May 17

happy anniversary to us.
(Michael doesn't like this picture- he says it doesn't look like we love eachother- it's hard to do on a timer!)

(Mr. photographer himself took this after dinner)

Married, that is. (Tuesday) We celebrated our three year anniversary tonight at Angus Barn. It was so good. If you are not from around here, it is worth the trip. We each had incredible steaks and they brought us a yummy pound cake to celebrate our anniversary. We decided to skip the awesome dessert menu tonight because we were so full. What a wonderful three years it has been. I am so excited for the years to come. This is our last anniversary as a family of 2! We celebrated tonight because Michael will be on a business trip and wont be getting home until very late Tuesday night on our actual anniversary.

Happy Anniversary, Michael. Thank you for an amazing dinner date! You know just how much I love getting dressed up!!! :o)


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