our ultrasound of Riley Quinn -16 wks.

It's 4pm on Friday the thirteenth. I admit I was nervous. I wanted a little girl so badly- I knew I would love and boy just as much and one day if we have our little Easton Michael, I will most definitely love him. I just have had this feeling since the day I found out I was pregnant that this was a girl. We started calling her Quinn from day 1. Anyway- back to the story. We all piled into my daddys car (me, michael, mom, dad and my mother and father in law). I had to pee SO bad. I was instructed to drink 20 oz of water at ten til four and not pee. We arrive at the ultrasound place (just 5 minutes up the road). I quickly filled out a short amount of paperwork and they sent me back. We were in the room by 4:15. It was a dark room with two couches and a big recliner for me beside the ultrasound techs station. I had my own TV and there was a big screen above my head. She plopped on the jelly and we got to watch my little Riley for 16 minutes! (I have a DVD of the entire time!!!!) Not too far into the scan, we got to see her girly parts. Before the tech even said it, I knew! I have been looking at girl vs boy ultrasounds for weeks now. Everyone cheered loudly (my mom, my MIL and I all called girl). We were so excited. I think we were all crying. All I could think of in my head was the lyrics to Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely." Funny thing is, I downloaded the gLee version that morning and listened to it on the way to school. Yes, I cried all the way to school listening to it. :) So we all sat there and watched Riley for 16 minutes. Wow is she a kicker. She has long legs like her mommy too! She even has nanny's nose! It is so cute! :) We didn't get wonderful images out of it, but the video is worth a million dollars! I should have a viewing party for anyone who wants to see it! haha. So when the 16 minutes was over and we finished watching her dance, and smile and open and close her mouth and suck her thumb and rub her face.... (incredible!) I finally got to go to the bathroom. In the short amount of time that I was in the bathroom, Mom was standing outside the door with a HUGE pink box. She wanted me to open it right there, but we went outside to open it. It was all of Riley's bedding from pb kids that I had picked out! (the crib sheet and the bumper for now... the skirt is on back order). I couldn't have been more excited because they knew I was planning to go buy it as soon as we found out! Mike and MB had a gift for us too! We got two pink pacifiers an adorable sleeper, and a bib that says grandpa loves me. The funny thing is, they had each bought a "boy" gift too. So Easton's whale bedding was in the car too! I had NO idea! We all hugged and texted and posted to fb that IT'S A GIRL! What an incredible 30 minutes it was. We then went out to the mall to return the boy bedding and get a few more things. I wanted to buy the stuffed owl, the small pillow for the glider and the quilt. I even ended up getting the canopy. Riley is already one spoiled little girl and she has the most amazing grandparents a girl could ask for! Mom and dad and Mike and MB headed to Maggianos for a drink to celebrate. Michael and I quickly ran to baby gap to buy little Riley something pink. Being that she is a fall baby, it is difficult to shop right now. So, we hit up the sale rack for some last season items. She got an adorable onsie with jeans and a pink sweater to match! We got her some leggings too so she could be more comfortable. :) Then we joined everyone at Maggianos and I had a virgin peach bellini. We were trying to decide where to go to dinner to celebrate and realized not only was it Friday night but there were three college graduations going on this weekend. We called Angus Barn and the earliest they had was 9:30. We went with Dominos! Haha. When we got home, Mike brought in Michael's old dresser from when he was a kid. We cannot wait to get it painted and make it Riley style. :)

(Riley is going to need a bigger closet! Just like her mommy)
(her daddy's old dresser that we are painting and some of her bedding!)

(the crib we are having custom made along with her bedding!!!)

I am just so excited we are having a little baby girl. We couldn't be happier. The crib we picked out at PB kids was a difficult one to just "draw" and create. So my FIL went to pb kids, bought it, took it home and made a pattern and then returned it. How cool is that?! He is pretty awesome. We cannot wait to see it next week! Michael and daddy (and a few others that are going with them) are stopping by Charlotte on their way home from a business trip on our anniversary to pick it up! Then we will sand the dresser and the small stand we have and paint all three pieces of furniture for Riley's room.

Again, what amazing grandparents Riley Quinn has!

Today- We may work on our registry at Target a little bit, register at Pottery Barn Kids and maybe babies R us, only because they have the pack n play that I want. We may also start looking for her "coming home" dress at Strasburg. OMG! I am over the moon... STILL. I couldn't be happier right now. This is the most incredible thing EVER!


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