they never suprise me anymore---

1st grade comment of the day--

"Mrs. S, _______ is eating his boogers." In such a 'blah, this is normal' tone... What a day!

I went shopping today, again with mom but michael came this time. I got another pair of pants that I can wear to work and will actually like to wear. lol. The only reason we went out there is because stupid Yankee Candle sent me an email with a buy one get one coupon and i HAD to buy the new autumn harvest candle! Lllloooooooooooove it! We got a Spiced Pumkin one for free with it! They both smell so good!

I also ordered my new glasses tonight. I can't wait to get them. I hope my Rx is up to date so I can order them tomorrow after they get the Rx and then I will have them by Tuesday. I only wear my glasses at night, but I would really like to start wearing them more and give my poor eyes a break from contacts. I think it might be important for the health of my eyes, so hopefully I can get to a normal Rx and get Lasik one day in the NEAR future! These new glasses are similar to the ones I have now, that I have had for three years. They are more squared and are dark brown. The sides have a tent of teal to them. Kinda like Amanda's but not exactly. I will post pictures as soon as I get them! I plan to keep the ones I have now for back up. But theyre already blurry because my Rx changed and I dont always update my glassses, so yeh... no one cares about my stupid eyes- in fact, I doubt anyone cares about any of this and I apologize that you are still reading my blah blah blogging. LOL. Ok, I am a nerd.

Greys, Private Practice and cuddles with hubby and Coachy!
Ringer is sleeping @ mom and dads tonight --


Let Go Laughing -
So this is my quote that I live by. It is from a Sugarland song and I started to love this quote this past summer. As this year has gotten into full swing, I must say that I truly LIVE by this quote. Each day I find myself laughing often. Sometimes to keep from crying, but it helps! Try it! LET GO LAUGHING! If you know me at all, you know I always want to make people smile and laugh, so do me a favor and try it tomorrow! Just LAUGH. =]


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