have old side tables to take too, but no coffee table for now. That can wait. Heck, we probably don't need to put one in there anyway for Riley's sake! We can't wait to see it in person very soon!!!

Thank you mom and dad and all the other helpers for making this happen for us. I know it is frustrating, but it will be so nice for Riley to have a quiet place and for you to have your "house back." We love you guys so so much!!!

~let go laughing!~

Thursday, August 11, 2011

cake balls

Baking is one of my favorite things to do... I tried a cake ball at Starbucks with my friend K back in May. I have to admit I wasn't a fan. But, since we all know I love to be in my kitchen and I love to bake, I decided I wanted to give them a try. I started googling recipes and decided I could do it! Although you can choose any cake/ icing / chocolate mix that you like... I chose the simple devils food cake, cream cheese icing and both white and regular chocolate for the covering. You have no idea how simple this is and these taste like heaven. I will warn you.. they are very rich! You will not be able to eat more than one unless you are a huge sugar fan. I only ate a half of one!

First, bake the cake of choice as directed on the box. It doesn't matter what size pan you use because you are going to destroy it anyway!

Let the cakes cool for a few minutes. I would say at least 15 minutes. (I didn't wait long enough and it was HOT when I went to crushing!) Crush the cake up into a large mixing bowl. I used my hands.

Use one tub of icing and mix into the crushed up cake. I used my fingers because I still don't have my kitchen aid (*hint, hint hubby*) -Although, I feel like using my hands really mixed it well and crushed up the extra larger pieces of cake.

I used a table spoon to scoop them into circles and molded the top half with my hand. (You could also use a fruit scoop or just do it by hand.) I put them on a baking sheet to put into the fridge to cool. Let them cool for at least 15 minutes in the fridge until they are slightly cold and harder.
I did half in white chocolate and half in dark chocolate. When you go to buy the chocolate, make sure you get bar chocolate flavored confectioners coating. It called for 3oz. Dip the balls in the chocolate of your choice. The chocolate I used was meant for fondue and was very thick, so I actually used my fingers and it was messy. If it was more thin chocolate you could use a toothpick or an egg separator. After the chocolate, you can use a stick to make them "cake popsicles," you can just plop them on wax paper to cool and arrange them on a cute cake plate, or you can put them in mini muffin papers. I even used the mini muffin tray to put them in while they cooled in the fridge.

Decorate them if you wish... I chose sprinkles. You could also drizzle chocolate of the opposite color on top or use coconut, mint chips, etc. Put them back in the fridge to harden the top coat of chocolate. There you have it... finished cake balls - after about 10 minutes in the fridge!!!

Super easy!!!

we almost have a kitchen! [at the beach]

i was wrong about the floor yesterday. Here it is...
I think the carpet is being installed tomorrow!

yay for the kitchen! (appliances coming soon!)

another view of the kitchen.

A lot of progress this week. My daddy is working hard! He's had so much help from everyone on the south end. It's been so nice. Mom says she doesn't ever remember being so tired. It is possible that it could all be completed tomorrow from what I hear. As long as the air conditioning guys finish today they can get the carpet installed tomorrow. Michael and I can't wait to get down there and move our stuff in. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can get a day to run down. Unfortunately, at this point it will have to be a weekend. I go back to work next Wednesday. It's bittersweet. It means Riley is that much closer!

Today we went to the mall to try to find me some new boots for my birthday present. I may end up getting the same ones I already have, just a new pair... We also looked in Finks at some Yurman. Maybe one day... lol. I mainly wanted to walk and work out my legs.

Then, we went to pick up all of her newly embroidered things! Diaper covers, dresses, onesies, hats, oh my! And this place is likely going to stay in business because of us. We still have to take more dresses, bibs, cloth diapers/ burp cloths, her quilt and who knows what else! We started with a few things to be sure they did a good job. They did and we are ADDICTED! I always knew I would be "that mom." Lol.

Now, I'm sitting here freezing in the AC and wrapped in my snuggy- who was it that said "you'll hate being pregnant in the summer because you will never cool off?" I don't think it is a matter of being pregnant- this has been a HOT summer. Records set all over NC (all over the country for that matter!) of days over 100 degrees! I haven't felt any more hot than I would have if I werent pregnant in my opinion.

Oh and on a side note: I finally looked up what "smh" means when someone wrote it to me in an email. I may be the last one in the world to have figured that one out! lol But if you are as out of the universe on the new text language as I am... it means "shake my head." I guess I get it.

Like... I can't believe I ate that dang donut today [smh].

How did I do? Did I use it right? lol

Ok- time to catch up on my abc family shows that the dvr didn't record last night.

~let go laughing!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

day 6 on the bungalow!

