half way on tuesday!

... and life is SO good.

I can't believe it. We will be half way to meeting out little girl. And, heck- if she comes early like me and my brother did... we are already half way! Today Michael and I got my Miata running again! It was so fun to take it for a spin with the top down. We went to a couple of furniture stores looking for better priced gliders, then we went to tutti frutti and target. We came home and got right in the pool. The water felt great. We played like little kids again- knocking each other off the floats, etc. It was fun! Then we came in and made pasta for lunch. Thin spaghetti noodles with tomatoes and cheese on top! It's time to head out for my photo session- wish me luck!!! We're thinking a red box and pizza tonight when Michael gets home from work! I love the weekends! Can't wait for Riley to join us and do just nothing on a Saturday night with us!

after lunch! :) finally seeing a little Riley girl popping out there! It's funny to me though, b/c in a shirt she looks so much bigger- in a swimsuit you can barely tell i'm pregnant- much less, 5 months!

~let go laughing!


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