Merry Christmas!

It is about to be the BEST Christmas ever. I cannot wait! My husband is a civilian again and that is ALL i need for Christmas. He is off on Christmas Eve, which we couldn't even believe. My brother is home!!! =] Did I mention, he looks FABULOUS! My cousins are coming to my house tonight for our 1st annual Christmas Eve Eve game night. Michaels parents and siblings are coming in tomorrow for Christmas eve and to spend some time at mom and dads annual Christmas Eve Open House! It just really seems like Christmas again. I love it. Everyone is so happy and it makes me smile. We got most all of our shopping done. Liz and I finished yesterday. I still have one or two more things I may need to pick up and the cousins and I are going to pick up Nanny and Papa's present this afternoon. I can't wait! They are going to love it. It is just going to be an awesome Christmas. I love this time of year. Don't ever take the Christ out of Christmas! Remember the reason for the season!
The snow last Friday was BEAUTIFUL! My students loved it. Too bad it will be rain on Christmas day and not snow :( Oh well. Everyone, and yes I mean everyone! Keeps asking me when I am getting pregnant. Why do all these people think you have to have babies as soon as you get married?!?!?! I have 24 children EVERY day of the week for 8 hours. I do not need another one when I get home. Yes, I would love to have a baby boy one day. Possibly Ryan Michael- so yes, we are planning. LOL. But we are SO not ready financially, emotionally, or non selfishly. (If that makes sense). Don't worry folks. We'll have a mini Laurchel or Michen in a few years! :) But seriously, stop asking. Haha.
Merry Christmas, Y'all!
Let go laughing.
[[Don't hate]]
*Love life!


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