germs and more germs

Well, hello world! Here I am, sick again. Love the life of a 1st grade teacher! It is funny, my whole first year I didnt get sick until June and I got the flu. Now, it is only month 2 and I've got the "first grade funk." I went to a new Dr. today and I really loved it! The office is new and only about 5 blocks from my house and she was accepting new patients. =] Perfect! Michael and I have been staying home the past few weekends. I know, Topsail misses us and we miss it too!!! Our bathroom is allllmost done. It looks so much better than before. I have searched and searched and cannot find any "before" pictures. They must have gotten lost when my computer crashed. Sad. But I do have pictures of it now and I love it! Well, surely I wish it was mucho mucho bigger, but that's OK. One day when we add on I will have the bathroom and kitchen of my dreams.

Before the "re-do" there was a three panel, dark wood, mirror/ cabinet in that wall. There was also an ugly gold light fixture with no bowls over the light bulbs and all of the trim and woodwork was dark brown wood. Picture it... no really, picture it... yep. gross!:) This weekend, Michael will be finishing up painting and it will be done for now. We're going to carve our pumpkins too. It has been so nice in the past year to have my husband back home in the states. I spend two halloweens, 2 Christmas's, 2 Thanksgivings, 2 EVERTHINGS with him in Japan and I am so thankful to have him back. Last weekend I made pumpkin pies and they were awesome. That's about all I did. I slept for the rest of the weekend. These headaches are awful and wont go away. This weekend coming up we are going to relax and I have a lot of school stuff to work on before I get ready for parent/teacher conferences which begin next week. I am so proud of the growth all of my students are making and it makes me so proud to see it! Tomorrow is early release and we have training in the afternoon. It is a nice break for the kids to get to go to the state fair. I havent been in a couple of years, and I told my kids I was craving a candy apple last Friday. Well, today a student comes to me and hands me a bag with a big smile on his face. He said "is this what you wanted from the fair?"

So I guess even with all the germs, those kiddos still make me smile every day! I felt very special when I got my candy apple! :) Michael would be getting out of the Marines in 2 days if they hadn't messed up his EAS when he came back from Japan... AANNNND the ball that is every November which was one of the only reasons I was OK with this extra month we have to put up with is scheduled for next WEDNESDAY?! Really?! A WEDNESDAY? It is at Atlantic Beach again and I was really sort of looking forward to going. Not that I am a big fan of Marines (which is why I live in Durham still... lol) I was def. looking forward to getting all dressed up again. We only got to go to one ball in the whole 4 years michael was in the Marines. We get a chance for another one and these ding dongs make it so I cant. Not only do I have to work, but my conferences are scheduled for those two mornings and afternoons (wed. and thurs.) Oh well. Who cares. ONE MORE MONTH!!! =] We will be ready to celebrate when we get to the beach for Thanksgiving.

Tyler moved to NYC last weekend. He seemes to really be enjoying it and got a job day 2 being there! Go Tyler! I'm gonna miss having him around, but I can't wait to go up and visit. And as soon as he makes it big on Broadway, you will ALL know about it.

It's not even 9pm and I am going to sleep. My tummy hurts, my head hurts, my eyes hurt, I HURT. goodnight world.

let go laughing!


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