I have been blessed
And I feel like I’ve found my way
I thank God for all I’ve been given

At the end of every day
I have been blessed
With so much more than I deserve
To be here with the ones
That love me
To love them so much it hurts
I have been blessed
-Martina Mcbride

That's the only way to put it... I have been blessed.

We are so fortunate and loved and lucky. I am so excited about the beach place for Michael, Riley and me! It's so not your typical "beach house" and it has been a lot of work for daddy and michael (when he could be there). Thankfully he had a ton of help from a lot of great friends and family. The painting is about done from what I hear. The air conditioning is being installed tomorrow. The cabinets are up in the kitchen and all the light fixtures have been installed. The porch is finished and from the looks of the picture I was sent, the floor in the kitchen may be done as well. The carpet is being installed Friday and then everything should be done and ready to move into. Wow- a 3 year lease on a 2 bedroom duplex "thing-a-ma-bob" - I think we may call it "Riley's Place." You wouldn't even believe the deal if I told you! It will just be very nice to have our own bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen for when Riley is here. Nanny and papa have the back bedroom and are setting it up for them. We are moving all of our stuff from my other bedroom over and "moving in" for the next three years. Depending on when Nanny and Papa are down, we will likely move Riley into their room when it is just us. I've received 3 updated photos via cell phone today- We will not be back to see it in person for a couple of weeks. I'm dying to get in there and decorate!!!!

cabinets and floor looking good in the kitchen!

more cabinets. FIL is there helping daddy today!

finished deck- can't wait to get a table and umbrella for up here!

my first REAL coupon experience

Yes, I am new at this. Gotta work on saving that money to meet my dream of a SAHM within the next year! Last time I was proud of my VIC savings and I did really well with them. Today I took on the double coupon week at HT. I started with my meal planning and checking for coupons online. Unfortunately the sunday paper is MIA and I didn't want to stalk the neighbors. :) So what's on the menu for this week???
  • lasagna soup - found here
  • moms famous chicken, rice and broccoli casserole that we love (i'll have to share the recipe in a later post!)
  • pasta with the new Philadelphia cream cheese sauce found here but using sausage instead of beef (may tweak the recipe a little, haven't decided)
  • going out one night
  • leftovers the other nights
So my search started on coupons.com- I got several really good coupons and since they were doubling them at HT, I got many things for $2 off!

Some of the great coupons/ savings I used included...

  • $1 off hillshire farms deli meat and $1 off the linked sausage. Well... the link sausage was buy one get one free, so I got one for $4.49 - $2.00 = $2.49 and the other for free... So, two huge sausages for $2.49! ( I need the sausage in my lasagna soup and the other pasta I am making.)
  • Another big save was the Baileys french vanilla creamer. I have never tried it, but it was $2.59 on sale for $2.19 with my VIC card and I got $2 off with my coupon... there ya have it... I paid 19 cents for the creamer! Go me!!!
  • Not quite sure what the savings was on the cereal, but if I bought three I got a dollar off each and that double would be 2 dollars off each, so that was a great deal too!
  • I needed 5 chicken breasts for my casserole and they were $8.49 for 3... I found a VIC savings and bought a pack of 8 originally $18.03 and I paid $11.16. No coupons, but still a good save!
  • I also bought another package of sausage of a brand I haven't used before. SmartStart. It was originally $3.99 but I got $2 off with my coupon, so I paid 99 cents for it. I love sausage and can make it in a bunch of meals, so that is why we have three things of sausage that in all we paid about $3 for... hello freezer if we don't get to you by the end of the week!
  • I also needed spaghetti sauce for my lasagna soup- I had a coupon for $1 off any Newmans Own product... I chose to use it on the spaghetti sauce that was originally $2.89 and with my doubled coupon, I got it for 89 cents.
  • The Philadelphia cooking cream was originally $3.35 and with my $1 coupon doubled, I only paid $1.35.
  • hillshire farms deli meat for michaels sandwhiches this week were on VIC savings for $3.50 (originally $4.49). With the dollar off coupon doubled, I paid $1.50.

  • My grand total for groceries today was $101.21

    I paid... $65.19!!!!!!

  • Total coupon/ VIC savings today = $36.02

    Unfortunately, I will never be an extreme coupon person. In my opinion you really can't eat as healthy as I would like to. A lot of coupons are for hamburger helper and boxed and frozen items. I am proud of what I made work today for foods that were already on our list and that we will actually eat. Now did I have coupons for the fresh fruits and vegetables or the cake mixes I am making for a friend? No. I had a coupon for a pretty decent savings on Yoplait yogurt but when I looked at the sugar content in that brand (16 grams!) I said no way and opted to buy the HT brand with only 6 grams of sugar. So you have to give some and take some, but I am very happy with the outcome and I hope this post can help motivate some of you to print some of those coupons and take advantage of it. I know I will from now on! Meal planning and coupons is the ticket!

