i heart durham.

I just want to say I love where I grew up and love where I live. People may talk down about Durham and I say "oh well." I grew up here, went to DPS, got a high school diploma and was intelligent enough to go on to earn my Bachelors degree from UNC. I bought my home in Durham and I plan to raise my child to do the same! I am so thankful my husband loves it here as much as I do. The area is wonderful. Not the busy, hustle and bustle and not way out in the country. But guess what... we have both. And as for surrounding cities, we love Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Apex and everything else. But most of all we love DURHAM.

Tonight we decided to go real "DURHAM." We headed out for dinner at Only Burger- Yes, you may have seen it mentioned on the Food Network. The first time I ventured out for this tasty sensation was a nice rainy day in Durham. The days before the store was built, they sold burgers solely from a truck. What you may picture as an ice cream truck, only burgers... (no pun intended.) ;) Now, you may be thinking... eeew... burgers in a truck. But OH MY- they are 12 kinds of delicious. Cooked right there in front of you with toasted buns and all the fixins'. Yes, I love the south. Tonight was my first trip to the actual "building" off Shannon Rd. by the post office. I was a bit nervous to think if the store itself could actually be as good as the burgers from the truck. Well friends, it was! And the best part... other than the tasty burgers... the glass bottled drinks. Gingerale, rootbeer, cream soda, orange cream and more!

Our evening didn't stop there. Can you believe we haven't tried tuti fruti yet?!?! It was 12 kinds of awesome! (OK- Abby from babblingabby has me stuck on that...)

So picture this... you walk in, there are about 20 different flavors to choose from all on the little pull down handle thingy-ma-bobs. You get your cup and pick your flavor or flavors. Then you head on over to the awesome topping bar. It ranges from cereal, nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc. to chocolate fudge and caramel. After you douse your (healthy) frozen yogurt in all of the (healthy or non healthy) toppings, you take it on over to the checkout where it is weighed. 39cents an oz. The two of us got two nice sized bowls of frozen yogurt ( i got raspberry and blueberry, Michael got coffee and chocolate) and I got just a few rainbow sprinkles and it was only $6.00. I suggest finding a tuti fruti near you! You can type in your zip code here to see if there is a close one!

Our next venture (which I still can't believe we haven't tried...) Local Yogurt.


  1. OMG I can't believe you haven't been to Local Yogurt!!!! We are there at LEAST once a week, lol. You will love it! I am obsessed with trying new local restaurants in Durham (I heart Durham as well!!!) so lets make a dinner date somewhere soon! :)


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