beautiful island weekend- *beach house pictures*

We got to spend another lovely weekend together on the island "just the two of us." I can't believe we may only be here one more time before we are a family of three! We are so excited. Although, we have felt like a family of three already and we know that Riley loves this island as much as we do. She kicks and turns and moves and grooves the entire time we are here (no that it's too far out of the ordinary for her, but I think she likes it!) :)

The new place is pretty much done now! We stayed here for the first time this weekend. It's so nice. I cannot even believe what it looked like before we moved over here! We still have a tv sitting in the living room floor at the moment. It's waiting to be moved out of here. We have my ancient one in the living room here for now. We already have mapped out where the high chair is going, her swing and her crib! We are still going to hang the pictures and the mirror on the walls in the living room, but we haven't gotten around to that yet. Yesterday, Michael surfed and I sat on the beach and read and watched him. After lunch we went over to the dock and laid for a while and then we sat at the Tesh's in the breeze by the water. (It was great to see Kelly again!) It was a fabulous day! Last night we celebrated my birthday and Jamie and Judy's birthdays! Mom surprised us with a beautiful birthday cake. Everyone had dinner at mom and dads house and we just enjoyed this awesome island company.

We're heading home soon. Back to the work grind tomorrow. I am so ready for October to be here. I think Riley is too! She's kicking me in my ribs as I type... She's saying "mommy, there is no more room in here for me!" Mom swears I wont make it past 38 weeks. We will see! I most certainly would not complain!

Before I show you these new pictures of the renovations, I really think you should scroll back tothis page and check out the "before" pictures. You will appreciate it much more if you do! And no one will truly understand unless you walked in here and saw (and smelled) it with your own eyes (and nose!). I can't wait to really dig into the decor next summer! :)

Here ya go!!!


our room


bathroom (you can't see the new floor, but it looks great!)

living room (nanny and papa's room in the back right)

living room again (from the kitchen, you can see our room on the right)
(*the tv in the middle of the floor has already been removed*)


I didn't post the view from the couch to the tv because the other tv was in the way at the time... either way, these show enough of how much hard work has been put into this place and we are so very grateful! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

~let go laughing~


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