i'm pregnant, not dying...

I can take the trash out, play basketball, ride my bike, play fetch with my puppy, stand on a chair, lift my dogs, do the laundry, clean the house, cook, carry my groceries,TEACH, bathe the dogs, move furniture from the old office to the new office, clean out closets... I can do whatever I want to do. I am so tired of people saying "you shouldn't lift that" or "you shouldn't hold that." GIVE ME A BREAK! I am fine. My dr. said to continue doing whatever I was already doing. And let me promise you all that is not being lazy! When I am maybe 25/30 weeks pregnant with a belly out to Egypt... sure, I will probably take it down a notch, but for now, I am me. My child is safe and sound and I am not doing any harm to him/her as I am not doing anything physically different. I am glad people are worried, but I am fine. Really. I don't feel like women should stop doing their regular routines in life just because they are pregnant. My mom didn't and neither did her mom... I have a life, I have a job and I have a home to take care of. It is out of pure laziness if you ask me, when people sit around and blame "I'm pregnant" so their husband will do everything for them. That is NOT why I got married and sure not why I am carrying this child.

Ok- end rant. Sorry- I had to let it out. lol

Goodnight world. ~let go laughing.


  1. Amen!! I tried pulling the pregnant card when I was really tired and my husband kept reminding me women have done it for millions of years so why should I be treated any different? Some myths that bugged me: you can't lift your arms above your head, you can't wear clothes that go over your belly (like elastic from sweatpants or leggings) and you can't have sex after a certain point. I did it on my due date!! lol


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