mom/daughter day out & a big scare!

Happy Tuesday blogger world! Today, Mom took me to get a manicure and a pedicure. Before I begin the blog about my "day off the island" I have to tell you my scare from this morning- No, I am not pregnant!

I sent Michael a text to see what time he was getting off today since I knew it would be early and we needed to get our lisence plates and titles taken care of... I got a text back as Mom and I were on the way off the island... "11:00... Ssgt ___ is trying to convince me to extend and go on a 4 month deployment until March."
Ummm.. HELLO? HUSBAND- since when do you send your WIFE this kind of information in a TEXT MESSAGE?! All I asked for was what time you were leaving base!

What is going through my head at this point? Well, he isn't answering his phone and no response to my "wtf" text back! So, finally when I get in touch with him and find out they are not MAKING him do this and he did not plan to extend his time, I calmed down. Come on people... We only have 88 days left of all of this after four loooooong years, two of which were spent in Japan!

So, after I was a little bit reassured, mom and I finished up at the salon and went to a super cute dress shop in Wilmington and she bought me a new pink dress! Michael got off early, so he met us in Wilmington to get the car stuff taken care of and we are now proud owners of a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer! =] And they even let me put my personalized plate on it and put a new one on the Honda. After the licence agency, we had lunch with Tyler at the mall. We shopped around a little bit, but not much. I did get a cute cover for my phone to keep it protected.

As we were shopping around, Michael got a phone call from base. I knew this because of the ring tone... I was scared. --- When he came back in, he was laughing. Ssgt ____ had called him and told him to not get in a heated conversation with his wife because the spot wasn't open anymore. I guess since he was laughing the whole time and wasn't planning to put Michael's name in this spot, we were OK.

I just thank God each night for keeping my husband safe and sound. We have been through so much in the past 4 years of the military life and we are ready to move on. We have so much going for us and are so lucky to be able to say that. I think about the men and women over seas and the families they have left behind so often. It takes such strong souls and hearts to do what the military requires from those who serve as well as their spouses and children. Through this long journey I have met so many Marine and Army wives. It is so important to stick together because no one else out there really knows the exact feelings we each go through. Just the thought of deployments are scary. Especially with 88 days left. Thank you, Ssgt ____ and thank you, God for allowing us to move on in life and allowing Michael to begin his career elsewhere. I love my husband and everything he does. I am ready to have him home now!

Thank you, God.

Goodnight world.

Let go laughing!


  1. jeez louizzze! im glad no deployments are in the near future--i wish that on no one. military life is different from all others,i agree-no one knows unless they've lived it. im very proud of my husband, like you--but am very glad he made it safely out of iraq twice and is coming home for GOOD.
    yay for us :) military wives are a special breed.


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