it's been a while-

Yes, I planted flowers! :)

Well blogger world- I'm back! =] Boy have I been busy. My topsail summer ended quickly and I am back to the real world. It is nice to be home. Hubby and i got our new tv that we have been waiting for. It looks so awesome and takes up so much less room than the huuuuge tv we had before!

I cant believe michael's EAS is NEXT MONTH! This has been a long four years. He has enjoyed his time serving the country and it has definitaly been an adventure for the two of us. Without the Marine Corps, we never would have been able to travel to such amazing places, meet such wonderful people and be able to have the home we have today. It has been a blessing for us, but we are SO ready for it to be in the past.

Work is going well. Busy busy and boy do i have some first grade stories to tell! let's see. The first three weeks of school have gone by now and tomorrow is only wednesday. I promise, i do NOT get paid enough for what I do. lol. I have seen private parts, cleaned up pee as well as poop and had children crying all day. They are cute and funny, but I do have a lot of them! 24 1st graders is a lot of children. I have a fabulous TA this year who has been a life saver. She is so nice to sit and just talk to. She even took the class for me to have a break after an emotional break down and sending two kids home after some major "accidents." It's great having a full time TA.

Last weekend Michael and I stayed home in Durham. We walked 4.5 miles to the coffee shop on Saturday morning. Mom and Dad, Claire and Nick met us there. We also went to the flea market and farmers market. We got a lot of fresh veggies. I cooked alllll weekend long. Turning into a pretty good cook, if I say so myself. This weekend I get to see Sara and Micah! I am so excited! Off to cirque dreams at the DPAC with mom! =] Then home for the big brother finale!!!! GO JORDO! or Kevin... lol. but i REALLY want Jordan to win!


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