making onesies

Today Heidi took me to the fabric store in Chapel Hill. Not only did we spend time at the fabric store, but we also had brunch at The Weathervane and had locopops. We had a fabulous girls day out, plus a little red headed ladies man who loves to giggle and smile!

I have been wanting to make Riley some onesies and Heidi always has the best ideas. You can check her out here. I picked out five different fabrics and bought some backing for them. Heidi took D home because he was sleeping. I attempted to make my patterns (I did them all by hand, what was I thinking?) They actually turned out fairly nice. I transfered them onto the fabric with the backing that I had already ironed on. I then cut the pattern out of the fabric and peeled one layer off of the backing. This is just to help the fabric stay on the onesies better. Now the hard part- and the part I have yet to master... is sewing the patter onto the onesie. Once I master the sewing machine skill, I will complete them.

(this is my favorite fabric and i love the little r)
(these were the first two i did- i love the little bird)

(we had to have a pumpkin for october!)

For now, they are just hanging in her closet, waiting for the finishing touch!

*disclaimer: Riley will likely only be wearing these onesies with tutus. ;)

I am hoping to get a lesson on the machine sometime this week between report cards, profile cards, information cards, class lists, cum folders, final PLT data and much, much more... Don't ya love the end of the school year?!?! If I had more time in my life I would totally sell my headbands and onesies on etsy. Maybe one day... lol. Me and Heidi can open a shop together- photography and more... lol

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. We are most definitely looking forward to having our toes in the sand verrrrry soon! :o)

xoxo ~ let go laughing

p.s. please excuse the camera phone pictures :) I will take good pictures once I finish them on the sewing machine.


  1. Thanks for the props! Such a fun girls day!! They look great, and will look so darn cute with tutus! After you master onesies, you can make your tutus!! :)


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