girl or boy??

I don't know why I still have this gut feeling the baby is a girl. If it is, and anyone steals Easton before we maybe one day have a little boy... I will hunt you down. LOL. We absolutely LOVE the name. I told Michael tonight that since I was convinced it was a girl that the reason I love the name so much is because it is Gods way of telling me it is a boy. HAHA. No but really, at this point I really don't care what we are having, I just want to know! 9 more days! SINGLE digits!!!!

We love our boy name, Easton Michael...

I want a girl name that is chic and unique, but not popular. I love Riley, but people keep telling me it is very popular. I don't want her to always be "Riley S" I can't decide though, bc I do love the name.

Any thoughts on some chic and unique baby girl names that are not too popular:

our other ideas are:

Quinn, Wynn, Reese and Harper

We are thinking of sticking with Riley Quinn :)


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