    Please let me know if you have any good sites or ways to find coupons that I am not yet aware of since I am new at this!!!

    ~let go laughing.

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011

    29 weeks!!

    *not a huge fan of my pictures today, because I am at the beach and they aren't from the exact distance*

    How Far Along: 29 weeks - about 11 weeks to go!
    I can't believe I am in my 30th week of pregnancy! CRAZY!
    We all seem to think she will come early- that is starting to scare me to death. LOL
    Size of baby: 15 inches long! 2.5 lbs (many sites vary as to her size at this point...) .
    Total Weight Gain: between 21 and 22 lbs
    Maternity Clothes: still a little of both -
    Gender: it's a GIRL!! Riley Quinn
    Movement: still all the time. when i walk, she pushes he body out on one side of my belly. it is quite amusing
    Sleep: still sleeping alright. every now and then if i napped too late, i have a hard time falling asleep- but that's my own fault
    What I miss: my fall clothes (and it isn't even fall yet, lol)
    Cravings: none
    Symptoms: peeing. all. the. time.
    Best Moment this week: sitting on the beach, just me and michael. it was wonderful. discussing plans for our future, when our princess arrives and just talking and having fun.

    Monday, August 8, 2011

    day 4

    Day 4-

    Michael and I got some more alone time on the beach after he cut up all the old deck wood to fit in the trash, I rode the bike for a mile and we made another trip to Lowes for daddy. It was nice. He surfed for a bit while I read my book and then we chatted about our future goals in parenting, life, etc. We came back and he got straight back to work. I made a batch of cookies for the working men and then mom and I went to look for invitations for Tai and Sean's wedding shower. We came back and I took another nap. (I seriously don't know what I am going to do when I start back to work... being on my feet ALL day with the kiddos. I think I may have to nap before I drive home!) Anyway- I woke up from my nap and looked up things online for the shower. We are going to do the cutest things with mason jars. I just can't wait! Unfortunately, mom will have to do a lot of the decorating on her own because we have Lamaze that day! So anyway- the men are still working (at 6:30pm) and I decided to snap today's updates...

    On a side note- we are currently looking for a mini crib to possibly use at the beach house. We have a full sized one, but are in the process of saving space. If you know anyone that has one for a reasonable price, let us know. Otherwise, we will stick to the one we've got! *thanks!*

    Here are some updated snapshots~ enjoy!

    lots and lots of trash!

    new light fixture in the kitchen

    nanny and papas room with the new light fixture

    our room with the new light!

    rotted floor fixed!

    lovely new deck coming right along!

    they decided in the last 10 minutes to re-do the entire bench around the edge as well...

    Well, I guess I should take a shower and decide if the men are going to stop so we can go out to dinner or if we are just going to make something here. Have a wonderful evening folks!

    ~let go laughing!

    29 weeks tomorrow...

    look at that belly grow! 72% complete with 78 days until our due date- although around here, we think she is coming early!

    I'll do my normal "weekly" post tomorrow, but I was just excited when the bikini still fit this morning.

    oh yes... and our room in the new place is painted (white for now, michael and i may change it later)

    Sunday, August 7, 2011

    beginning of day 3...

    A lot of demolition in the last two days. Carpet is completely ripped up and out of there. Ceilings were painted, only to find out that the spotty stuff (you know, the annoying stuff any home built before 2000 had on the ceiling) needed to be scraped off. Unfortunately, that put a slight time delay on the rest of the place being painted. It's in the process of being scraped right now.... if it isn't already done. The bathroom has been completely gutted minus the shower and it is being re-done as I type. We went to Lowes and got a new medicine cabinet/ mirror to keep tooth brushes and such in and I got a new light fixture to go above it. We got all the wood to start on the deck and daddy has a whole crew down here helping him now. The kitchen cabinets are ready for pick up at Lowes, but dad is waiting for the carpet to be installed and the new kitchen floor before those go up. The carpet is all here and they are coming to install in tomorrow or Tuesday. The cabinets are going to look awesome. Remember what it looked like all on day one - it's already come a long way. Scroll down and check out the updated pictures. The cabinet design from Lowes is included. I hope you are enjoying the updates as much as I am. We are so excited to get all moved in and even more excited for when Riley is here!!!

    dad and michael deciding what kind of lumber to buy (porch before)

    nanny and papas bedroom - (riley's when no one else is down)

    living room from the bedrooms (you can see where the rotted wood was)

    mine and michael's room (and Riley's if nanny and papa are here)

    our room again (the crib is going in that corner on the left against the wall in front of you)

    gutted bathroom-
    (new mirror and light fixture ready to go up after the paint and floor are finished)

    had to rip the wall out to get the old air conditioning out

    ran into some rotted floor that needs to be replaced....

    kitchen... everything ripped out- floor is being replaced too

    new kitchen design. can't wait to see it all together!

    loading up the lumber