making tutus for Riley Q.

I have had so much fun today. I went to the fabric store and got several colors of tulle. I got pink, black, red and light blue. I also got some ribbon for the tutus. It didn't take long at all! I made her blue one first and it is pretty big. I think it will be adorable to be so huge for newborn pictures. The red one I made smaller and she can likely wear it when she comes! The blue one she will be able to wear later. Like maybe next summer. I will prob. make the black and pink ones small too. And I have a feeling I will be buying more tulle and making many more! I'm considering making them to sell. I really enjoy it. Riley will likely have a skirt or tutu on if she is wearing onesies in public. Yes, my child will be like a baby doll to us when it comes to clothing and we cannot wait! I'm making matching headbands next!

(*side note* my hubby supervises 6 Dominos pizza stores for my daddy- we hope to one day franchise on our own)

(*don't mind the cell phone pictures)

The last one is the onesie i made for her with her homemade tutu. :)


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