Hello Fall

Happy Fall!
As much as I love my summers, I do enjoy wearing a pretty light weight scarf in the fall! :) Happy Fall Y'all! Hubby and I have had such a relaxing weekend at home. We got our back yard decorated and love it! We put up some party lights on the fence and moved the picnic table and fire pit to a central location for some evenings in the yard! :) It's perfect! It has been rainy this weekend and cool. We've kept our doors open and listened to the rain. Last night we fell asleep to the sound of the rain on the gutters outside our window.

[Part of our back yard!]

They have messed up Michael's EAS date, so now he will be completely finished with active duty on NOVEMBER 23rd. Oh well- another pay check won't be bad right?! And, he will have thanksgiving off for sure before he starts his new position with Daddy's company. We are so lucky and so happy to have what we do and can't wait to start our new civilian life! It will be very different. Although he will be home each night, he will most likely be off to work already when I get home from work and then when I get up in the mornings, I'm sure he will still be asleep! We also wont have our weekends completely free as we do now, but it will all be worth it in the years to come. In life, you make sacrifices that better your future. For four years we have been mostly apart and it is time to move on to a new chapter in life. =] FINALLY! Dominos Pizza Inc. here we come! I only hope we are as successful in the business as my parents have been. With the guidence we have and them as our mentors, I know we will do well. (Thanks Mom and Dad and Jimmy for showing me how much hard work pays off! Without seeing what you have done and gone through to get where you are now, and the sacrifices you all have made, I would neve know what it takes!)

It has been so nice having Claire and Nick live near by. Finally, I have grown closer to Claire as a friend and a sister. We can talk about life and all it has with it. I always wanted a sister growing up... although, being the only girl was nice in the house! haha. Speaking of, I miss my brother! He never comes home anymore and he is about to leave to the big city to make it big acting. Were going to see his newest show The Notebook, in a couple of weeks. They are turning the movie into a musical and doing a workshop to see if Broadway wants it. How cool will that be on broadway! I hope it makes it and Tyler gets the lead role! I can't wait to be flying to NYC to see my BROTHER on the big stage. I wish I had actually done something with my singing, because I would love to be on stage. At times I do think I could handle the hustle and bustle of that life, but I also like my little house, puppy and husband just the way we are. :)

Work has been busy. VERY busy. Hadley told me yesterday that she heard on NPR that teaching a class of over 20 is the same as teaching a class of 40. YES IT IS! When only 2 or 3 are absent, be the good or talkative ones, it makes the biggest difference. Were doing the best we can through this economy and I just pray that these kids get the best education possible. I am doing everything I can to be sure of that in my classroom.

Time to spend the rest of the day relaxing on this rainy day with my husband. The roast is in the crock pot and it smells so yummy! I have really been cooking a lot more lately. I have always loved to be in the kitchen. Nanny and I used to spend all day on Saturday's making cakes or some kind of sweets. Yesterday, I made her a pumpkin shaped birthday cake and it was so yummy! :) Off to relax now! Were gonna play some Wii and hang out like best friends do! I love my life and everything about it.
The pumpkin cake I made Nanny for her birthday!

Let Go Laughing!


  1. The cake turned out really good!! Thanks for the nice comments about me : ) I have really enjoyed getting closer to you too!! Love you SIL : )


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