Here is the picture I will use as motivation after October. I see a lot of running, biking and crunches in my future and a lot of cardio! Everyone who says I don't look pregnant, look where I came from... LOL. I love that every bit is my Riley girl and I cannot believe I have a baby the size of a cantaloupe inside my belly right now! I know I am motivated, but my goal is July to give me 9 months to get off what I gained in 9 months. That is what I am told "it takes 9 months to gain it so don't plan to lose it over night." I'm thinking I will lose a good amount sooner, but I want this tummy back by July! And I know I can because Mrs. Guess did it! ;) And she looks Fab-U-Lous! :) I just came across this picture in my profile pics on fb and wanted to post evidence and motivation for myself in October. Luckily, I have continued to stay active and eat healthy. I hope I can stay motivated to stay this way for the next 19.5 weeks! :) I am SO ready to meet my baby girl!!!

Anywho- I just wanted to post my motivational photo.

~goodnight. let go laughing!


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