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So since you all know I am terrified about gaining too much weight, I have been researching some healthy recipes. I posted on the baby board I am on for healthy tips as well. As for me... I have been eating crispix cereal for breakfast each morning. I make a smoothie for a mid morning snack (1 banana, several strawberries, a splash of milk and some ice). I freeze it while I'm in the shower and then pack it with ice packs in my lunch box. For lunch I have been eating a salad, some sort of carb (light pasta or half a pb sandwich) and then as a snack I have pretzels or a peanut/sunflower seed/ craisen trail mix that I made. Dinner is where I usually "slack." I try my best, but it is hard to not get tired of salads. The thing is, I LOVE to cook, I just cant think of any ideas that aren't chicken... I am SO over chicken. lol. We do tend to eat out often, which is easier at times because I can be healthy and have options. It is often cheaper as well seeing as right now there are only two of us and by the time you buy groceries to make a white pizza or a hefty pasta with lots of fresh veggies, it costs more at HT than pizza kitchen or johnny carinos... I love salads at different restaurants and I think the ticket is the dressing. I just can't find a store bought dressing that I love. I am always stocked with tons of fruits and veggies and we love to cook on the grill. I just REALLY need some recipe ideas outside of the same ol' same ol' "chicken" recipes. I'm even open for chicken, but it really needs to be different. I have a million recipe books and I look through them all the time, I just never seem to really pick anything.

Does anyone else have this problem? Summer time is always better- very little eating out- lots of fresh seafood and yummy-ness! :) Come on summer- only 3 more Mondays of work and you are alllllll MINE! :)

Have a good night all. It's gLee prom night!

~let go laughing.


  1. go to my good friend leah's blog..... she has awesome recipes that are healthy too!!


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