shopping trip =]

What a wonderful day I had with Anita and Cecelia! We went to Myrtle Beach outlets. Wow! The deals were AMAZING. Everything at the outlets is already priced less and we just happened to go on a day where almost everything was 40% off! I got a beautiful Coach bag with a scarf to go around it. I also got the Coach shoes I have been looking at since Christmas! They were only $40!!! I also got a super good deal on a Kate Spade makeup bag. It is so cute! And of course, I had to get Coach a new leash since his old one was destroyed by Ringer!

Moral of the story- if you are in love with Coach and Kate Spade like I am--- GO TO THE OUTLETS! I also got a few cute things for work at Old Navy, Banana Republic and J Crew! =]

Michael met me home last night after my big shopping day. He left this morning at about 4:55 and I got a call about 5:15 that scared me to death. He never calls and wakes me up until he gets there. A deer ran into the side of his car! It is pretty bad. Hopefully it wont be too big of a fix. The only thing that matters is that he is OK. I will see the car tomorrow when he comes home after work. Today, I am going to spend the day with Brenda and Hannah and Ms. Jewel. Another beautiful day at the beach!!! Simone and the kids come in today too! I'm so excited to see them. I havent seen them since last July!!! I love aunt Simone!!!! Anita and Bodie are coming friday too!!! :) I love my life. Still a few more weeks of summer freedom left!

Let Go Laughing!!!


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