germs, germs, germs-

I would love to stop sneezing and blowing my nose! Ugh. Life has been busy but wonderful as usual. Saturday was an amazing Halloween with family and friends. Liz and Marty came over for chili at mom and dads and then we played cards. Michael helped dad make chili on Saturday which made me very happy because it is one of daddy's family secrets. We dressed up as a witch and some scary man with no face. lol. We really had a great night. I couldn't ask for better family and friends. Unfortunately, my soar throat was in full force on Sunday. At least we got an extra hour because I didn't get out of bed until 11:30 and then I stayed in my PJ's all day. That is something I NEVER do. Michael was worried. haha. I hate wasting a day, but I couldn't talk and it was cold, rainy and dark, so why not? Right?! And, my awesome hubby even went and go t me breakfast! Yesterday, I had a soar throat still and came home and went to bed at 6:30. My throat felt much better today, but still very stuffy! I can't believe the amount of times I have been sick this year! Shouldn't I have been sick LAST year?

I'm sad because we were planning to go see Sara and Micah this weekend. Unfortunately, it is a 4 hour drive and Michael has been getting off pretty late on Fridays. It would be a waste to leave here at 8pm and get there at midnight and then have to turn around Sunday morning to get back so he could get back to base. Sara wants us to wait when we can have a whole 2 days. I think it is a good choice though, because I need to relax and get my body well. We'll probably stay home and not do anything. We need that! It has been a while. I do miss my Sara Jade though! :(

Tyler is loving NYC. He ate at the Life Cafe' today and sent me a picture. SO COOL. I love RENT. =] Me, Mom and 'the girls' are going up very soon! We're going to see some shows and spend some time with my brother. I cant wait. I have always wanted to see the big Christmas tree in the city and go ice skating outside! I can't wait to do it. Michael has less than 20 days until he is OUT of the Marines. FINALLY! I can't believe the time is here. Now we can get on with our lives and live the civilian life together!
Happy November folks! Let go laughing! :)


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