blog is acting crazy

This blog is being crazy- it wont let me use google chrome (even though it is a google host) - and i hate internet explorer because it make my blog look crazy and wont let me put the pictures where I want to. I give up.

I wanted to quick update- spoke to a lady yesterday through my healthcare. She said my BMI was low before I began my pregnancy and I should gain the entire 35 lbs with Riley girl. She said I should gain about 1 lb each week from here on out which will be about 21 more lbs. If that is the case, I will still be under the 35 lbs and I am OK with that. I know I sound like I have problem. lol- I was stressing a tad about the weight, but I am OK with it because Riley is healthy and mom and nanny and dads mom had no problem dropping the baby weight so neither should I! :) That being said I can't figure out where the 10 lbs is at this point, because I don't seem to think my belly is that huge yet and all my clothes still fit otherwise. Who knows! Who cares!

Onto the pictures of Riley's crib- We still have to paint it white and paint the other furniture. And ofcourse I plan to steam her canopy. But we are in love. And the chair pictured is the swivel glider from crate and barrell that we will likely splurge on and buy for our baby girl. Michael says he wants a nice one since he feels like he will be spening a lot of time in it. We have price checked and can't seem to find anything cheaper, so we may just go for it!

Anyway- time to head to work. Happy Friday, y'all!


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