something i have always wanted... (TMI post)

Yes... you are reading correctly, I bought a B cup bra today! Ridiculous that it makes me this happy, I know! But come on... when you have barely fit into an A your whole life, this is SO cool. I even bought some pajamas that I have never felt comfy in and I fill it out comfortably. I am hoping they stay at least this size after all is said and done... if not, we may just have to save up for a couple of B's from the good ol' doctor. ;) They really probably aren't noticably larger to anyone but me, but my self consciousness about bathing suits and tank tops... would totally be gone! Now if only my ears would shrink, I would be a happy girl. Luckily I have hair to hide those. ;)

On another note, all of the trees are down in the yard now. It is HUGE!

If Riley is a boy, he is going to have a baseball diamond back there! They come back tomorrow to grind the stumps and someone should be coming any day now for the lumber. We can't wait to plant some fruit trees and some evergreens in the back to give us more privacy. We are just so glad those pine trees are gone. Never again will we spend hours and hours... and hours raking pine needles! 30 pine trees... GONE! The service we used is called Big Oak Tree Service. The mans name is SJ Moore. His number is 919-524-8483. He is out of Franklinton, NC. They are incredible. They are insured and have all of the equipment. Family owned business, a man and his three sons. Check them out and tell them we sent ya!

This has been an awesome weekend. We started our registry at Target. I wanted to get it started so I can add things from home when we think of them. When we find out what we are having in 12 days, we are going back to add more! For now we just have the big stuff on there. We are hopefully getting the crib and dresser on the 13th. We can't wait. We are so lucky to have family that can build and work on things like we do. Between my dad and Michael's dad, we have it all! We still plan to register at Babies R Us, only because they have the pack n play we want and a few other things. We also may check out buy buy baby. Feel free to leave suggestions: what TO register for and what NOT to register for!

Well here comes another week of work. 6 to go! 5 more Mondays and 29 more school days. I cannot believe my little firsties are on their way to second grade. I'm gonna miss them so much! I'm thinking about a trip to NYC to see my brother next month between when I finish with these kiddos and when I teach my week long "pre-k" kindergarten class. I'm doing a one week session from 8-12 and then it is SUMMER 2011! I'll have to check out flight prices though. Not sure if I really want to swing it right now with summer and no pay checks approaching.

We will see. Time for Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives and cuddle time!

Happy Sunday evening, folks! ~let go laughing


  1. They are going to get bigger... especially if you breastfeed, but throughout the rest of your pregnancy as well. I have 1st trimester, 2nd trimester and 3rd trimester bras! lol :)


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