Sometimes, I wake up and wonder... "could it get any better?" Sure, my job is more stressful than anyone outside of the profession could EVER imagine, and my husband is away so often... I get little sleep and am germ-filled from the kids at school. But, I have a job, I am truly healthy and have a husband and family that love me more than anything. Wouldn't it suck to be miserable ALL the time? I feel sorry for people like that. Homeless people for example- they are miserable and want you to know. There are jobs out there for everyone. They may not be the job you want or feel is "good enough" but suck it up and bag some groceries. I'm not going to give you my hard earned money. And how about unemployment- it KILLS me that I work my butt off every day and there are people who sit at home and collect unemployment because it truly pays MORE than some jobs. I'm just on a rant, but really. Miserable people stress me out. lol.
Work is going well- believe me, stress and germs are flowing like you wouldn't believe... and on a side note right now- there is a freakin CHRISTMAS commercial on tv... WOW! Let's get through thanksgiving first. haha. Ok, sorry- I'm so ADHD... Back to the job- loving my team! We work really well together and everyone seems to be able to laugh and cut up even with EVERYTHING being throw at us right now. It's a lot of stuff and once and everyone is getting burnt out quickly. We do it for the kids and it is worth it in the end. I thought about working someday in a hospital though. With children who need to be taught in the hospital because they are there for extended periods of time. Wouldn't that be awesome?!
Any who- just thought I would update. Hubby and I didn't get Halloween costumes this year. Guess were gonna be a doctor and a nurse again. haha. Goodnight.
Less than a month 'til EAS! Michael had his final physical today and he has already had his seperation classes. I can't believe it! SO EXCITED!!!

Let go laughing- <3


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