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Hello world- I had a very productive teacher workday today! We got the rock kits out and ready. I feel as our team is working so well together. We are all laughing and having a good time even when were sitting on the floor covered in sand and silt and nasty "liquids" from science kits! We all checked out a book that I have to read before our planning time next Friday. We recieved a grant for subs so that we can work together as a team to plan outside of our regular planning time which is slim with all that comes up during our "planning time." (Parent phone calls, behavior conferences, 1st grade "bugs," accidents, etc.) The book is about how to work together as a team. So far, it is actually pretty good. I got the summary of the book because I dont know that I will be able to finish it by then (my ADHD) and I really am interested in reading it further. So, even if it isnt done by Friday, I will def. be reading it. lol. Yes, I am a nerd. But the book makes a lot of sense and not only about working as a team at work, but life in general. I feel that your family is a team, be that your spouse, or your parents or in laws... The book gives the 5 dysfunctions of a "team." To me, these are important in all "teams."


    My Team Leader, Amy and me

1. Absence of Trust -->To me, these are all so important and have really made me look at things differently. In the book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, it talks about how you must have the trust in eachother to make choices and decisions. You must be vulnerable and open with one another. If you can't trust your spouse or your "team" you really need to rethink things in my opinion. Trust is so major in my life. I trust all of the ladies I work with that I can tell them exactly what is on my mind. Maybe this is just being open, which is something I am good at, but I do not feel "stupid" if I have to ask a question or don't understand something. This too goes for my family and husband. I am known for making "stupid" comments or asking "stupid" questions and I am not scared to do so. LOL

2. Fear of conflict --> This is not a problem that my team has at work or at home! Haha. I love to argue, as does my husband. At work, we argue but always come to an agreement and I think a lot of times this is seen as negative where this book makes it more of a positive thing. Working through issues and productively dealing with the conflicts... Don't you think this is important?! I don't mean "youre stupid, that is dumb, or youre just wrong!" Not those kinds of arguments, but mature adult arguments when everyone is allowed their own opinion and you work through it together are so important.

3. Lack of commitment-->This is important all around. Everyone has to commit. Commitment is big. I think once you begin a job or a relationship there needs to be commitment. The realization that you are a "team" and not an individual anymore. Not only are you effecting yourself, but others as well. At the end of the day you need to be able to look at your teammate or partner and say " I see where you are coming from and agree to disagree." This goes with relationships, religion and LIFE!
4. Avoidance of accountability and 5. Inattention to results are each important as well, but I haven't gotten that far yet! I am done being a "study nerd" tonight. Lol. I have enjoyed relating this to life and people in general and not just to work.

Sooo... Now I am sitting on the couch in the candle light listening to the rain and wind. The power went out and I decided to read my book! It is back on now and I am happy to have iCarly back. LOL. Hubby may or may not be buying the new car he wants. The guy who took out a loan to buy the blue Honda decided today that he wanted a motorcycle instead... SOOOO- Michael and I do not want to take out the money from our savings in fear that the Honda may not sell. So, unless he can sell the Honda soon, the new car may be gone. :( He just got a call on someone very interested in it though, so let's hope and pray that this time it actually goes through. DRAMA! I am so over the Marine Corps and Marines! Speaking of, since they messed up his EAS date we will now still be active at the time of the Marine Corps Ball... to go or not to go? I don't really know anyone there anymore in his unit and he doesn't want to go. I like to get all dressed up and if it is somewhere pretty like the beach it was at last year, it might be a nice trip. I dont know. It was WAY crowded last year and you could barely move, but I did have fun dancing. We'll see I guess. I don't really want to spend the money on a hotel room and I know it will not be close to here. lol.
Ok, time to quit typing to the world. :) Goodnight world. Time to cuddle with my puppies by the candle light and watch suit life on deck. Hubby has 8 days off starting tomorrow and then we only have one more month of this crap! Thank you, God for giving me such strength to make it through these four years. Without my amazing family and friends and my puppy to keep me company, I never could have made it. My husband is amazing and I have been so blessed in life.

Let Go Laughing!


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