Riley GIrl update!

I went to the doctor today for a checkup. I really love that place! I hope and pray Dr. Chappell can deliver Riley. I just love her. She listens to all of my questions and she is so helpful. She told me to lay on my belly as much as I want to and dig a hole in the sand to tan my back. LOL. She is just so down to earth and honest. Riley's FHR was 160 beats per minute today. She moved the due date up a few days to October 25th. I was asking her if it would move based on my past ultrasound measurements. She spent about 5 minutes calculating things through her paperwork. She said "well, 24 or 25... I'll go with 25- final date!" haha. I will start my weekly pictures on Tuesdays now! She also told me my weight was perfect and right on track. She said I can keep riding my bike and suggested swimming to ease my mind. I think she thought I was borderline eating disorder. She was like "don't go hungry!" haha- All I did was ask her how my weight gain was and that I didn't want to get huge. haha. Anyway- Mike sent me a text tonight with the picture of Riley's crib! It is gorgeous! Our only issue now is finding a paint that is OK for a crib seeing as babies often chew on them when they start teething. I'm sure I will find something. We are so excited for him to bring it here and get it in her room. She offered to schedule our 3d ultrasound in 2 weeks but since I told her we already went to prenatal peek, I told her I would just wait for 4 weeks. So on June 14th we get to see our Riley girl again! I cannot wait. I will be close to 22 weeks and it will be so cool to see how much she has grown. :)

I will leave you with a picture of Riley's homemade crib- Have a great Friday evening y'all-


  1. Aww! That crib is beautiful! Do you plan on having her naturally or are you going to induce? A couple things I do suggest getting are a carrier (moby wrap, ergo, ring sling, pouch sling etc) and a bumbo seat. They start using the seat around 3-4 months old and it helps them practice sitting up. And I love my carrier, I have a moby wrap and it's so easy just to carry Aurelia in it if I go walking or whatever.

  2. I registered for both! I plan to have her naturally. We will see what happens. There WILL be drugs involved if I have anything to do with it. I just can't tolerate the pain. I praise the girls like you that can do that!


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