kids say the darnedest things....

No, really- they do! Friday afternoon during writing time, the kids finished writing for the day and I called them to the carpet to share. As we are sitting on the carpet, one of my more rambunctious students was wiggling and jiggling, so I asked him to stand up and read his writing... It went like this :

"I was walking down the street. I was with my sister. We saw a person, it was a pimp."
I looked at him trying to hold back my tears from laughter and said... "a WHAT?" and he said... "You know, a pimp... P-M-P... pimp." I then asked "what is a pimp?" and he finished by saying -
"You know, a thug who rides in a car with hy-dro-lups and guns with real loud music."
So, yes- Kids say the darnedest things! I brought his writing home last night to share. I love my job. I always have a smile at least for some part of my day - even on the worst ones! Believe me, it is A LOT of work for just a few smiles, but to see these kids learn and grow throughout the year is pretty rewarding if I say so myself.

On my lunch break yesterday, I got a call from Joan Ebert and she had two club level, first row seats to the seasons opening HURRICANES game last night! I was so excited because Michael was home and we could actually go! I love Gale and Joan and it has been nice getting to know Liz too! They are just wonderful people and I am so glad my family has brought me together in their friendship with them. We had an amazing time at the game. Michaels friends were in town for the game as well and they were seated on the ice. His friend Ray is leaving for Afghanistan very soon and he and his girlfriend rode to the game with us and spent the night. When we got to the car, Brandy had gotten the game puck and even though we lost, it was so nice for her to give it to me! She and Ray and their families are big Flyers fans, so she didn't really need a hurricanes official game puck! :) When we got back home, we built a fire in the fire pit and lit our lights outside and relaxed on a beautiful fall night. It was wonderful! This afternoon, we are going to Burlington to see my moms side of the family for a cookout. Hopefully we get a chance to swing by the Stokes and say hello to them! Relaxing time for now.

- Let go laughing!


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