kids say the darnedest things... especially in 1st grade

student- "Mrs. S, what do you put in your hair to make it do that?"

me- "well, it is curly on its own. i don't put anything in it."

student- "oh, so... (confused?) how do you make it straight?"

me- "well I use a straightening iron and pull it through to make it straight."

student- "the same one you use for your clothes?????!!!!"

me- "no, it is for your hair."

student - "oh, like you roll it on there?"

me- "no, you pull it straight- you are thinking about a curling iron."

student- "i give up..."

i love this little boy, but as you can tell... there are only 6 days of school left. I was waiting to read another chapter of Junie B. Cheater Pants when this conversation began... SO off topic. My kind of kid! haha

~movie and bed time. 6 days of school until summer vacation!


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