pregnancy and my amazing husband

It's funny because mom always told me she loved being pregnant. ALl I have ever heard is the horror stories... morning sickness, cramps, exhaustion... I will say I spent a week or two of being tired, but not the passing out kind of tired. Just earlier bed times... 8:30ish, etc. Everything else has skipped me- thank you for those Pittman genes. I wish them for you all (Katie, Summer and Mandy!!) Not that I am rushing you girls (especially NOT you- summer elizabeth!), but Riley is going to need some cousins around here!!! :) I just love being pregnant. I haven't gained too much weight and I still feel great. Nothing in life has changed... nothing is "horrible" and I'm not miserable. I feel so blessed and lucky. I still carry in the groceries, I still cook dinner, I still teach my firsties with all my might... I must say, I'm a happy girl.

Riley got a package in the mail today from Key West! Her auntie-Em sent her an adorable shirt from her favorite store there. It says "besame mucho" [kiss me a lot]. It is too cute. This little girl is already so loved. I am so ready to meet her. I go to the dr. on Friday for my monthly checkup and then in 4 more weeks I have my scheduled anatomy scan at the dr. So, I get to see her again and I cannot wait. We get to see her brain chambers and other important organs. What an incredible experience this all is. And for those of you who know me and know that I have always said it is "creepy." Yes, it is still creepy! lol.

Michael got home yesterday from his business trip. I missed him a lot. It was weird him being gone. Since he has been out of the Marines, I am so used to him being with me every night. He sent me flowers to work for our anniversary and came home with a card. I am so blessed to have such an incredible husband. We rarely argue and when we do- it's over who is cleaning the dog puke or folding the towels and it is all in fun and games. It is just so incredible to be married to my best friend who I can laugh with daily. We never get sick of each other and could truly be together 24 hours a day and be OK. I have lived watching my parents be together 24/7 and I guess it is just normal to me. I didn't realize that was not normal until high school when the other kids parents worked separate jobs and didn't see each other until the evenings and sometimes less. I know that one day Michael and I will be together more and I look forward to it. Once someone asked Michael "is she always this happy? are y'all always this happy together?" He was so funny when he came to me and told me this person asked him this. I asked him how he answered and he said "ummm.. yeh." Like it wasn't normal or something. I don't know... why would you be married to someone who you fight with all the time, talk to like trash and don't get along with. That isn't what marriage is about. I know everyone is different. Maybe some people like that. I just know how happy I am and lucky that we have what we do. He is going to be an amazing father and I cannot wait to see him with our Riley Q.

Time to watch Scotty!

Goodnight all.

~let go laughing!


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