clothes that fit!

I was getting very depressed and had that kind of day yesterday where "nothing looks good." You know, ladies... we all have those days! But clearly it is harder when you are 23 weeks pregnant. Lol. I have a limited selection of maternity clothes and just don't want to spend the money on them. I have two dresses, three pairs of shorts and a few tops... Other than that, I am in most of my pre-pregnancy dresses, skirts and still a lot of tops. (good thing I've always had a long torso and enjoyed my shirts long!) I left most of my clothes at the beach since I was only visiting home for a couple of days and was ready to find something cute to wear to dinner. Well... I went searching! Not only did all of the dresses I tried on (left in my closet because I just "knew" they wouldn't fit this summer) they fit! As did my jeggings from white house/ black market- you know, the ones I could NEVER keep up bc I bought a medium and should have bought the small. Well thank you stupid brain last winter for buying the medium, because as long as Riley stays high enough I have a feeling with the strethciness (i know that's not a word) in the pants, I will be able to wear them with my boots in the fall! Score! But for now, I can wear them with heels and still feel pretty! I just had a happy day in my closet finding clothes that "work." I'm not saying they will last all summer, but for now, I am a happy girl with lots of choices!

~let go laughing.


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