just another day [weekend] in paradise

so ready for my summer here to begin. After almost 10 miles on my beach cruiser this weekend along with many walks on the beach, it has been incredible and I feel great. Still in my bikinis at 19 weeks pregnant and I am not ashamed. I was thrilled to see another mommy-to-be on the beach in a bikini yesterday... and she was much further along than me. You know what? It is 2011, this is my body- I am proud of it, and I don't care what anyone thinks! I cannot wait for my Riley Q. to enjoy this island as much as her mommy and daddy do! We've spent the last two days on the secluded back side of lee island. We took the boat all the way around the back and parked and walked across. The men fished for hours while the woman chatted and laid out while munching on fresh strawberries and watermelon! Yesterday my good friend from high school and his wife joined us and it was so much fun. They are even considering moving back home and I really hope they do. Their little girl is due only 5 days before Riley Q. It was so fun sitting and chatting baby talk. We are both so excited. Each of us are working hard on our nurseries and couldn't be more excited! We are already planning Riley's 3rd birthday trip! haha. Def. not trying to rush it! Today we are having a picnic on the sandbar. Michael went skiing with daddy early this morning. We have truly had the most relaxing, incredible weekend together that we have had in a very long time! We needed it! Life has been so busy and crazy and we have needed it. We are so ready to be a family of three but we are most def. savoring every moment of being just the two of us. We got Riley a beach tent and tested it out yesterday. It works nicely! she will be 8-11 months next summer and it is going to be perfect! We cannot wait to get her out on the sandbar and the beach and the boat. Speaking of my little Riley Q., mom felt her kick for the first time last night. I was laying on the couch and michael was feeling her and mom came real quick and put her hand on my belly. Wow is she a strong little one! I cannot believe that we are pretty much half way to meeting her! I am 19 weeks tomorrow and if she comes the slightest bit early... we're there! :) Only a few more weeks until TB Summer 2011 begins! 9 more school days- a week of head start half days and a wedding stand between me and the sandy island for 10 whole weeks!

~let go laughing!!

Happy Memorial day- spend a moment of your day to reflect upon those who have lost their lives defending our great country.


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