"it's a girl" cupcakes

My sweet firsties have been dying to know what I am having since I told them I had a baby in my belly! I got a cool cupcake decorating kit for Christmas and have been so excited to use it. It is the Cuisinpro cupcake corer and decorating set. I usually bake mini cupcakes and they are too small to use the tool to punch out the middle/ press it down. I told the kiddos on Friday that I would be bringing them a treat on Monday to let them know what the baby was. I baked some yellow cake batter cupcakes in some pretty brown paisley cupcake wraps I had leftover from a while ago. Then I used the cupcake tool to make a hole in the middle of each cupcake. I then used a super cool icing tool to fill the cupcakes with pink icing. I just added a pinch of red food coloring to the white icing to make it pink. After I filled each one with pink, I iced them with the same icing tool in chocolate to cover the pink. I cannot wait to see the kids faces when they eat them Monday morning. Yes- I'm crazy feeding 20 first graders cupcakes in the morning, but it is just too exciting!!!

If I do this again I will be putting a monogram on top. A little R would be adorable with the straight icing piece. I felt that I was probably already giving them way too much sugar in the morning and didn't need to add anymore. I may have to make another batch for my co-workers with her RQS on top! :)

Ok.. i had leftover pink so I decided to give it a try and keep this one for the "end reveal" after the kids bite in. I need to work on my monogram skills.

(please excuse the camera phone picture- i was too lazy to take the big one out again)


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